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#1Faust Noire 

on Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:50 pm


It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents, except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept up the streets. Looming out the highest window of the Hargeon Lighthouse stood an individual, encased in black. He was unfazed by the harsh weather presented by Illumin; it was the least of his worries. The scariest factor wasn't the extremity of the weather, but what controlled the harsh rains. The man was sure that it was Icarus' way of watching him.

For the most part, the Coyote lived true to his name. Like a coyote, alone he would stand and alone he would hunt. The only exception to his code of honor was his guild, Grimoire Heart. Having been invited by Strategist, he made it his religion, his only drive forward. A number of reasons were available when asking why Faust would instill so much loyalty into a single community. Respect was a valued factor, taking the first spot. Icarus had powers imbued into him, powers that were obvious just standing in the sheer presence of the wanted mage. The second factor was fear. Upon standing before Icarus, Faust felt the need to follow the directions of the man carefully and correctly, as if his life was at stake. To think that such a force was standing at the disposal of an even more-powerful mage, Crowley. After all, how else would Icarus be controlled? The very thought sent chills down the Coyote's spine.

The Coyote had but one reason to be standing atop the famed lighthouse at midnight. He was summoned here by Icarus' orders, so here he stood. Informed that an obvious sign was to come, the Coyote took out his flute and began his sonata. As two others enter the scene, Faust would put down his flute, though the background music would continue on. Only then did he click the pause button on the speakers in his backpack, making it clear that he never played his flute in the first place.

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on Fri Mar 17, 2017 10:32 am

Buckets of water leaked from the heaven's, hitting Erebus's hood and soaking him in his stand. He wavered, and almost tripped but regained composure. Above him, though he hadn't realized how was a Lighthouse, he wandered away from the docks into the woods. On the opposite side of the woods laid this single building. It felt almost like he was meant to be here. So he pporached the entrance to escape the rushing droplets. "Fucking droplets." The rude individual cursed. Pushing the door open to get some cover. He slammed the door and stood there for but a brief moment. It was then that his nose picked up the scents of a familiar entity. In addition, the sound of a beautiful melody reach his earrdrums. "Faust?"

It must have been sheer destiny that Strategist again would meet the snowy-haired Coyote. The Coyote and the Wolf? Creatures which hated each other, but Erebus almost felt drawn to watch over Faust, like a brother. It was a strange case, The Lycan thought that... All of the humanity in him had dispersed only yet still he did have feelings. The human mind was a tricky thing to crack, he'd prefer not to feel anything. It was a bother. However, upon approaching the sound of the song. He watched as Faust took his lips off the flute and turned a stereo out of his backpack down. The werewolf sighed, coming in from the dark shadows. "Why am I not surprised?" Erebus offered a grin, tossing the Grimoire Mage a quarter for his song, even though he hadn't even made one.

He then begged some conversation out of the snowy-haired man. "What are you doing way out here?" Erebus was drenched, he pulled off his lavender hood off and tossed it to the side whilst grabbing a folding chair to relax himself within. The seat felt good, until it squeezed the water out of his pants and he was again chilled from the blasted rain. Noticeable irritation at it slid across his expression, but it was bit away. He then leaned back and stretched.


on Fri Mar 17, 2017 7:17 pm

☆The faint clacking of heels had filled the room with an additional melody with the exception of the rain. The Prophet, Katja, had made her way up the lighthouse' countless steps gradually. She took her time, her grimoire held close to her chest as violet eyes scanned every available space which appeared around her slim frame. The precipitation made her feel welcome, and so- she was slightly more comfortable in such an environment than she would've appeared initially had it not been for the sudden storm. She appeared in her usual outfit, yet had something resembling a sheet of taffeta over her shoulders, previously serving the purpose of a raincoat. Wet locks glistened against the moonlight as she peeked in. Katja's body was half visible from the doorway as she arrived shortly after Erebus. Yet the delay seemed intentional.

☆The wielder of light kept her lips sealed, listening in on the conversation which was initiated. Yes, she was quite shy, especially in the presence of individuals whom she was yet to become familiar with. Seeing as though it was a tad too dark for her liking, she lit a dim light from her fingers. The indigo of Katja's irises also seemed to brighten in response. With that, she appeared far more comfortable and took a step forward, trying to appear unnoticed as thunder rolled within the vast distance. Even she had to admit, the scenery was beautiful.

☆She had only moved forward enough so that she was able to tug on Erebus' sleeve gingerly. Her demeanor was similar to that of a lost child, yet he shouldn't have been phased by such if he really knew her in such a close manner. As she gained his attention, Katja would give him a wary look. She wasn't aware of the close relationship he had with Faust, and so- was appeared worried for his well being, as the whole meeting did seem rather strange to her. Random meetups usually meant trouble from her experiences.


☆She spoke in a hushed, low voice. It was fairly comparable to one of a whisper. Her gaze focused on his own for what could've been counted as a couple seconds before it was quickly shifted to the ground below and back again, displaying her reluctance even more prominently.

☆As for the unknown male who was the Coyote himself, she seemed to catch some glances at him from the corner of her eye on occasion, as if lacking the trust to look away from a certain amount of time. Katja was easily a strange character, especially when compared to the other two..who happened to be quite outgoing.

#4Faust Noire 

on Fri Mar 17, 2017 11:02 pm

As soon as the white-haired male dropped his instrument, he stared at the two who had just entered the scene. There was the familiar face of Erebus, quickly stripping his same-old drenched hoodie. From the darkness, he pulled out a chair out of what seemed like thin air, opening it up for himself. Quickly after entered the maiden, a woman openly displaying her feminine charms. Upon lighting up the room with a finger, it only solidified the statement. She was definitely a sight to behold, Faust couldn't deny that. Though a spectacle, Faust took note of another interesting factor, Erebus. Perhaps it was intentional, perhaps a slip of tongue. Regardless, Faust finally received the Strategist's name. And with that information, the Coyote decided to test his boundaries. "Been a while, Erebus!" he greeted his acquaintance. A smile made its way onto his face, exposing the fangs hidden within the mouth. "Icky, the big boss, told me to head here." he retorted, bringing in the Ace, Icarus into the conversation.

While Faust was certainly interested at the topic at hand and wondered himself as to why Erebus was here, it wasn't hard to tell that the third-party was a tad bit uncomfortable in the situation. Strangers to one another, oculus between the two locked for a couple seconds before hers darted aside. A dazzling shade of indigo. Faust threw himself up on the ledge of the window, sitting at a bold height. One slip up could mean certain death, taking the term 'living life on the edge' to a literal point of view. Long, slender fingers wrapped around each other, placing both hands behind his head. It was his turn to ask the questions. "Why didn't you tell me you were gonna bring a girl along?" he started, beginning his complaint. A pout overtook his previous grin, showing his obvious jealous and jesting nature at the matter. While he said that, he thought to himself how she tasted. It wasn't in a sexual matter, but rather her blood. Like always, females always tasted better than males.

"Lemme play a little love tune for you two." he teased. The hands reached for the flute, patting all around to find it. He couldn't. It didn't occur to the Coyote that the moment his fingers interlaced, the flute was dropped down into the pouring rain, several meters below. He didn't think when he jumped out of the window, diving for his flute. It was an act of impulse; perhaps it wouldn't surprise Erebus, but it would definitely scare the little lady. After all, Erebus was used to the Coyote's little antics. Unless the female had a more twisted experience, there wasn't a reason for her not to be taken aback. His foot hung off the ledge, his body dangling like a lifeless doll. "Shoot."

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on Sat Mar 18, 2017 8:14 am


The sound of heels meeting stone steps could be heard by the criminal. He was a werewolf after all, the stronger sense that gave her entry away, it was the smell. It was so sweet. Scents like her's were more foreign to Erebus, he'd been with many women, but none had the innocence-- yet intimidating denial another to impose. At least not anything like her's-- notable difference. It was very unorthodox; but aside from that factor a Lycan could easily identify a woman because the bodies were so different. The chemicals as well as their overall genetic makeup derived of many different imbalances and hormones.

The physiology of a wolf had it's advantages after all. At first Erebus had been overwhelmed by the superhuman smell. Now he embraced it. Used it. The power was something to be thankful for, in a world of assassins. Which was legitimately what Grimoire was. Spies, killers, and the social outcasts of society. When the Lycan had joined months ago he would've been able to aspire to be anything. All he lacked was a home and parents. For some reason though, his envy became a tool. It got him here, and it would surely press him far beyond what he is right now. It had too. Otherwise, why was he wasting his time? Eventually all of his hardwork would pay off. Until that day could come, he was alone in this world.

Upon her arrival, Katja stayed there in the dimness of the room. When the creep of the night set it's talons upon Katja, a lavender light flickered as a defensive measure and her irises seemed to glow mystically. Erebus was staring in her direction. He knew her, didn't he? She was also a guild-member. Did Icarus plan a meeting and he just somehow subconsciously came here, what the hell? So strange, but he guessed so. It was a weird coincidence, but it was now obvious to him for the most part. The people in this room were fated to team up. Maybe it was only Erebus whom thought so, but it was definitely in the air...

Seconds passed by, it seemed Katja was uncomfortable being alone. She walked to his side and touched his abdomen, pulling at the cloth. The tug moved not only his attention, but some of his focus out of his thoughts. The man was now occupied on the well-being, or maybe perhaps, what the girl could offer him for his comfort. Another old habit, despite being a wanted serial murder, Erebus was still gentlemanly deep down. If this were even of the same boat.

Strategist would probably be commencing upon his hedonistic jerk tendencies right now if Faust wasn't in the room though. So it was arguable.

Back to the more relevant subjects going on. Erebus just realized he was unaware the Prophet was trailing him here, but if she were suppose to come here, maybe she didn't? This was all very confusing to him. She must've been at least twenty-five meters away at all times though, or else he would have known. It shocked him because she didn't really rub him as the tracker type, with such an impressive ability like that, there was a beginning bit of curiosity to flare within him. He remembered he met Katja the day of her recruitment, which was only a week or so ago. They exchanged greetings, and that was the end of it as Erebus was leaving for Hargeon at the time. Had she followed him all the way to Hargeon? That was no easy trip, especially for such a lady... He wondered.

The next thing she said bewildered the boy even more. This was odd. Was he dreaming? She had spoken his name into the air.

How Katja came to know Strategist's real name was even more peculiar than how she got here, as it was a identifying marker he'd abandoned some time ago. Literally going months without it being spoken by anyone except for one person. He definitely didn't greet himself as such even to quest givers, so what was this girl, what was she capable of? Maybe her powers were psychic or something-- he decided not to be weary on it. If she were psychic she'd just read his mind and all the adulterated content stuck up in there. If that hadn't steered her away by now then someone else, or something else, must have told her. This was speculation alone though.

Faust seemed to light up from the other side of the room. Metaphorically I mean.

It was in this short interval, this one word plea for companionship from Katja, that Faust had caught wind of the Lycan's name as well. What a bother, but he couldn't help it now. Cat's out of the bag, mentally he shrugged it off. Physically he motioned a hand at Faust. "Yeah, it's 'Erebus', but careful about using each other's real names' publicly, it breaks the rules of the guild. We have to stay on the low, I was once with this chick and Icarus chopped her finger for something similar." It was the pinky finger. Still a loss though, essentially it was meant to instill a sense of fear upon the others. That specific person was an example, a good one since she was relatively kindred to most everyone.

n order to protect these two of worser fates, he had to be strict with it.

Being the highest ranked mercenary in the room, the job to coach the rules into the newbies fell to his plate. He likely had a sense of guardianship over the others now, of course, they would soon be at his level or probably higher as far as rank alone went. So getting a big head about it was stupid. One needed to see in the eyes of their sub-ordinates, and vice versa, their superiors. to Work as a unit. Erebus was neither to these too-- just another person. To Faust, maybe a friend or something. To Katja, perhaps an accomplice for now.

Speaking of which, his eyes drifted back to the girl. She seemed distraught, shy, and uncomfortable. He couldn't help but find her incredibly pleasing to the eyes though, he had to note that her curves were exceptional. Much nicer than Celeste's had ever been. Not only that, but she was miles more beautiful in the face. He paused, allowing that to sink in. Was it douchey to think such after they'd broken up? It seemed like, really douchey, right? He figured so himself, decidedly-- the boy found himself drawing upon the fact that he didn't care anymore. And so, he took none of those thoughts back.

The Lycan stood up upon realizing her legs probably ached or some other thing from the hike getting here. His hand wiped the damp seat of it's cold rain, Erebus's palm then travelled quickly to his neck; while the other extended outward like a crane towards the spot. The folding chair was probably used up here for whenever light-keepers came about; but why was it empty now-- he wondered? Erebus would choose not to question it, Faust got here first. His dirty work-- not the Lycan's. Plus, this was a cool place to crash and set up base for the three. They could get sleeping bags and make camp here while they took missions. It'd be cheaper than motels, for now anyways.

"Go ahead Katja, you uh, you probably want to sit or something. My bad. I guess I should assume you guys don't have aliases from the guild yet. Personal names should be fine as long as we're alone."

Some more seconds of silence passed.

Faust spoke up to tell the group that Icarus informed him to arrive. So it was as Erebus thought, Faust simply assured his calculations. That meant the group should definitely team up, it also meant that each of them was probably the best synergy when working together. Likely this would be a driving factor for increasing work speed between the group. Ingenious, absolutely ingenious. Faust then joked about some kind of love song, haha funny. Though Erebus wouldn't lie, with a hot number like Katja, why not? He wouldn't have minded and therefore didn't argue it. The light mage was gorgeous.

Somemore dumbass stuff on Faust's part and he was now meming himself out the window. Erebus paced over, his usual 'questionable look' plastered all the way across his face. "I'm laughing so hard on the inside. I should just push you off right now, you're lucky. Anyways did you grab your flute or whatever?" He gripped a hand on Faust's ankle, a change in body seemed to occur. Erebus's muscles tensed and he grew in proportion till he was much stronger looking and easily eight feet tall. Patches of hair grew around his cheeks, but he was still human in overall appearance. His clothing hadn't ripped but was tight against his body. Gleaming golden eyes were the trademark of the Lycan.

Transformation Complete:


Lycans can transform their body into a larger, more muscular, and overall more wolf-like appearance. In this state, their powers are dramatically enhanced. Their base statistics increase by 40% while being transformed. It costs 5% of the user's total mana per turn and has a 4 post cooldown after deactivating it.
Lycans may be ferocious and strong warriors but they really dislike flames. Lycans can never use Fire-type moves. Most stronger Lycans don't flinch when facing fire but still suffer the consequences. They take extra damage from Fire-type moves which are increased by two ranks.
Lycans have a great smell and can smell anyone within a 25 meter radius. Even if targets try to mask their smell a Lycan can distinguish between thousands of smells to still find their target within that range.
ENHANCED ENDURANCE: Lycans are able to withstand impacts strong enough to destroy buildings. What would take down humans instantly merely hurts them. They receive a 20% endurance bonus of their base endurance on top of their base endurance. This stacks with the Lycan transformation.
Lycans possess a lot of strength compared to humans. Even without transforming they are considerably stronger than most that face them. They receive a 20% strength bonus of their base strength on top of their base strength. This stacks with the Lycan transformation.
When it comes to speed, Lycans move a lot faster than most humans. Lycans often easily catch up with their prey if they stalk them long enough. They receive a 20% speed bonus of their base speed on top of their base speed. This stacks with the Lycan transformation.

[Strength = 22] [Speed = 8] [Endurance = 20] [Mana = 641]

For entering the transformation, his strength had doubled allowing him to easily pull Faust back through the window. It was done without even much effort on the monster's part. Likely because of the expanse in size and power, then again, he still wasn't sure how these new abilities worked. His transformation dimmed him back to six feet and he let Faust down in the floor. Erebus felt a tinge of oddness in having displayed his racial heritage to these two. Truth is, it had only happened a few weeks ago, right before the boy had met the Coyote, and he was only now able to successfully enter the form without being extremely prone to attack anything with warm blood. He actually felt... Pretty embarrassed.

With that done or whatever, he just kinda stood there, expecting someone to speak.

[Transformation Reverted = 5 Post Cooldown]


on Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:58 am

☆Truly, Katja did not expect to find these individuals here. She came frequently ever since she was first introduced to the area, often times to study the stars and other astronomical value which did provide a supplement to her magical knack. Tonight was no exception. She had ventured off into such a of vast distance to do just that, make the best of her surroundings while she still had the chance to. It may have sounded corny to an extent, but this was the simplicity of how she functioned. On the way there, the familiar male had caught her eye, and so..she did her best to distance herself from him, doing her best not to come off as some sort of threat, dragging behind him as if she were a shadow.

☆The tiny clicks against marble flooring persisted once more. The duration was brief and ceased quickly as she took a seat as suggested. Even still, as she began to ease up, seemed frozen in her movements. With her sacred book resting within her lap, black fingernails appeared to press against it's leather cover. It appeared as if she was stressed in a way, but Katja was usually tense regardless.

☆She was flattered by his act of kindness, as it was something few ever showed to her. Glancing up to meet his gaze, she met his expression with a faint smile of the sorts. The welcoming curvature of her lips soon faded as she was met with the rather comedic circumstances which had erupted in front of her. With Faust dangling from the towering heights, and Erebus going great lengths to assist him, it did make her produce a giggle. Her laugh was soft and short, the feminine aspects of her voice were also noticeable.

☆That's right, even a stupid situation like this one could bring a grin to her face. It was a sight for sore eyes in comparison to her usual stoic and monotonous demeanor, which may as well had come off as quite a bore for both herself and company which was well acquainted with her.

☆This transformation triggered by Erebus was not something unknown to Katja at all. Studying beasts, spells, the nature of ever being which she came across, the Prophet was well-familiar with the features that came with being a Lycan. She was not intimidated at all. As a matter of a fact, it would appear that she even became more comfortable around the two now. Katja felt even if she knew little, even a single piece of vital information could disclose everything. Hence, her passionate dislike for mysteries and the unknown. Plus, some humor did introduce a newfound sense of warmth into the atmosphere the three of them shared.


☆Katja's gaze fluctuated from Faust, then Erebus, the grimoire, and repeat. As a eager eyes scanned pages upon pages of notes, she read upon entries which could possibly explain either one of their origins, or at least their species. Which would give away some elements of their personality, and actions as a result. The healer had already listened in to the brief conversation starter initiated by the werewolf himself, and picked up the ashen haired one's name.

☆Her head tilted to the slightest angle after a quick examination of Erebus' embarrassment. She found it cute to an extent, and displayed that with the same beaming expression she held as beforehand. Tracing her finger across the air, she produced a stream of light, slowing the rain and speeding up it's evaporation so that the area they inhabited was scarcely affected.

My name is Katja.

#7Faust Noire 

on Sat Mar 18, 2017 1:34 pm

The Coyote's intrusiveness wrestled his sanity. What would have happened if he actually fell? Perhaps he'd conceive the denouement another time. Dangling about delivered the awareness of Erebus. His grip landed on the Coyote's ankles, the boy himself mutating. The black bristles across his skin danced and flourished prematurely. The man once known as Erebus had evolved into a beast. It seemed that the transformation wasn't for aesthetics as the Strategist threw the Coyote back onto the platform with relative ease. As Faust had his first glimpse at a Lycan, a vast implosion of emotions overtook him. Above all else wasn't fear, but once again, his curiosity. "Do doggies like you taste any different than humans?" As soon as he realized it came out of his mouth, his hands attacked the hole spouting words in a comedic sense. The eyes stretched themselves, displaying astonishment despite it being quite obvious that he was still playing around.The trio remained quiet for a while. Faust threw a glance into his partner's pupils, signalling for him to break the icy atmosphere that they were engulfed in. Sadly, the Lycan had forsaken him.

As he began another attempt at breaking the ice, it seemed that the woman took it upon herself to do so. A finger belonging to the light mage pranced across thin air. To and fro it moved, as if it was acting on its own will, depicting a stream of brightness that was enticing to observe. Whether or not it had any relevance to her label was hard to determine, but at least she finally felt comfortable enough to introduce herself. The Coyote opened his gaping hole to return the favor. "I'm Faust but you can call me tonight." Was it appropriate? Probably not. Did the white-haired male care? Not at all.

The personality of the Coyote could often be compared to a child; he enjoyed all the little things in life, nearly anything able to bring a smile upon his face. In turn, he was all about making others laugh too. So from his magical backpack that seemed to have just about everything inside came a balloon, still flaccid. That was to change. Gripping tip of the balloon, the prankster blew into it to form a heart-shaped gift, presented to the damsel. The way he offered the endowment was something out of a fairy tale; on a single knee as if it was a proposal, the Coyote tenderly put her hand in his own. He would dip his head and lightly place his lips upon the back of her hand. Then he quickly tied the balloon to her hand and gave a wave, as if she was to fly off. Of course, that wouldn't be the case but it was a tease.

And alas, the reason they were all gathered here. Faust was sure that Erebus was here for the same reason, but Katja was a different matter. He had never seen her before; was she the last member of Grimoire Heart that Icarus told the Coyote to meet? As respected as Icarus was to Faust, sometimes the Coyote hated the guy. Why couldn't someone give clear and concise directions instead of little riddles? He decided that it was best for the other two to decide what to do from that point on.

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on Sat Mar 18, 2017 3:37 pm


The boy gave Faust another questionable look. This time no grin included. "Miss me with that gay shit." He then laughed too a chuckle and grin after he himself spoke in answer, the jest he supposed creepy sure, but it placed him in one of those. Uh, 'laugh it off' kinda scenarios, I guess? Regardless, Erebus didn't want it to get awkward and the girl appeared to find the antics pretty funny too sooo. Might as well not make it weird. A slap on the neck if anything.

As it turned out.

Much like Erebus, Faust must have been checking Katja out as well or something, because he bustled on over with a heart shaped balloon. It was strange, but the boy found himself clapping. "Smooth 'Noir. Smooth.~" The slightly taller mage turned his cheek to peer out the window. The moon was out, it was beautiful after the clouds of brown had dispersed, Erebus wanted to comment on how they could've done so earlier. But fuck man. Oh well right? He was wet, well, damp at this point. 'Just gotta deal the cards you're dealt. "You think this'll make me smell like wet dog? Maaaan, that'd be unattractive." The Lycan offered some dialogue to the group, whereas Faust was being a charmer, Erebus could play a joke here and there too. After all, it was his idea to graffiti the art gallery they went too, he had more than just a serious side. Once everyone got to know each other, they'd surely unmask each other's characters; kind've like right now. Starting with the fact Erebus was not all the best of a person they probably thought. And how Faust was a really bad comedian. sorry bb love u.

Upon Faust taking a long, tender, kiss of the girl's hand Erebus cracked his lips to comment once more. "I wonder if Faust can last half as long in the sheets as he can sucking people's fingers and all. Tsk, what an amatuer." The werewolf entered himself into a shrugging expression with a grin, slyly winking off in their direction. Don't get me wrong, she was hot Erebus too. But he wasn't the type to get jealous-- and believe me it usually did end well if he did. Not in this stage of his life. If anything, he found it funny watching other guys hit on girls, if they weren't him, he enjoyed seeing if their 'game' was up to par.

After Faust had literally just been hanging out the window, Strategist figured Faust had little experience romancing beautiful broads. He did recall Faust saying the reason he travelled was for sex though. Erebus remembered being a little disappointed at that-- though he figured it was a front. The white-haired boy seemed like a much deeper character under all his faggotry and dumbassery. Kidding!... Mostly. Faust had much to learn, Erebus would walk him through it though. All three of them were just kids who needed to grow out of their habits and into criminals! Right? Of course they were, and would! They were Grimoire after all.

The Lycan's grin grew twice it's size after a few moments of the balloon being knotted around her hand-- he turned back to meet eye contact upon the dark mages. One hand clasping the side of the open lighthouse window. Wow, he just realized he was having some fun up here. For like the most out of character kinda way possible. It felt good not be so depressed for once. This was valued. There was a peacefulness to this get together. It was... Nice, very nice actually. The wolf knew already, these two would be his closest friends. He just wanted to pick at them with a little more conversation before asking if they wanted to form a squad or team or whatever.

"So where are you guys from? Don't think I asked either of you yet," he leaned against the clear glass. Knowing the windows could support his weight. Then, he relaxed, letting both eyelids fall as he prepared to listen in for the voices opposite the room to give him the answers he'd questioned for.

[Transformation Reverted = 4 Post Cooldown]


on Thu Mar 23, 2017 3:09 pm


The tall Lycan recalled something, he had almost forgotten about it completely. Basically, it was time for him to depart, he quickly moved out of the spot he stood. He left the hoodie, they weren't really his thing anymore now that he thought about it. Oh well, time to address the two love birds in front of him and all. "I just remembered that Grimoire has plans in Era. You two should pack up. I'll be meeting a member of the guild once we arrive and so I will go on ahead alone. I propose we form a team though. You are welcome to choose the name yourself, after all, people are stronger in units. Peace friends." With that said-- he was already going down the steps. He exited, stage left. That was it, Strategist was gone, something acute to a wolf in the night. He had left town for Era. Yes Era-- his home, the place he honestly felt least comfortable. Alas, it was his destination. So too, would that checkpoint be met.


#10Faust Noire 

on Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:09 pm

The female's reaction was still awaited, but it seemed that Erebus did not have that luxury. As soon as he joked around and about, like how he usually did, the Strategist reminded Faust that war was brewing; to Era they would be. But not before Faust decided to make a team! While light mages have paperwork all sorted out for a team, more often than not did dark mages ignore the rules set in place. What did they care, after all? The Coyote sure didn't. As Erebus made his leave, Faust decided that he too, should depart before Icarus found him lollygagging with the new recruit. "I'll see your beautiful face next time!" he promised. The balloon was left with her as a parting gift.

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