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Magnolia to Era (Travel by foot)

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Magnolia to Era (Travel by foot) Empty on Fri Mar 24, 2017 1:28 am

Tori Lancaster
As she left the Fairy Tail guild hall, Tori was heading for the town of Era for her next job. From what she had heard, Era was home to the Magic Council so it was basically the center of the magical community. Thinking she might stay there for a bit, she decided to stock up on supplies for her time away from Magnolia. As she browsed the street markets, she found a white backpack and thought it would be useful. She also found a stand that sold fresh fruits, so she gathered up produce and some bottles of water while she was at it. Keeping one out to drink, she made her way towards the main thoroughfare out of the city, using her magic to cool her water as she walked since it was rather warm out today.

Passing an alley, her attention was drawn by someone motioning her towards the opening. "I see you're an ice wizard," a man stated from the shadows. "And if my intuition is correct, you're a member of Fairy Tail." he continued, receiving a reluctant nod from the blonde. "Ahh, well if you are an ice wizard, you could stand to gain from this." he said mysteriously, holding out a small blue book. Tori was fixated on the book for some reason, like it resonated with her like nothing ever had before. "Keep this on your person and it will strengthen your ice magic. Take care..." he trailed off before he himself melted into the shadow. The book was cold to the touch, and Tori could tell it was enchanted with ice magic. She was content with reading it when she reached Era, but now she needed to hit the road.

Leaving the town, it was pretty much a straight shot to Era, and this book was already working wonders. Maybe it was just her, but it seemed like she was moving faster as if she was full of energy because of it. In no time at all, she was nearing the town gates, able to see the Magic Council building in the distance atop its own little mountain, towering above the rest of the city.

Tori has traveled to Era

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