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Dear Deer

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

on Wed Mar 22, 2017 6:20 am

She felt the pain in her shoulders and calves from hunching down, cutting loose the cabbages from their roots and so. The job had been numbing but it brought money none the less. Even though she had been searching for an easy and quick job, it had taken her the whole afternoon and the beginning of the sun setting to finish all the hundred cabbages to gather up, put in a crate, put the crate into a cart and so on. This had definitely made her hungry and thirsty. She went to look for another restaurant than where she always went, just for the sake of trying something else. She and Ophelia decided to eat Italian tonight. Or well Alice decided and Ophelia didnít make another decision, because she simply didnít know much about food yet. Alice wondered how old she was and how evolution worked, for she had obviously read upon that too when she first met the Cleffa and brought her to the library. That was one of the happiest memories Alice had about Oak Town. She wasnít sure why she kept thinking about Oak, it was a thing from the past and she was done with it.

She ordered some bread and butter next to some pasta with vegetables and mince. She was hungry and this would definitely feed her well. Ophelia could get little pieces of bread as very small bits of the pasta. She actually ate quite quickly and it was a miracle that the woman didnít get any hiccups. Once she was done eating and drinking her red wine she and Ophelia headed back to the inn, The Crossroad Inn where she stayed for already a couple of days, three was it now? Soon to be four as it was already getting late and she was actually looking forward to relaxing, a hot shower, some book.. maybe even meditating or she could do some more power training before taking that shower. However she had done enough squats and other training to not do that this evening. Even though it was just a start of what all she wanted to do to become, more of a motivation to do work. She sighed as she headed back to the inn, she said hello to the girl behind the desk. Another one from this morning but she asked if the thank you note could be given to the one of this morning. She had been quite rude and she needed to consider her own thoughts and do what made her happy. NO longer the easy way out, although she was sure, it would take a while before she was over that step. However she would be working on it, and on many other things that she didnít know about yet.

She had finished her shower and had her hair still in the towel on top of her head. She was sitting on the ground in some relaxing outfit, a sport legging and a dark blue crop top. Ophelia was almost falling asleep for it was around eleven oíclock maybe even midnight. Alice had been reading some but was now meditating. She wanted to think and consider what she wanted to do in the future and everything. There needed to be answers before she could actually take a step forward. Thatís when a hard knock on the door disturbed her peaceful thoughts and Ophelia started to cry out of surprise. With an angry look on her face, Alice managed to stand upright and walk to the door which she swung open. She didnít expect anyone but by far did she expect Farmer Jim. She had met him for the first time this afternoon by doing a job for him, ĒIt might be a bit weird that Iím here but I need your help again. For I suspect you are a mage and well, there are deer on my property and they eat the food, destroy the ground. I need them gone and with gone I mean dead. I need someone to fix that.Ē She grumbled because her mood was definitely not nice but the farmer immediately added that he would pay her for it. She walked back into her room and grabbed her bag and Ophelia, ĒFine Iím coming.Ē Marigold gave her the creeps again but that was mostly because Farmer Jim knew where she stayed overnight and she definitely didnít like that. But it involved money so she would come along for now.
She didnít say anything to the farmer while they walked back to his farmland and she met up with his wife that was indeed there and explained where she had seen the deer last. She grabbed one of the cabbage, pretending to herself she had cut it. She wondered if Ophelia was back asleep again in the backpack on her back, ĒWell I will stalk it, kill it, return your cabbage and tell you where they are. Then I head back to my inn.Ē She definitely didnít sound to be in the mood for this.

She walked to the point where the deer had been seen last, near the edge of the farmland and she lured the two of them to an open spot with the cabbage that she had put on the ground. She had checked the wind direction and hid so they wouldnít smell her. She had to be quick before the deer would be able to eat the cabbage. She softly pushed off the backpack with the sleeping Ophelia and propped her up against a tree. She summoned her haunted blade and tiptoed around the bush to walk up at the back of the deer. She needed to be very patiently and very quite so she pierced the first through its chest and the second she chopped off its head before he could properly run away. It would have been quite a task to keep up with that. Once that was done she went back to pick up Ophelia again, held the cabbage in one hand and pulled one of the dead deer with her to the farmer. She pushed the cabbage in his hands, ĒThe other one is still there. At the edge of your land near the oasis or whatever you call it.Ē It was by using a metaphor but it didnít matter. The wife quickly went to pick up some jewels and she counted them, said goodbye and left for the night.

Wordcount: 1074/1000

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