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Little Bit Of Misschief [Request][Kon]

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#1Konstantin Sokolov 

Default on Sat Mar 18, 2017 7:25 pm

With a heavy sigh, Konstantin rose from his rented bed slowly rubbing his temples remembering the jobs he had completed over the last couple of days. Today was no different from any other. he unenthused by the work he had been doing as of late but it was money nonetheless. However In his current state he was nowhere near ready to do anything. So he popped into the shower and let the hot water pour over him, as he did so he scrubbed his body vigorously with soap. Eventually leaving the bath and donning his regular attire including his white and red robe as the weather had improved since yesterday and his wounds had healed which allowed him to move his left arm properly.

Konstantin walked over to the window and looked out just as he had done yesterday and  several days beforehand revealing a quiet garden that extended out until it stopped at a white picket fence. The sun shone down upon the plants displaying the healthy green glow of the garden. He had been staying in the bed and breakfast for a few days now and the couple had been more than accommodating.

They had allowed him to keep his companion, Sparky with him in the building he was staying in, who was calmly waiting for him asleep near the front door. Normally he would be off duty today, but because he was saving up some jewels for an extended holiday Kon left the building and made his way to the center of town. The town itself was just like any other only smaller with all the residents being oddly too friendly for his liking however he wasn’t going to complain as it meant less crime to stop. Walking into the center of the town kon spotted the noticeboard.

Just as with many other towns there was noticeboard for travelling mages and adventurers to go to in order to pick up notices to begin a request, The one that kon had selected was surprisingly cryptic Kon had done these types of requests in the past however he wasn’t really a fan of them. One thing he could glean from it though was it was regarding something in the castle of marigold and it was somehow related to the Daughter of the Lord himself, Rosalia de Syllas she had put out the request for someone to help her with something in the castle. Apparently she's been locked in and now wants to go out in town for a day and have fun. How she got the notice there in the first place was unknown to him perhaps one of her maids placed it her no matter.
Wanting to inform the leader of the notice he made the way to the castle from the middle of the town which really didn’t take too long perhaps 10 minutes at the most before he entered the castle though a woman roughly Kon’s age with the same scarlet hair as fernando popped her head out of a window that overlooked the entrance of the fortress. She noticed his presence and began to entice him over before being able to signal him to distract the guards that were out front.

Stunned by her appearance he willing obeyed her command, as he had meet with several of the guards a few days prior kon was able to attract the attention of the ones out the front there were a surprising large amount of them four in fact as he continued to distract the group, the girl managed to sneak past them. Drawing their attention from their posts was surprisingly difficult as it required him to summon all of his beasts and falsely claim that they were a pack of bloodthirsty animals that wanted to get inside.

After chasing the beasts for sometime with Kon having difficulty keeping up with them so they didn’t disappear, Kon was able to turn briefly and look as a figure wearing a red cloak riding on a stunning white stallion. The harsh metal of the horse hoofs could be heard as it slammed against the rough stone ground which revealed the presence of the figure who Kon could only assume was the girl, the lengths that she was going to in order to leave the castle surprised him though he suspected if he had ever tried to leave when his father was alive he would need the same damn thing.

One thing that he noticed though was how all the guards attention was immediately turned from his summons onto the figure even when one tried to snap at a guard, with all of guards gone, kon dismissed his rat and two wolves from his service for now at least before sling his staff onto his back. Interestingly it was not a guard that came after him next but rather a maid, the same maid who placed the notice in the first, she thanked him with a reward as well informing him that he should leave before they suspect he had something to do with it.

Wanting to know the meaning behind the incident he thanked the maid for her suggestion and inside spoke to one of the distressed guards who was out of breathe after trying to get the girl back and requested he see Fernando for an explanation. With all the confusion he allowed him to enter the castle without hesitation. Fernando himself stopped him from getting into the castle too far and pointing at Kon. “You will get her back!” Feigning confusion about what had happened he questioned him thoroughly. “Bring back who? What happened?” With grave concerned the man walked up to the mage clasped his hands on the necromancers shoulders. “My daughter, she has run off i don’t know how she must had had help from the outside you must get her back she is the heir to this town.”

Fernando not knowing he was responsible allowed kon to leave both his presence and the castle assuming he would be rushing after to look for her. However as a member of nobility himself who seeked independence he only rushed back to Marigold town before returning to his Bed & breakfast causally.


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