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Cupcake Courier [Ace]

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#1Ace Brookes 

Default on Thu Mar 23, 2017 2:59 am

The day has finally come. The gas mage has been waiting for this opportunity for a while. He traveled from Hargeon to Magnolia because of the rumors he had heard about the town. It was home to the famous Fairy Tail guild and he expected nothing less from this town than loads of requests to be done. The young mage had been waiting to go on a request completing spree for a while and alas the day has come. He was planning on racking loads of jewels before going back home to crocus to surprise his grandad. It had been a while since he joined the Rune Knights officially and he hadn't seen his grandad Barney since then. It would've been a nice surprise for the old man. Ace didn't want to waste time and headed straight for the city's request board where mages from all over eastern Fiore gathered to do quests.

The Rune Knights' apprentice walked up to a shop owner to ask for directions. "Hey, where can i find the town's request board?" he asked with a straight face. The man didn't seem to be very interested yet still explained to the boy how he could get there. Ace vaguely got an idea of where it was. It was a big city and he knew that not everyone who's lived here even for a long time would know exactly where everything was. Especially since the man looked average and appeared to have nothing to do with the magic world. It was still pretty early during the day and there was no time to be wasted. Ace didn't ask someone else to make sure and decided to see where the man's directions would take him.

Surprisingly enough the man's awkward explanation led Ace to the heart of the city where the wooden board was neatly hung up on one of the huge church's stone walls. The dark skinned mage approached the board while slowly hovering his hand from one request to the next.

"I'll take them all" he thought to himself...

Yet, he had to wait. He'd be the first of his age to tell you that patience is a virtue. He planned to take down the quests one at a time starting with... He pinned his finger onto one of the rather simple looking quests and thought "This looks like it needs some running around... If I do this first then I won't be as tired doing it later on. Plus, I might be able to get some cupcakes off him...". Quickly and without hesitation he ripped the paper off the board and followed the described path to the bakery.

Upon his arrival to the bakery the first thing Ace noticed was the incredible smell of the baked goods. Just outside the small bakery was a short queue of people who seemed to be waiting for collections. The young mage's stomach growled. "Ugh this will definitely make me hungry" he thought to himself. He pushed his way through the crowd of adults lined up just outside the shop and heard them complain about 'the kid cutting the line'. Ace walked in and flashed the piece of paper he had gotten from the request board to one of the cashiers who showed him the way to the back where the kitchen was. He thanked the man and pushed the kitchen door to meet the man behind all this. In front of him stood a man with messy brown hair and a flour covered overall who was whisking what seemed to be the cake mix. "Uhm, I'm Ace, and i'm here to deliver your cupcakes..." Ace stated. The man didn't even leave the task at hand to talk to Ace and barely even looked back. "Oh great great... The first batch is over here on the counter and the address is written on the back of each box. I'll have the next batch ready for you in half an hour!" he said with a squeaky voice. Ace was hoping on getting the job done with one delivery but that didn't look like it was going to be the case.

He quickly grabbed the boxes of the counter and tried to arrange them as per area codes. The baked goods had no requirement to be delivered hot and therefore the order of delivery didn't really matter as long as they all arrive during the same time frame. He proceeded to carry the elegant pink and blue striped boxes to walk out of the shop, which seemed like a tough struggle itself with all these people lined up. The gas mage managed to slip out of the busy shop and start his journey. Sadly this was only half the quest. The directions weren't that hard to follow in such a wide spread town as he'd expected.

After almost fifteen minutes of following signs and asking random strangers, Ace made it to the neighborhood where two of his deliveries were. The other three were meant to be close enough as well but still in another neighborhood. His deliveries went smoothly thus far with no complaints from the clients. "How does he manage to do it all..." Ace wondered. Spending a whole day just baking and making orders for other people then delivering them definitely wasn't an easy job for anyone to do. As Ace's grandad always told him "You learn to appreciate someone's hard work when you're put in their shoes".

The young apprentice didn't lose much time of his clock delivering the first batch. His hands were now free of boxes and he was able to run back to the shop. It was no time to be slacking off with another batch waiting for him. The determined mage made it back to the shop and Olly was still in a frenzy. "These boxes?" Ace asked. The man was frightened as he didn't hear the boy come in. "Ouh! When did you get back?! That was a quick enough job eh? I might have to employ you mages more often" he said without even peeking back at the kid. Ace didn't reply to the man's remark and rather said "I'll be back for my jewels shortly...". The other batch was pretty much similar to the previous one. Except it took Ace a longer time because his energy was starting to drain up.

After half an hour the gas mage made it back with no boxes to the bakery and claimed his reward. D-rank requests were easy money and he didn't mind racking up loads of them.


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