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Hammer Time -- Aadrian Wolfe

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on Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:38 pm

Aadrian Wolfe
Though Aadrian had only been in Magnolia Town for but a few days, he was already running low on funds. In fact, had he checked his coin bag, he would've found that he only had a few acorns and a wooden coin he carried around for luck. Alas, he had not and therefore did not know that he was broke before ordering a grilled fish shish kabob.
As he ran from the screaming merchant, without the food as he is not a thief, through the still-unfamiliar Magnolia streets, he thought of the ways he could make money. Magnolia had a local guild, but Aadrian was still a fairly weak Mage and would probably be laughed out before he could set foot through the door. Even though Fairy Tail was the entire reason he had come to Magnolia, he knew better than to go asking for embarrassment before making a name for himself.
As he stopped to catch his breath, his eyes scanned the streets, taking in everything, when he noticed a poster of standard size. He approached it and read it quickly, multiple times, as he always did when reading. The Black Anvil, run by a man named Barras, was in need of a temporary assistant to help with the large demand of weapons.
"Well, speed is kind of my thing..." he muttered to himself before asking a young man for directions to the Black Anvil. And then asking a local young man for directions to the Black Anvil before setting off towards it.

Roughly half an hour later, Aadrian approached the Anvil, counting himself lucky that it was still mid-morning and he had only gotten lost twice, once almost finding himself in the middle of a wizards' duel. He entered the shop and rapped his knuckles on the front desk, to alert whoever was in the back of his presence. A young man with wild hair and a face tanned from working in the heat of the forge entered through a door leading to the back.
"I assume you're looking to help Master Barras?" he asked, gesturing to his arm, which was splinted and in a sling. Aadrian merely nodded, his only verbal response being "Indeed. My name is Aadrian." The assistant shrugged. "You're not the first to come through, thankfully. This wouldn't have happened if I hadn't fallen out of that tree in the East Forest, but one of my friends swore he heard a Vulcan and well... this happened. Everyone is fine now, though..." he said, trailing off.
After leading him to the forge, the assistant, Peter, explained to him that he would just have to hammer hot metal either all day or until he was tired. Aadrian simply nodded in response, choosing to keep his mouth shut about the many ways one could defeat a Forest Vulcan, but most required magic.
After dropping his travelling pack in the corner and hanging up his coat, Aadrian chose to remove his shirt as well so that his body could breathe much more freely in the heat of the forge. Aadrian could sense the assistant's eyes wandering over his exposed torso, mainly taking in his many scars and burns.
"The price of learning magic isn't always mental, especially if you had a Master like mine!" Aadrian shouted over the ringing of metal on hot metal. Peter nodded, smirking. As a smith's apprentice, he probably knew a thing or two about scars. Stuffing cotton in his ears and grabbing a heavy hammer, Aadrian began hammering away at the near white-hot metal, quickly finding his rhythm, though not going as fast as he would've liked, as Peter could only use one arm to keep the metal still while he hammered away.
He allowed his mind to wander after a while, his body taking over the robotic rhythm. Aadrian thought about how his life had been so far and the adventures he had had and wondered what lay next on his path. He didn't plan to do this forever, of course, as his magic was that of Lightning and not Metal. Perhaps he'd be able to help Barras find a few fledgling Metal Mages to help him, though Aadrian had yet to hear of any in Magnolia, as of yet.
Before Aadrian knew it, Barras lay a heavy hand upon his shoulder, jolting him from his monotonous task. And giving him a small zap for his interruption. As he pulled the cotton from his ears, he heard Barras' booming laugh. "So, you're a Lightning Mage, eh? That would explain why all the metal you've hammered out so far has that nice, golden sheen to it."
Raising an eyebrow, Aadrian looked to the rack where Peter had been putting the finished product of his work. In the right light, which was apparently when the sun was nearly overhead, the metal glinted with a yellow-gold tone along the edges, the same colour which happened to be Aadrian's favourite, and that of his magic.
"Interesting..." he muttered before being nudged by Peter. "Let's get some lunch, new guy." he said before taking off out the door, Aadrian following him quickly, as always.

In just a few minutes, Aadrian found himself eating as much as he could consume, Peter having already finished his meal, his empty plate sitting in front of him. "So... I'm guessing you're used to people staring?" Peter asked. Aadrian came up from his fourth plate of food to raise an eyebrow.
Peter gestured around to the other people eating in the open air restaurant, most of them not paying much attention. The women, however, were staring at Aadrian with eyes full of hungry curiosity. It was only then he finally realized he was wearing neither his coat nor his shirt.
Gulping down the rest of his food and chasing it with a few cups of water, Aadrian finally stood, his eyes dark. "Let's get back to work." he muttered, leaving Peter behind to pay the bill, who quickly caught up. "So I guess you don't?" he asked, confused. Aadrian shrugged in response. "I know I'm not a horrible-looking guy, but I dont really like when people stare at my scars. Behind every one is a story and a lesson." he explained.
"From your Master?" Peter asked cautiously.
Aadrian shook his head as they re-entered the Anvil. "From me."

The monotonous ringing of metal being hammered had filled the forge for hours past until Barras once again tapped Aadrian on the shoulder. "Watching you work makes ME tired, boy. and that's a hard thing to accomplish. Go on home. You can come back in the morning, if you like."
Aadrian nodded and gathered his things, slipping his shirt back on as well as his coat. He grabbed his bag and headed out the front, waving to Peter and Barras as they locked up, night having already fallen hours ago and the streets slowly becoming more and more deserted.
"I wonder if the Cathedral will mind if I spend another night in their bell towers..." he mused to himself as he began heading in that direction.


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