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H e r e c o m e t h a t c o m p a n i o n [SOLO]

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#1Aleksandr Sokolov 

Default on Wed Apr 12, 2017 7:25 am

Aleksandr was strolling casually through the forest or Orchidia. It was early morning, the best time to take walks in his opinion. All of a sudden, a creature jumped on his chest and took him down, it hurt. He looked up to see a small creature standing with his little feet on Alek's stomach, fortunately enough, Alek hadn't eaten anything. "What in the actual fuck.." Strollers were being attacked here by random creatures out in the wild, not good. He looked over the creature to see a dog, it must have scared it and that must have been the reason he ran into Aleksandr.

Aleksandr shooed away the dog and sighed as the creature didn't get out of his lap, he always liked to keep pets. Might as well keep him as a pet. He started to walk home with his new companion in his arms, he looked down at him and said: "I'll name you eh, Tarkus." as he pet it once and soon reached his inn room, now it was time to bath it and clean it. The difficult part, as always.
[Exit/Companion Acquired]

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