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Syllas Banquet [Request][Kon]

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#1Konstantin Sokolov 

Default on Sat Mar 18, 2017 10:37 am

It was a new day for Kon, He had obtained another soul the day prior and want to make full use of it. His wounds were still recovering but his talents from his encounter yesterday had spread throughout the town reaching the current ruler of Marigold, a ruler loved by all of his subjects or at least all respected considering the information reached him that quickly. Wanting to get a take on the man himself kon left the farmer's home and move to the castle where he resided. The walk took about half and hour only stopped by a guard at the front of the castle gates. “State your business.” He questioned the blonde haired mage. “I'm here to see the Fernando.” He responded with all the authority he could informing him of his status as a rune knight as well. “I'm a member of the rune knights, now stand aside.”

The castle was lot smaller than others he had been in, even his family's was larger ignore this fact he entered the main room only to be the man himself, Fernando who was in his mid thirties his initial impression was shocked as he had grabbed him in a friendly bear hug. “Greetings, Kon correct?, I heard you took out that wolf for farmer Joe allow me as the leader of Marigold town to thank you.” Flicking his fingers a servant came towards him with a silver platter in his right hand carrying a series of champagne glasses. Grabbing one for himself and another for Kon he drank merrily. “Now I understand you're a wizard yourself as well?” Interested that he knew that and not one to probe into how he knew he responded with a sharp “Yes.” His behaviour was becaming far more boisterous now with him clapping his hands. “Oh good, the last one we had was awful, now I'd like you to perform your magic to impress me and my guests, I'll reward you if and when you impress me.” Reluctant to reveal his abilities he tried to refuse however he quickly thought up some excuses valid for his necromancy abilities and nodded. “Fine, Fine.”

“Now follow my guard he'll tell you where and when to go, in the meantime have some snacks mingle with the rest of the guests.” Fernando said before dismissing him. “So I'm a guest as well alright I can work with that.” the blunt faced guard looked at him in emotionless stare before nodding where to go after the current entertainer who didn't seem to be hyping up the guests, his performance wasn't too bad just very ordinary perhaps too planned. He was a fire magic user he was pretty skilled in it however it was a common magic so no matter how well he could manipulate it, it appeared dull to the audience who instead entertained themselves by discussing affairs between each-other which kon unintentionally overheard, whether it was how a nobleman was having sex with his maid or a merchant acquiring a suspicious amount of goods very quickly. Before he could listen any further the flame mage finished.

With him finishing off, Kon took center stage, wielding his staff with both of his hands, he placed the top onto the ground on the left, right and in front of him causing all three of his summons, the two wolfs by his side and the rat in front, the reactions from the guests was mixed to say the least, Fernandos behaviour was astounding he laughed and clapped heavily enthused. Approaching the necromancer, he spoke to him directly causing the guests in between them to separate. “So you're the necromancer I've been hearing about, you're an interesting bloke to say the least, the rune knights eh? And odd choice I'd have thought you'd pick something more sinister like the phantom lord guild I've been hearing about.” Sensing danger, he drew his staff upwards at the leader. “What do you want from me?”

Confused at first, The leader was amused at the misunderstanding. “I want nothing from you I just love to know about oddities that arise in this strange world of ours.” Hiccuping evident that he had consumed a bit too much. “I, myself have my own abilities which I hope you don't mind I won't reveal, thank you for showing me yours though.” Recognising that the carefree man meant him no harm he dismissed his rat and wolves then slung his staff onto his back. With the risk of Kon attacking the guard's employer now gone he walked over to the mage and provided him with his jewels. “Here's your reward.”  

Fernando reappeared somehow completely sober now. “Alright Kon, let's go have a serious chat with some coffee.” Not one to refuse an offer from his client, Kon nodded the man slung his arm around his back over his shoulders before telling his other guests that he would be returning in an hour. Both he and kon eventually made their way into a smaller more quiet room where they were surrounded by books and various magical instruments. Sitting down at his desk in the back of the room, he relaxed slightly and offered his worker an empty mug which when he took the cup seemed to drain some of his mana and fill up with coffee. “Oh I forgot to mention my coffee cups are magical they'll convert your magic into pure coffee.”

“Odd but not the worst thing I've had to deal with.” he responded. “Now what would you like to talk about?” Taking his own cup and drinking it with pleasure, he replied. “I would like to know all about you, Kon, your life story, how you acquired your magic, everything, of course that doesn't mean all now, after all you'll have to keep entertaining me.” Whilst it was something he normally didn't want to talk about kon believed he could trust the man to knowing his past so he started off revealing his recent past telling him that he will gradually tell him more as he did more requests with him. Nodding in agreement as he knew he'd need a man of his talents he allowed him to give only a piece of his history.


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