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Accidental Demise [Geb]

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Default on Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:46 pm

Geb needed to find work in Hargeon. True, he was on a vacation, but that was no excuse not to pick up a little part time job. Though, that would be a bit of a challenge, as it was hard to find someone who wanted to hire what was classified as a dark mage somewhere in such a supposedly clean place like Hargeon. This may take Geb a while to find an employer, at least compared to the somewhat dirty streets of oak, filled with bad people, himself included. That being said, Geb knew for a fact that any city was not free of it's dark side. He knew that somewhere, somehow, the darkness of Oak would come forth and show itself through some way or another,. There was was no way it wouldn't, after all. In the end, to Geb, while cities were different in certain aspects, in the end, they really were the same in how they worked at the very least. Even Crocus he was sure would have it's fair share of baddies, though of course they probably weren't as potent as ones in a place such as, say, Oak for example. Oak was in a league of it's own though, so in Geb's opinion it was a bit unfair to compare it to others.

That being said, Geb couldn't spend his whole day lamenting on that. He needed to get out of this hotel first, after all. He ate some breakfast before putting on his clothes for the day. Slipping on his shoes as well, Geb went out the door to go around and see what was going on in the town. The streets were moderately busy as he got out of the town, and the weather was decent, though a bit windy from the looks of it. Perhaps Geb would be able to start his search in the alleyways of Oak. He was certain he would find someone there who would give him intel on where to find somebody who was hiring clients.

Walking into a tight alleyway, Geb could see that there was a group of two thugs. Approaching them quietly, Geb knocked the first one out from behind with a chop on the neck, before grabbing the other one by their shirt and lifting them up onto the wall of the alleyway near a dumpster.

"Wh-what do you want, psycho?!" the man asked, Geb sighing. "You needn't be so loud, thug. I was simply wondering if you knew where one could find work for a dark mage. If you tell me that, maybe you'll go outta here without a broken nose. Sound good?"

The thug seemed to cower, knowing he could not match Geb's strength. "F-fine! There's a guy named Reagan on the corner of Fleetwood and Dufferin. Small little green building. Ask for work there, but only when nobody else is watching!" he said, as Geb smiled and let go of the thug. "Good. Your friend should wake up in about 30 minutes. Have a good day, friend." The thug, shocked, watched Geb walk off with his hands in his pocket - however, not wanting to get in any more trouble, the thug did not try to pursue Geb at all. He just wanted the hell outta here.

Exiting the alleyway, Geb looked for the tourism center in Hargeon. In all honesty, he had no idea where those streets were in any shape or form. It may take him a while to find them if he were to simply just wander around, so he would have to pick up a map of the city somewhere. Geb decided to make his way to a small souvenir shop he saw down the street to see if they sold any maps.

On the way there, Geb thought about what kind of person this employer was. Perhaps he was big and tough? Creepy and sneaky? Or maybe a greedy official looking for some dirt work? He had to admit, it was fun thinking of the possibilities here.

Grabbing a rather expensive map from the souvenir shop, Geb opened it to take a look to find the spot where the streets of fleetwood and dufferin met. Let's see..



Default on Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:07 pm

It would take geb a little while to find out where in the world the crossroads of these two streets met, but eventually he figured it out. It was about 5 minutes from here too, so it would not take him long. Folding the map up and putting it in his pocket, Geb began to walk towards the corner of fleetwood and duffering.

After a little bit of walking, Geb stopped to see the green building, right on the corner. It looked like just a simple house, fair enough. Perhaps the person lived here? Knocking on the door, expecting to see a large man or something, Geb saw an old, short man that looked like he was a miner or something. Shocked, Geb blinked twice. Well, he supposed things weren't always as he guessed. The man looked at Geb back, with some suspicion. He seemed a bit nervous.

"How can I help you, sonny?" he said. Geb cleared his throat and responded to the man. The man seemed to be on edge today. "Well.. I was told I could get some work." Geb spoke, in a hushed voice. Suddenly though, it seemed like the man snapped or something as he took Geb by the arm and dragged him inside, locking the door.

"Who are you, and how do you know me?!" he asked. "W-wait, calm down. I'm a dark mage looking for work. I got your names from a couple of thugs."

The man sighed, calming down. "Well.. you don't seem like a spy. Very well, have a seat." Pointing to a couch, Geb nodded and proceeded to take a seat on the end closest to the door. "So, you seemed a little bit.. on edge. What kind of work do you offer, sir?" he asked.

"Well, I'm a smuggler of goods. Recently though, a damn Rune Knight fresh out of school or some shit is watching me. He keeps following me, and I can't help but worry he'll find something and tell his superior.

"In fact, you could help.. are you willing to get your hands dirty, young man?" Leaning back into the couch, Geb nodded. "Sure. What did you have in mind, sir?" he asked.

"Well, I want that boy dead. But, if we're gonna do it, it has to be an accident. I want you to find him as he tails me, and find a way to make his death look accidental. He should be a blonde young man, very skinny, short."

Geb nodded at the man's words. Geb hadn't really killed anyone before, but it certainly wasn't something he was afraid of. He could most likely do it without blinking an eye if he had reason. And he had some right now - he was going to get paid for this, after all. Geb Majura, hitman.. that didn't sound so bad, actually. Perhaps he would keep that in the back of his mind. "Sure, I can do that for you."

"Perfect. He usually comes out at about noon, so let's wait about 30 minutes." It seemed to Geb this man had been trailed for a while now. Geb couldn't help but wonder, perhaps the boy kept a diary? Well, Geb thought it didn't matter. It would be Reagan that would be caught, not him. Unless he was ratted out, of course. Eh, he would keep those details out of his mind for now. He had to focus on the task currently at hand. After all, he needed the money to upgrade himself, to beat that one person.. if you could call them a person, even. Geb felt his determination go up higher. He could do this!

"Alright young man, let's get going. We don't want to waste any time. Remember, just follow me, then spot him, and follow him afterwards. Understood?"

Geb nodded. This would be quite the mission, but Geb was hoping it would be worthwhile.



Default on Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:28 pm

Geb and Reagan exited the house, as Geb began to walk naturally 15 meters behind Reagan in the busy streets. Geb's eyes looked around. He wondered where this young man was.. suddenly, 5 meters behind Reagan, there appeared a short boy with light, spiked blonde hair. Bingo. Geb would move forwards to be only 7 meters behind the young man, as it seemed Reagan was able to shake him off. The boy seemed disappointed, and Geb kept an eye on the boy.

It seemed like his next stop was to go to a coffee shop. Geb didn't want to go in too, so he simply went to a gift shop across the street and watched him from the windows.

The boy exited the coffee shop, as he stopped for a horse carriage to go by on the streets. While this could be a good chance, Geb decided the carriage may be too slow. he only had one chance, and Geb couldn't waste it at all.

Next off, it looked like he was going for a walk along a lookout next to a cliff. Perhaps he was trying to relax after a long day? Either way, Geb looked around. It was evening now, not many people here. This could be his chance. The drop was high enough to kill.

Approaching the knight, Geb tapped his shoulder. "Haha, excuse me." Geb said, acting like a normal person. "Could you point me in the direction of fleetwood street? There's a diner I wanna visit there."

The boy turned around to point the direction Geb was facing. "Two rights after the stop post." he said.

This was Geb's chance. Grabbing the boy by the hips before he could react, Geb, with his strength threw him right off of the ledge. The boy seemed more shocked if anything. He let out a yell before hitting the ground head first. Ouch. At least it was quick and painless death.

Geb's heart pounded. He fled from the scene, going to a diner on the other side of town. He needed to let it die down in town first.

He'd visit Reagan tomorrow.

Though, Geb had to admit it felt weird being a killer. He felt a little bit guilty, but at the same time excited. What did this mean for him? He didn't quite get it. In his hotel, he fell straight asleep, not being kept up by his thoughts on the matter, but rather dreaming about them.

Geb woke up the next morning, and did the same thing he did every morning. Only difference? He was a killer now. Sighing, Geb decided not to let it bother him too much. He'd wait till noon to get to Reagan's place for his payment.

On the way there, Geb already heard whispers about the attempted suicide of a Rune Knight boy. It seemed it got rules off as that, eh? Probably for the best. Geb couldn't help but smirk. Why was he smirking? Was it because, perhaps, he was the one that caused all this commotion? He was proud of himself? That could be it..

Walking into the green house, Geb waved after closing the door. "Yo, it's done."

"Good job, young man, Here's a bit of payment for you as a thanks. I expect to see you again? You're one of the best workers I got so far, I have to admit."

Geb nodded. Yeah, I'll be back in a day or two, sound good? Have a good day, and see you later."

Geb walked into this mess a dark mage, and walked out even more of one. He had to wonder, what was next?

Well, that could be saved for later. He got money after all. Wasn't that good enough? So.. why was he so much more happy and nervous than he should of been?

Geb was a weird one after all. Perhaps he was awakening some kind of dark side..?


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