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Goodbye Wolf

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Alice had sat on the ground next to the farmland of Farmer Jim that she had just turned around, or well the dirt she tilled to give him the ability to plant new seeds because his stupid tractor was broken. There was some sort of furious feelings in her bones when she looked at the fat man that let her do all the work and she still couldn’t understand why she agreed to do this. His wife at least had given her some drinks from time to time but she was exhausted, especially if you calculated the work she had all done yesterday. The wife had brought her money but looked sad and after Alice got up and walked to the place where she had left Ophelia to play with her toys and her backpack. She grabbed the little blue thing and lifted up Ophelia while trying to eavesdrop on the whispering of the wife and the farmer. She couldn’t really place it, there was something with a sheep and she wasn’t so sure if she heard properly what killed it. She turned her heel, ”Well goodbye,” she said and didn’t even wait for an answer as she turned to walk back to the city centre of Marigold. She was forming plans in her head about what she was going to do with her afternoon and evening off, there was many things but first and again a hot shower because she felt like the dirt was sticking to her cheeks and tangled in her hair, which was very exaggerating but yet it felt that way.

She stretched one hand after the other above her head to let the muscles relax a bit after the stretching but before she could get off the property of Farmer Jim and his wife, she heard them say her name sweetly. She quickly rolled her eyes and refrained herself from cursing, she turned to look over her shoulder and the two of them came her way to ask her for another job. She was sure of it. She listened to the wife explain what she probably had just explained to her husband, the sheep were being attacked by a wolf and one had been killed and she was sure the wolf would return again tonight. They asked if Alice would wait on it and kill the wolf for them. She agreed only on the condition that she could go home now and shower, wear better clothing for this and that the wife would baby sit on Ophelia. She got the conditions clear and turned her heel again to head back to the city centre of Marigold for one more time. She definitely earned a lot of money after working at the farm but she was dead tired thanks to hit. She didn’t look forward to fight with the wolf tonight. So she took a quick shower, checking if her hair was still clean so she didn’t need to wash that again and use the hairdryer and everything that would extend her nap. Because that’s what she needed after that. She fell face forward on the bed and hoped Ophelia would be alright on her own because her eyes shut and she couldn’t do anything else but sleep. Ophelia would be able to manage on her own, she was already used to her owner and she was sure she didn’t want to stay with the farmer’s wife tonight. A wolf didn’t scare her as long as Alice was with her.

Alice woke right before dinner time again and had taken a nap of around two hours and thus it was definitely time to go eat something. She cursed because she had left her groceries at the farm and she would hope not to forget that tonight. But first a job to do that called eating and after that she would see. She headed back to the Italian place where she had been yesterday and simply ordered a pizza that she would take with her to her room in the Crossroad inn. She would be able to feed herself and Ophelia with that and still relax a bit. Clean up and dust off because she planned not to stay too long anymore. She couldn’t stop yawning while she was reading, waiting for it to be time to go to the farm again.

The plan was to wait within the flock of sheep for the wolf to come around. Ophelia started crying when Alice handed her to the farmer’s wife and thus she took her back, gave her a long speech, put her back in the little blue backpack and headed out to sit cross-legged between the sheep that weren’t interested at her at all. They kept eating, laying down and what not, which was not the smartest if you tried to hide a red haired woman with your flock. At one point, close to midnight Ophelia wasn’t even sleeping but the sheep were coming closer to her all the time and Alice noticed they seemed to be afraid of something, which meant it was her cue and she had to do something. She created a little bit of space and summoned her Haunted Blade and stood up, but still hunched down as she tried to look over the sheep to see what was approaching. The problem was that the wolf was white too and it had taken her a few seconds to understand she wasn’t looking at an approaching sheep. She jumped over a few sheep and ran towards the wolf that was coming her way. She hoped Ophelia was going to be around as she clashed against it, she held her sword in front of her to avoid being ripped by the claws. That must have hurt its paws for it turned around, but she couldn’t let this thing go away. Wolves were predators but only when it was necessary. She ran after it and the wolf knew, knew that flying wasn’t an option and just came towards her, she said sorry to Ophelia and dropped her and jumped out of the way of the wolf and turned quickly to push the sword into his stomach and hold on to it with two hands while she pulled it down. It wasn’t a beautiful sight, including the fact that she was splattered with blood. She could hear the wolf wine and she quickly made it stop suffering. She went to look for Ophelia whom had hurt herself but seemed to have healed it by singing, she was singing and healed the blisters on Alice her hands and the red haired woman was surprised by what the little pet could do. She pulled the backpack up and slung it softly over her shoulder before she went to get the wolf’s body and carry it to the house of Jim.

He and his wife thanked her and paid her again. She wouldn’t stay here too long for other dirty jobs. She said goodbye and left them.

Wordcount: 1167/1000

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