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It's All About Control [Training][Ace]

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It's All About Control [Training][Ace] Empty on Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:40 pm

Ace Brookes

The gas mage had finally collected all the jewels he needed for his travel. He checked out of the inn and was all ready to go for his trip starting tonight. However this day was to be spent in the warm Magnolia weather. He wasn't sure how he wanted to spend his time, but one thing was for certain, and that was that he's going to be outside for the whole day. He wasn't that hungry yet so he held it back till after he found out his plan. After a bit of wandering around the busy streets, Ace decided that there wasn't a better weather to practice two of his new spells. He knew damn well that he'd be tired going into his travel later on, but he was very eager to learn them and hasn't really had time with all the amount of requests he'd been going on. So the next question that popped into the mage's head was where was he going to train them. The first thing that popped into his head was the park, but that was too dangerous for trying out new spells, especially with the delirious gas magic as it was unpredictable. There were way too many people there on such a good day. The next best alternative was the much wilder East Forest of Magnolia. It was perfect as it had wild animals and loads of space. He also wouldn't have to worry about hurting a bystander and he can still find his way out easily since he's been in the forest a couple times before while doing requests. His mind was made and he planned out his route to the eastern forest where his training was bound to begin.

Ace ventured into the eastern forest and made his way deep into the wooden jungle. He walked around for a solid thirty minutes just to get to a spot where he was bound to encounter an animal at some stage.


The gas mage set down his oversized backpack next to one of the larger trees. He'd made it deep enough to the area where the trees were a couple of thousand years old. They were absolutely massive with finely thick barks that went up to almost fifty meters. He examined then for a few seconds before unzipping his backpack to take a book out. The book was titled 'Delirious Gas Magic IV: It's All About Control'. That book easily made 500 pages of pure mechanics behind how the complex magic works and how it was all about controlling the gases. Ace knew that his magic wasn't easy to master but it was still worth learning for him. He liked the depth of complexity it held and how it wasn't easy to practice either. His bond with the gases was growing stronger, and believe it or not that was a vital part of mastering the delirious gas magic as its very easy to get yourself injured while dabbling too far with it.

Ace flicked to page 128 of the book and started reading from the top of the page. He had to formulate his own spells and they weren't a given to learn, which made the magic even more complex as their were rules he had to follow. The following page he was on was about forming dense currents of corrosive or toxic gases. He read didn't stay on that page for ling and quickly flicked back to the start to check where the chapter on chlorine was. "Alright, 34..." he murmured under his breath as he flicked to that page. After reading a bit on the properties of the gas and how fast it reacted with high flows of mana, Ace nearly had his new spell completely figured out. He'd been planning it for a while now but it was all just theoretical; or at least till now. He just needed to see how much he could produce of the gas and how much mana it would take, but that was all experimental and depended on Ace's body and his bond with the gas.

After a few more minutes of studying it he got up and left the open book next to the massive tree bark. It was time to first try it out. The basic plan was to form a pool of chlorine in the small area surrounding Ace's feet, after which he'll signal the gas with his hand and cause it to burst upwards forming an eruption of chlorous acid. It sounded like a good plan to the young mage but all that was left was for it to actually work. It would be a versatile and effective weapon to add to his arsenal. Specially since more chlorine meant more burns for his opponents since the toxic yellowish gas was highly corrosive.

He ran the spell for a couple test tries to see how well it performs. The first part of forming the pool of chlorine to mix with the surrounding air wasn't hard at all. Ace had no trouble with the next stage either where he rushed the current forward in attempt to cause an eruption. However the last stage didn't quite work as planned. The gas exploded up vertically but cleared a very little height. It barely made any distance off the ground which wouldn't prove to be effective unless he was fighting an elf of some sort.

He stepped back for a second and rethought the process. Ace was not one to try the same method again and expect different results, for that was the definition of stupidity.

"So the rise is not high enough... That could be due to the angle at which the gas is approaching or contradicting streams in the current. I'll run the current first and see how it goes" He said to himself with a finger placed on his lower lip.

He ran a simulation of the yellowish green gas' path. It didn't look too shabby and he couldn't see any problems with it. He thought it must have been the angle at which the gas was approaching the rise. He tried shooting it up against each other from all angles in a circle to force the gas the erupt upwards. He also added a current shift in speed towards the end to boost the eruption strength even more. Luckily enough it wasn't too bad. It just needed a bit more practice to polish the spell's initiation time and appearance. Thinking spells out beforehand was a really useful skill to prep your mind for learning the new spell. It often helped him in learning spells quicker and identifying the flaws that were standing out in them.

That was one spell down and one to go for the gas mage. The warm up with the chlorine seemed like the perfect choice as his next gas was highly toxic. It was hard for Ace to produce huge amounts of it so he was limited to a low supply of the gas. He had never used it in a spell before but was familiar of it's rather 'delirious' characteristics. This was a naturally unstable gas that Ace had to implement in a spell. If done correctly it can be seen as a very useful means for offense.

The plan for this one was to create a long sword of arsine. However the gas magic Ace wielded wasn't meant for statics and mostly relied on the mechanics and aerodynamics of things. Thus the sword could be extended in length. According to previous calculations he had done, Ace would only be able to get a maximum of ten meters by a diameter of eight centi meters of arsine. Given the the narrow shape gradually sharpens towards the end to half a centi meter. That was where the gas pressurized most. This spell seemed like a good idea to the gas mage as he could use only five meters of the arsine sword for a given period and then surprise his opponent with an extension to cut through that extra separation distance. Either way he still had to figure out how he was going to define it's shape. The gas mage walked back towards his book and sat down on the soft mushy grass to figure out the remaining bits of the puzzle.

Although this was a way tougher gas to handle, the spell was fairly straightforward. All he needed to do was learn how to handle produce and sustain the given amounts of arsine. It was definitely one of the wilder gases he 'd had to control. A lot of what the people don't see about Ace's magic was the disciplinary side to it. He needed to control his gases and sometimes even himself from losing his grip. It was hard to explain as you'd only know how it feels like if you were put in that situation.

Ace basically had the basics of these two spells in the bag. The only last thing he needed were names for his spells. He knew what he wanted the second one to be, but he wasn't too sure about the first. As for the second one, he wanted the sword to be called Ash. It would be derived from the molecular formula of arsine which is AsH3. He had no clue what the first spell's name might be though, and so he left that for the road. Maybe he'd get a good name for it on his way to central Fiore.

Chlorous Acid: Eruption  750/750
AsH3 (Ash)  833/750

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