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Escape de Syllas

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Another day to go and get a job. Alice was more used to the friendliness of Marigold. After meeting much of the townspeople and help renovate parts of the city after a storm, bump into the Lord of the town. It wasnít that bad as what she had been afraid of. It felt genuine and well it made her worry less about what she had done. She had held conversations with the citizen of Marigold yesterday evening, while the city hosted some sort of barbecue for the workers and she had obviously joined after the hard work. Right now she had asked at the desk of the inn that she was staying if there was a way for someone to watch after Ophelia. The girl behind the desk offered and Alice changed into some running gear and picked up Ophelia and explained to the little Cleffa that she would be back soon. She had no idea if her companion did understand for she didnít look to happy when Alice took a few steps away from her. But if she really wanted to be part of the Rune Knights, which she daydreamed about regularly today, she should work on a few things.

It had been quite a while that she went for a running, technically speaking it wouldnít be around this year. Mostly the walking between cities did good to her so she suspected she could do quite a distance. She clenched her hands into fists as she started to run and simply thought about moving one leg in front of the other. It was a simple trick to the mind to continue without trying to think about the distance, pace or possible pain in her shins. Which would came slowly because she didnít do a warming up. She felt that she was still someone that forgot a lot, that took the easy way out and she had thought about it a lot. The fact that she left Phantom Lord was the first step but there was still enough to do to go on in that pace of her letting go of her fears and that wasnít only heights or the fact that she had amnesia. It was tough decisions and tough consequences. It wasnít that she wanted to be stronger or make the proper and right decisions, as long as she agreed with her own thoughts. The question was if she still did that. She had gone for around forty-five minutes when she returned walking to the inn. She first passed the board of requests, it was mere coincidence but there was a small letter on the edge of the board that pulled her attention and she went to read it. She had to hunch down to properly read it and couldnít help but laugh about the silly request and took it off the board. She hurried back to the inn and let Ophelia jump into her arms and hurry along to her room to wash up and dress in some proper attire. Or well jeans and a black and white striped t-shirt were good enough. She brushed her long orange coloured hair out of the ponytail and used a clip to keep most of it together as she hurried out with a sandwich in her mouth. Time to do a job.

She waved goodbye to the girl behind the desk not even being able to thank her but that would come later. Once she arrived at the Castle, she let a guard know she got a letter from Rosalia De Syllas. The girl needed to know Alice was here so she could give a signal. Thatís what the letter described. She wasnít sure how else to make sure to the lady that there was help on its way. She remained outside, crossing her arms in front of her chest and watching Ophelia playing with the rattle while being sort of stuck in the little blue bag that Alice always brought along. She was tapping with her left and right foot one after the other and kept her eyes on the castle. Looking it up and down, left to right and right to left, down to up. Finally after some time waiting she saw a red haired girl waving to her and she waved back almost invisible, she didnít uncross her arms and just lifted up one and checking out the guards quickly. The girl up with the bright red hair pointed at the guards, back at her and then at Alice. It was quite a show to watch what she meant but thanks to the letter it was all quite clear and Alice could only nod. She slung the backpack over her right shoulder and used the strap over her left. She warned Ophelia that the game had began and made her way over to the guards, ĒYou know a few days ago I trained dummies like you.Ē Alright not really nice as she tried to be but she had to participate in the situation right now. She summoned her haunted blade, the one she had shown during the banquet too. How to get four people to run after you, ĒDonít you think that your boss would be disappointed if you couldnít get me. Iím part of Phantom Lord.Ē Well use it if itís necessary. She took a few steps back, taunting them and so on and finally they fell for it and came after her. She had to run as fast as she could and tried to keep an eye on what was going on at the main gate. She was too fast, but damn her legs were burning so painfully. It didnít matter of she went but not too fast for the guards to give up. Ophelia was singing at some point and Alice heard hooves from a horse and turned to look around for a second. The guards saw it as well and turned to run to the cloaked figure with the horse, but they were tired. No one would ever catch up with a horse. While Alice was standing and watching another person left the gate and came straight towards her but she had an open warm face. She let the sword disappear into the dimensional pocket and accepted the jewels that the possible maid handed to her, she muttered a thank you and that Alice should leave now and ran back inside. Alice followed her example to leave and go to the inn, she hoped that the guards would forget about her Phantom Lord lie, but she would see.

Wordcount: 1095/1000

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