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On Rails [Travel]

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on Sun Apr 02, 2017 6:33 pm

Get on the train, get on the train. That was all that Geb could think about as he raced to the train station. Luckily, with this new speed upgrade to his frame, he wouldn't be late.. hopefully, at least. The train for Magnolia, which was the closest he could get to Hargeon, where he meant to visit as a little vacation from running the gallery constantly. Geb seemed to see the station in the distance, the train was there! Geb sped up even more to get over to the station.

Geb showed the guy his ticket that he had bought earlier, and hopped on the train, it leaving just a minute after he sat down. That was close. He was lucky he decided not to grab a quick cup of coffee, or else he would of missed it completely.

Geb took a minute to catch his breath. Man, that was a long run. He was actually afraid he was going to miss it. And Geb wasn't the kind of person who got that afraid very much. Oh well, either way, he had managed to get on the train. He supposed it was all smooth sailing from this point onwards. Yay!

Next off was looking at the scenery. Geb was technically going halfway across Fiore. That was.. longer than he had ever been before. He had only been to, at the most, Crocus. It felt like forever since he was there, actually. Wow, it really made him think.

The green hills changed scenery from those fields, to prairie, to mountains, and more. Fiore really was quite the big place. Sure, it looked small on a map of earthland, but when he considered just how small he was as well.. it was really eye opening. Quite artistic, actually. Really made him think about what exactly he was doing with himself. Perhaps he'd try to spend this nice vacation thinking about what to do next. He was sure he'd have lots of opportunities.

Finally, it seemed like the train was reaching it's final destination. Magnolia. Parking itself into the station, Geb would take his bag with him and step off of the train. Geb took in a breath of fresh air. So, this was how far he had went. Wow, it really did feel like a whole new place.

That being said, he still needed to walk to Hargeon. Well, there was no time to waste!


400/400 (Train reduction)

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