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No cabbages for me

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

No cabbages for me  Empty on Wed Mar 22, 2017 5:38 am

Adelaide Sokolov
After the adventure with Rosalia or well for her more of an adventure than for Alice herself, it was definitely time to have lunch. That one sandwich wasn’t enough to keep her up and running around if she wanted to more than one job as well as well just not faint at all. Though Alice was a nice looking young woman, she might be a bit too skinny at some points. It happens when your ration was small and your travel long. Though at cities and towns she always knew where to get cheap food. She almost halted in the middle of her walk as she looked at herself in perplex state. Well she looked at her reflection in the window of a shop. She hadn’t pickpocket something for well what would it be a month? Should she be proud of that or was she losing her touch? She actually didn’t know, but someone bumped into her and she couldn’t really think about it anyway for she apologized for stopping in the middle of the road and she quickly continued on to a restaurant. First she checked if Ophelia was alright, being in the backpack on her back. Ophelia seemed to be fine, she had only dropped her rattle but she wasn’t a baby that immediately would start crying, the Cleffa sure could handle the hectic life that sometimes was a part of Alice her days.

Together, with now Ophelia in her arms, Alice made way to the bar where she had her breakfast and lunch before. She ordered some sandwiches and shared little bites with Ophelia by plucking it off the sandwich and popping it in the little mouth of her sweet little pink pet, ”Let’s do something we can do together.” She said softly to Ophelia because she could understand at some point it would be very boring to sit still in a backpack all the time, although Alice brought her two toys along, it was boring at some point. She yawned because of the lack of sleep and the energy that she had already used by running, twice, pretending to be ready to fight and so on. Once she had finished the sandwiches and feeding Ophelia, as well as drinking some tea. When everything was done and she paid for it, she picked up her bag, slung it over her shoulder and lifted Ophelia up in her arms and headed out. She would keep the Cleffa close to her now, they made their way to the request board in town, something she could easily find right now. She and Ophelia scanned the quests and she didn’t want something difficult to be done and found a farmer asking for help with gathering up the cabbages, that couldn’t be all too difficult right? It was a little outside of Marigold, so Alice walked that way singing softly and humming with Ophelia who was humming as well. She felt more relaxed when her companion was with her, maybe also because it was a light creature.

She arrived shortly at the farm of farmer Jim. She handed him the quest that he had left on the board. ”Ah you are willing to help me gather up the cabbage. Cabbages are the favourite vegetables or better greens of the city. I have a lot to gather up and it is very important that it goes with care as well as..” and so the man continued that Alice could only stare at him with big brown eyes and lifted eyebrows. This man could talk and talk about cabbages as if it were his children or maybe grandchildren, did he had a wife? How could someone live with this every single day. She distracted Ophelia from becoming board and nodded at the right times and moments when the farmer sort of asked for it with body languages. Once he was done she gave him a big fake smile and a thumbs up. She put Ophelia on the ground, instructed her companion to stay close to her. The farmer showed her what needed to be done, she needed to cut the cabbages off their roots and put it in the crater. Than once the crate was full, she had to stack them in the cart. Okay that was a very boring job and that’s what she wanted. She turned to look at the field of cabbages, it seemed to be more than hundred, this was going to take a while.

However she had to do a job as she had taken it and it was brain deadening. Until she heard Ophelia hum again and walk through the rows of cabbages without damaging them, the little companion understood how important the green bushes were. But thanks to the humming of Ophelia she felt more motivated and even though she didn’t want the farmer to hear her sing, he was on the other side of the field, so she could. ”Kiss me sweet, I’m sleeping in silence.” she sang under her breath as she continued to cut off the roots of the cabbages, she most of the time did two, moved back to the crate, put them softly in and moved on to the rest. Six cabbages did fit in the first layer of the crate, with a soft wooden plate between another six would fit in. Which made it a total of twelve before she had to stack it and move it to the cart. And so she went on and on, she should have started earlier but she worked as fast as she dared and even though the sun was setting she was almost done. The farmer often came to check upon her which hindered her work. She was a bit annoyed by that but didn’t say anything for she needed the money. Or well she thought she did.

Finally when she was done with all hundred cabbages, including stacking the cart. She stretched her arms and legs and popped a crack in her back as she was finally able to stand upright instead of hunching down all the time. She yawned and the farmer came over to give her the jewels and thank her. He even had some recipes with cabbage and she thanked him, put the recipes in her back and decided never to look at it again. She lifted up Ophelia and said her goodbye as she walked back into town to get something to eat again.

Wordcount: 1075/1000

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