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[Travel] Hargeon to Era

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#1Faust Noire 

Default on Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:45 pm

A number of great things had just happened. First, the Coyote saw an older friend and learned of his real identity. Granted, he wouldn't go around and about, spouting it at every given chance. But it sure felt great to obtain a name of a comrade. It instilled a sort of trust between them, surpassing any requisites they had beforehand. Secondly, he brought a rather beautiful and stunning woman along with him. It wasn't clear as to whether or not Cassiel knew her, but Faust made sure to never forget the name. Katja. It rolled off the tongue quite nicely, though not easily. That was an entirely different matter. Nevertheless, it fit the woman. They say that beauty was in the eye of the beholder; though Faust hardly considered anything beautiful in the god-forsaken and ravenous world, she certainly broke that tradition of his.

Faust had been prepared for the weather, but the wind simply ignored his apparel and seeped across his skin. Along with the fox face on his own, his jet-black bomber jacket engulfed his upper body. It was tight enough to not hang loosely, not tight enough to restrict the owner in any possible way. Below, his legs were wrapped in joggers, also of jet-black. They were the latest fashion crave and Faust personally found them comfortable in their own way. Battle boots ate his feet. From an overview, Faust resembled a grim reaper, not with the style choice but rather with the color of his costume today.

The target destination was Hargeon Town, the famed port town. Everyone knew of it, but only a few knew of the dangers of it. There were a number of things that kept the port town in business and proper economy was not one of the options. In particular, the black market in Hargeon was on the same level of that of Oak Town, henceforth providing a stable economy for the town as a whole. Little did most residents themselves know that it was under the influence of dark mages that made Hargeon a proper living ground.

More importantly though, was the team. Erebus seemed to have the idea that Faust had; Icarus brought the three together in order to formulate something. A team. That was the gist of the entirety of the situation that had just occurred. Now, however was time for him to roll out. A mission brewed in Era and he had to take part in it.

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