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Wolf In Wolf's Clothing [Request][Kon]

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#1Konstantin Sokolov 

on Sat Mar 18, 2017 7:59 am

Marigold town had turned out to be a far smaller town than he had initially imagined in fact for the most part it seemed to be more of a farm town than anything else. He had explored the town multiple times already however there was a farmer who continued to bug him for his help despite his only recent appearance. Eventually to stop the man from annoying him from his break he spoke to him properly who apparently needed someone to get rid of a wolf that was taking away his sheep unfortunately the farmer and his dogs were unable to stop it, normally he wouldn't be too interested in helping someone of such a lowly job since he had completed so many jobs of a similar level however this one was different. He would be able to kill the wolf hence acquire another summon, slightly weaker than the other perhaps but it didn't matter he just wanted more.

Accepted the man's request he wanted to know what he was needed of him. According to the farmer he believed the best thing for him to do would be to dress up as a sheep without his companion and jump it once it tries to kill one of the sheep. “What a strange plan.” Kon thought to himself. Not one to argue with his client he wanted to how he'd be hiding. Revealing an eerily evil grin, Farmer Joe pulled out an outfit from his oddly shaped backpack, which caused Kon to laugh, it was a sheep costume made with real wool that had been made into a suit. It was surprisingly difficult, hot and heavy to wear, putting it on the farmer too laughed. According to him he had never had someone agree to wearing the suit.

Nonetheless he pointed to where the sheep were and informed him that the wolf tends to hunt after them during the night as such he allowed him to take off the suit for now until then. Boiling in the suit even if it was still winter Kon pulled off the suit, revealing the wizard to be drenched in sweat. “Christ man this thing is boiling” Noting his discomfort Joe pulled out a water-skin from the same backpack and thrust it in his general direction downing the drinking in a few gulping pausing briefly. “I think you made this suit a bit too life-like.” Bemused by his claim Joe apologised. “Yeah me wife made it for me during the coldest point of winter it should be more manageable later on tonight.”


After waking until the sun fell from the sky and the land darkened he got back into his sheep suit and walked over to the sleeping sheep only this time he refrained would refrain from bring his companion simply only taking his staff with him. Lowering to the same height as the animals, he waited for the wolf, despite the poor light he spotted the wolf as he drew closer to him fortunately it targeted him first while still giving him enough time to block the first strike with a quickly timed thrust of his staff into the mouth of the wolf, confused and angried by it the wolf pulled back and nabbed at his arm, managing to sink his jaw around his left arm, throwing the beast onto the ground his actions caused the sheep around him to scatter in terror.

Now one on one in the field. Kon rose to his feet with his left arm drenched in both his mouth from his wound and the splatter of wolf blood that was all over the rest of him. With the wolf rising as well kon drew the staff upwards and swung it once, twice, three times onto the wolf.

Blood covered the blonde haired necromancer, with his staff glistening in the crimson liquid drenched in the wolf's blood, He had slain the beast at the request of the farmer albeit bloodier than normal for once preferring to take it on one on one without the aid of his companion or his summons, truly because of him wishing to test his own abilities unfortunately for him, he wasn't the strongest fighter instead he would either need to do a lot more work in training his body or finally focus on his true capabilities with his magic. Understanding he wouldn't be able to fight against the weakest opponents without injuring himself he once more slammed his staff onto the wolf killing the beast with a whimper at which put the animals soul absorbed onto his body as many others had before it. The feelings behind them seemed to be far more pure than the other ones he had acquired, with the rat being a mutated creature and the other wolf in his possession being corrupted to a degree.

Wanting to provide that he had successfully killed the beast he lifted up the wolf onto his uninjured arm and returned to the farmer, who had previous mentioned that he resided in a small house on the hill that oversaw his lands. After what seemed like a long walk, he knocked on the farmer's door, the farmer was the first to answer with a booming smile only to change to a face of concern. Pulling Kon into the house he threw him to the nearest chair and took the wolf off his shoulder, grabbing some bandages he wrapped kon's injured arm before waking him. “Damn beast sure cut you up bad there son.” Joe said as he woke up. “Thanks for killing it though it's fur should make a nice coat.”

Content with knowing he had completed his job, Kon spoke to Joe. “So will you pay me now?” Surprised that he had forgotten that he would have to play for the work, he made him wait in the same chair as he gathered up some jewels sufficient from the job's reward. Thrusting a bunch of dirty and torn jewels in the injured mages hands, he finally answered him. “Here you go, now seeing as you're so hurt can I recommend you stay here for at least a night, I'll take care of your companion as well for you.” Not one to complain he nodded before resting in the chair.


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