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Syllas Banquet [Houren]

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#1Houren Vanadis 

Default on Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:15 am

A big banquet with lots and lots of guests, men dressed in incredibly fancy and intricate suits that seemed uncomfortable to move around in, women in brilliant, well fitting dresses and adorned with ornaments of all sorts. For the average man who aspired for high status in society, that was the kind of gathering that he would have loved to have been invited to. Houren, on the other hand, a humble man if nothing else cared little for such events, but when he was hired to perform as entertainment for such a banquet, there was little reason for him to say no. To those without magic, his ability was a spectacle of sorts, there was no point in him denying that. They thought it was weird that he could conjure flames from various parts of his body, that it wasn't normal, but at the same time, a man who was basically a human flamethrower could come in handy sometimes. That was the mindset a lot of people had when it came to mages; that they were capable of being dangerous, but they still felt safe when one happened to be around. Houren was completely OK with that sort of relationship with the masses; because after all, to protect people was his natural calling after all. If he could make people happy, if he could make them feel at ease just by being around, then he was more than happy to be 'different' from them. He did not need to share in their secrets, he did not need to go to their banquets as a distinguished guest. He was disinterested in all of that.

He stood as he watched the current performer use his magic to wow the guests. He was a Frost magic user, it seemed, and did strange tricks such as turning a man's drink completely into ice or crafting beautiful ice flowers and giving them to a lady in the audience. His ultimate trick was probably when he produced a pair of skating boots and turned the area around him into some sort of makeshift skating arena, dancing and prancing around the place as though he were competing for a gold medal and the people around him were the judges. Houren's tricks were not so intricate, so fanciful, and he knew that in terms of 'wow factor', he would likely lose out to the Frost user. Still, there were practical uses for Fire magic that other magics simply didn't have, and this was a good time for him to demonstrate that to the high class gents and ladies attending the banquet today. Houren watched as the Frost user skated away, as did the rest of the audience. When the other mage was completely out of sight, the guard gestured for Houren to come forward, and he knew that this was his cue to perform. He moved intently, but slowly, knowing fully well that any bad move and he would slip on the ice arena that the Frost mage had conjured.

"This is pointless," he sighed, raising both his hands, allowing heat to emanate from them. The audience clapped as they noticed that the frost that had made up the makeshift skating rink was beginning to melt beneath the pressure of Houren's fire. That was a good start, and he definitely showed up the other guy by completely undermining his magic by melting away his ice. Frost was definitely the more fancy of the two, but fire had an elemental advantage, and he had just succeeded in showing exactly just why that was the case. Fire melts frost; it was simple, so simple that even a young child could understand it.

"Is smoking allowed in this room?" Houren asked the guard that seemed to be conducting the event, and received a puzzled look in return. After consulting a bit with the people around him, he finally returned Houren's question with a reluctant nod. The Fairy Tail mage grinned, and looked around at the audience to see if anyone would start smoking. He eventually saw a man who placed a cigarette between his lips but seemed to be having a hard time finding his lighter or matches. Houren approached him and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Need a light?" the Fairy Tail mage grinned, raising his right hand and snapping his fingers. In an instant, the butt of his cigarette began to burn, allowing the man to smoke freely in the great hall. It was a simple trick, not one that got ''ooh'' and ''aah'' from the audience, but was still applauded for its practicality. The man who's cigarette had been lighted up for free, without needing to expend any matches, seemed particularly pleased which only served to convince Houren that he was on a roll today.

Now, what could he do for his last trick? He looked around the room and suddenly, he had a bright idea. The chandelier that illuminated much of the room had candles resting on it, there were candles on each and every table. Yes, it was safe to say that the reason this room was so bright, despite it being so dark outside, was because of the abundance of candles, because of the flames. He opened his mouth, as each and every single flame in the room began to stir before disappearing completely within him. He made a show of gulping, the only sound that could be heard in the pitch dark. A click of the fingers could be heard, and once again, the room was illuminated, much to the cheer of the people around him who had been genuinely shocked by Houren's ability to literally consume fire. That was all from him for the night, and he quietly stepped away from the spotlight and over to the guard who had already prepared his money.

"That's a pretty neat trick you got there, magus," the guard complimenting him, dropping a bag of jewels in his hand. Houren could only smile; if he thought it was merely a trick of the night, then ignorance was bliss.


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