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Banquet De Syllas

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After walking and walking for days, which had been a very bad decision, Alice and Ophelia had reached one of the cities that was the furthest away from Oak Town. It felt a bit like running away and as Alice sat on the bed, she cursed herself again. She was in the Crossroad Inn, which looked better than the inn she had stayed in, in Oak Town. After she left Phantom Lord. A lot had happened and yet, not so much. She made a whole disaster drama about it. Which was absolutely not necessary, but she knew she had to take action. Not in the way of running away, going to find Selena per se but more like: do something to get your mind of the drama. She sighed again and stared at Ophelia who didnít seem to notice the drama that was going on as she was playing with one of the two teddy bears that Alice bought for her to keep her calm during the long journey of Oak town to Marigold. She had arrived late in the afternoon and yet Alice was awake very early. There was this tension in her body that didnít allow her to sleep much. Ophelia didnít have that trouble as she had just been able to sleep while Alice carried her.

ĒCome on, letís get breakfast.Ē Alice said and grabbed her backpack as she turned to look at Ophelia. The little companion seemed to understand that the teddy bear couldnít be carried by her and so she handed it over to Alice, which put it in her bag and lifted up Ophelia herself to leave this Inn. Since it was an inn that didnít serve breakfast, Alice and Ophelia had to go to a restaurant in town. It was weird how open people were here, it felt like a complete sunshine contrast with Oak, where most people were grumbling and muttering all the time. Maybe it was also because she hang out with the wrong people. But that was a thing from the past, she was going to do good things now or well not too much bad things. The last thing she did, didnít feel that bad either. Training guards for a big client. Mainly because she was able to break bones and hurt people it was maybe not such a nice job, but extremely evil was also something different. She pushed Ophelia a bit tighter to her chest as she left the inn, saying goodbye to the happy-go-lucky person behind the desk that seemed to shine like she was the sun. It was actually kind of irritating. When she entered a restaurant not to farm from the Crossroad Inn, another ray of sunshine was standing there welcoming her. Okay, weird. She was guided to a table for one and was able to let the Cleffa walk on the table, she wasnít that big anyway. She ordered an apple cinnamon muffin and some oatmeal so she could share with Ophelia who took a few bites of yoghurt as well as some small parts of the muffin. Alice was extremely careful with Ophelia and the pressure that she would be taken away from her again, was gone since she left Oak. Which was a good thing, she could at least relax about that and only be annoyed by all the people in Marigold.

Once they were done with their breakfast, Alice paid for it and left the restaurant behind her. She went through town to find a request board to make sure the money was still coming. There was a quest from a Lord de Syllas or so, she had no idea who it was but he was looking for mages. It was for today! So she better had to hurry to his castle. This time she didnít take the request from the board as it noted that the lord needed more people than just one. However she understood that it must be the castle on the hill and headed there quickly while humming a song with Ophelia to keep her calm. Once she reached the castle, she told a guard what it was all about, he let her enter and told her that once it was her turn to show her power that she would be able to stand in the middle, get some space and just do her thing. She nodded and simply walked around the banquet to see what was going on. She heard a lot of new information about Marigold by only being here. This Lord de Syllas was the current ruler of Marigold, which was an interesting thing to know. She took a deep breath as she watched the other mages. She hadnít been a mage for long and she had no idea what other mages could do. For she knew Dragon Slayers werenít common. She knew Yami was a wind mage and someone here showed a familiar way but not the same. She had no idea what Yu could do and well that was about it. Here there was a fire mage as well. When it was her turn, she put Ophelia on the ground, she asked the little companion to stay near her and it seemed that she understood. She maybe wasnít just a baby after all. The Cleffa held on to the strap of her peach coloured heel on the left side and Alice closed her eyes and focused on changeling her magical power. Thatís when she summoned her straight spear and held it in her right hand, also to make sure not to hit Ophelia with it. She twirled it around before she let it disappear in her dimensional pocket. People seemed to be surprised, maybe her magic was rare. She had never seen someone with it before.
Thatís when she decided to use another weapon, so since her spear disappeared, she summoned her sword. She knew the power of it, having checked it out during her boring days of travelling. She was standing in a circle, the people were ten meters away from her, thatís how far her spell came, so she took a few steps backward to make sure the spell would end in front of them and not at them. It was maybe difficult to see for the people behind her now. But she channelled her magic again and made sure the haunted blade as it was called, would use the Night arc attack and show a copy of the blade as an black arc. The people that got it their way were a bit scared but the spell disappeared into the nothing and people started to clap as she made the blade disappear again. She took a short bow, picked up Ophelia and left the circle and the attention. She met up with the guard, got paid and left the castle. It was a bit of a shame with the food though.

Wordcount: 1153/1000

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