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Damn the Dirt

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Yesterday she had done three jobs for money and one job for her own. Which made it that Alice Baskerville the runaway girl from everything was dead tired in her bed but yet wide awake. It was early, she knew that it must have been around eight oíclock in the morning. Ophelia was still asleep but it wouldnít take too long before the little Cleffa would wake up. Alice her whole body was sore, her shoulders, her shins, calves, hips, back and muscles she didnít even felt before. This was the reason that it was even too heavy to get up to grab a book and keep that book in front of her face would need other muscles that were sore to work as well. She didnít feel like it. She didnít feel like doing anything but after laying there thinking about many things and yet nothing her stomach was on a strike. She heard it rumbling and felt the empty feeling that gave her a sign that she was hungry as hell. In the meantime had Ophelia already woken up and snuggled herself against Alice her side while she was playing with the teddy bear that was on the bed. She petted Ophelia from time to time before she was waiting too long and extending the problem of getting food far too long.

She decided to get out of bed and get ready to head out to get some food. Maybe she should buy groceries again instead of only getting food, breakfast, lunch and dinner when she was at restaurants. She sighed, she should really start to work on a functional live instead of going from hotel to inn to something else. It was the second time now but she had done that also before she had arrived in Oak in the Phantom Lord Guild. There it had felt as if she had a house or an apartment but that meant that she needed to pick a city where she wanted to live and Oak and Marigold were definitely not on her list. She wasnít rich enough to have a house everywhere. She dragged herself to the bathroom that was part of her room in the Crossroad Inn and started to wash her face and chest before dressing herself with a bra and another t-shirt. She went to change her underwear and pick up a clean pair of jeans. She definitely needed to do her laundry as well but since this night she started to distrust Marigold again. As if they always kept an eye on her, it wouldnít be a surprise if someone would knock on her door now to ask for her laundry. It might have been coincidence but she didnít believe in that anymore. She untangled her hair from the braid she made every night and put her hair up into a high ponytail. She looked outside the window of her room and did see a clear blue sky with only here and there tiny little fluffy clouds. Fine weather was important. She should actually have gone for a run again but she was too lazy for that today.

She and Ophelia headed out not much later. Together with the black trench coat, the little blue backpack and her diary. Back to get some food like she had done before and maybe even do some groceries. That would sound like a great idea, especially to drink more water or soda because she definitely didnít. First she went to get a muffin and a few strawberries with oatmeal. She shared with Ophelia, paid and headed to the grocery store that was in the centre of Marigold. She carried Ophelia on her left arm and walked through the aisles, letting Ophelia drop things in the basket. Soda cans, bottles of water, cookies, fruit and so on until they were done and headed to the counter. There was a woman there that looked familiar, ĒOh hello there Alice.Ē she muttered a good morning although she had no idea who this was, she seemed to notice, ĒYou helped us with the deer last night as well as the cabbages.Ē Oooh right she remembered and she tried to be much nicer than what she had done last night. When she was done ringing her groceries, the farmerís wife waited for her and invited her along to help on another job. She grumbled shortly but accepted because of the sake of money and walked with the wife to the farm again. When she arrived she immediately got the job of tilting the dirt and she felt nightmares coming along for her sore muscles but she accepted anyway. If there was no one else to do it, she should.

She freed Ophelia from her backpack and instructed her to play around on this grass patch but not wander off. She would of course still keep her eye on the little Cleffa but she got a hoe from farmer Jim and she gave him a fake smile and walked to the field that had been cleaned of all the roots of the cabbages that she cut off yesterday. That had seemed like a tough job but she didnít like this at all. Maybe even worse than yesterday. It took her quite some time and the pretty nice but hot sun burning on her back wasnít nice either. Although she got some water from time to time, it was still tough. Thank god Ophelia kept playing on the same patch all the time so she didnít have to worry about her little pink companion. She didnít know how many hours the work needed but it took quite some and she tried to hum and distract herself with muttering lyrics to herself, especially because Farmer Jim kept close to her and kept talking to her about how great cabbages were and what he was going to do now. There was so much restrain on herself to not shout at him that she didnít care. She sometimes gave him a smile but continued with the hoe, tilling the dirt. She couldnít wait for it to be over but it took a few minutes more before she reached the last corner of the patch of dirt and she could collapse, regain some energy and leave with a pocket full of jewels.

Wordcount: 1053/1000

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