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Hot in Here [Shin]

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#1Shin Sekai 

on Sat Apr 15, 2017 2:58 am

Shin and Crisp made their way to Coco's apartment I hope she's okay with this. he asked himself holding a sleeping Crisp in his arms. when they arrived at Coco's place she greeted them with a smile "Hi Shin is that Crisp?" she asked with a cheerful smile that gave off a feeling of Hope and trust. "Ya this is he, he should wake up in about six hours from now so just make sure that you don't wake him he tends to attack others when he wakes up," he told her handing over the sleeping Crisp to her and left. "Oh, man back to this place this should be fun," Shin said to himself aloud as he left dropped off crisp at Coco's places so he doesn't have to worry about him doing something that would cause him to get in trouble. He walked down the road to the Black Anvil with the sun High in the sky and the sun shining brightly as it always does when he's magnolia. Once he arrived Barras is busy In the forge working on something with a face of a demon that wants blood. I should come back later... he thought to himself as right when Barras looked up and dragged him in "Listen up kid I need you to help my Assistant Bil get back into the swing of things." he told Shin pushing him towards his Assistant Bil." the two looked at one another as if they were both hostages with a really bat-shit insane robber or something. "Okay, all you need to is heat and reheat this sheet for me while I work on it." Bil's voice sounded scared but then again if he hand to work with barras everyday Shin would sound the same.

He went to grab the tongs and sheet for Bil he couldn't help but feel as if he was forgetting something important back home but whatever it was just wasn't coming to mind which was a first for him. Oh wait I nearly forgot he said to himself putting on a pair of Black Smith gloves "Say Does Barras ever smile??" he asked Bil. Only for him to start to shake in fear as if he was just remembered something truly horrifying in the past "Okay never mind then." he said using the tongs to place the sheet into the raging flames to it up. Once Shin pulled the Sheet out the pure heat from it alone made him sweat uncontrollably Why do I keep taking jobs for this place he asked himself as Bil started hammering away at the sheet will much more force than he thought he had when it was his task which was nothing short of surprising seeing how this is the guy that hurt his arm doing the same thing.

After hitting the Sheet ten times Shin had to place it back into the flames twice just to make sure that he didn't mess up any kind of rhythm that Bil may have had going on which made Shin ask the question of if Bil was just an Assistant but a seasoned Black Smith but this just made Bil laugh. "Hey let's take a break I mean it's already the afternoon we don't want to overdo it ya know," Shin told Bil as they both stopped working and had some lunch when Shin remembered what he was forgetting a few hours ago that being to leave Coco, food for in case Crisp wakes up early Nah she should be fine, he thought to himself eating his Sushi and soup that his mom made for him weeks before leaving for their vacation. by the time that they finished Barras was about to go his lunch break when he saw they two guys not working and gave them a death glare which sent a shiver down both their spines making them rush back to work.

Shin and Bil kept working until it came time to reheat the sheet where he thought about what Coco was doing I hope she doesn't wake him up. that would put a huge dent in our friendship, he thought to himself taking the sheet back out the flames and back onto the anvil. The air from out side felt nice and cool as Bil Hammered away at the sheet and the heat died down but because it's a Blacksmith workshop it should never be cool so Barras increased the flames which made Shin sweat like a he was in the desert or something to that degree at least. He placed the Sheet back into the flames for the last time hopeful I'm gonna need at least two baths to get the smell out of my hair, he thought to himself as he held the sheet for Bil to hammer it I don't even see the point in this he's just hitting hot metal and that's it why is this a job? Shin asked himself in fear that Barras would kill him for asking why his job was even important when you could just use magic to make this kind of stuff. As Bil hammered away at the sheet the small embers flew pass Shin and disappeared after hitting the ground. "Say Mr. Shin do you like being a mage?" Bil asked as he slammed the hammer down onto the sheet making it slightly thinner. "Ya I mean it's fun I get to help others and see the world in the process," Shin replied as Bil finished with the sheet.

After Bil finished Shin did a little stretch before going to Barras and getting his reward. "Let's hope this is the last all-nighter quest," he said to himself as he left the Black Anvil and rushed to Coco's place only to see that she and Crisp are playing with each other Oh thank the gods Shin told himself as he walked in and joined them in their game. The fun was short-lived when Crisp went to eat Shin's hair which didn't go so well with Coco at all.


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