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Conman Coward [job/Tomatsu]

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on Tue Mar 14, 2017 2:48 pm

Our story on this fabulous day begins in the pit of the dreaded rune knight's favorite town. The famed Crocus, where the knights of valor are born and trained. Well! Fuck that. Fuck them and fuck their ideals. They didn't do any justice by mocking the mentally ill and chaining them alive, or cutting them down simply because they dreamed of freedom. So what good were they? No, nada, none. The young Kiryuu didn't care for 'em, in fact he preferred isolation from those guys. They're just toys to be manipulated by the Council-- he thought to himself. Tomatsu was smarter than just being some tool, he operated on his own agenda. So he knew how and when to make the best dramatic entrance, and more importantly; he knew how to be a real hero. Something the knights, in all their soldier-esque glory-- did not. He was indeed much different. He liked it that way.

The boy was hanging upside down from a jungle gym when a piece of paper that danced in the wind came splattering across his face. "G-a-a-h!" He squawked! Then, as if sliding his finger fingernail under the parchment, he hastily reared his head away and read it's contents upside down. "Oh! Easy monies." His face lit up in joy, a twinkle in his eyes! He let his legs slip off from the metal and backflipped down by allowing his body a still-faced drop after an elegant thrust backwards. Once done he wildly moved off in search of this 'Kyle' character-- the one in the paper. This was a bounty hunt after all. Not knowing where to go with the quest, he would first approach an elderly lady in her late seventies, glinting with tough fake facade. "Who is this 'Kyle,' they speak of. Who is he that this man 'Berrrrtraaa' speaks of," the boy said, fumbling on the pronunciation in a cool guy tone of voice. Though he gave a dignified glare at the woman, it was all comedy relief. Though he spoke at her as if she were the con-artist his hunt was calling for. The quest was to catch some guy who laundered money-- as you can guess-- his name was Kyle. Such a basic name, then again, 'Tom' couldn't really talk.

Back on the woman being interrogated.

she just stared at him, stared; stared... STARED. Until her teeth fell out of her head. The young Tom waved a hand in front of her face. "Oh no. I killed her!" He took off, a jerk to his step as he elevated his collar up against the cheeks and held his head low. He was swaggin', like a thief in the night. He wheezed, and pretended there was a cigarette in his fingertips. The way his walk strides is similar to like Jack Sparrow's and his eyes are peeled like a detective on the run. Lost in his game of make believe the young mage bumps right into a new stranger, a black man with a fro.

A baseball bat kisses the concrete and the man turns to meet gaze upon the lunatic. The stillness gives rise to one thing. "Kyle." Just like that the darker-skinned gentleman laughs. Like everyone else Kyle judges the edgy clothing, the relatively messy hair. Knocks at the boy, con-artists... The guy begins to start speaking when Tom lunges, first striking the man's hand, disarming him of the bat. he then savagely begins beating. He slams, hits, scratches, and blinds. All until his target is unconscious. Oh brother! Now he's pulling him away, into a building. Poor Kyle. Does  God hold you in her favor?


He was back in front of Kyle, the entire timeline was all just his own envisioning. Thoughts rampant always threw Tomatsu Kiryuu into trances. He found himself breathing normally and spoke."Batra wants his money. I'm here to get it back," the offered hesitantly. Kyle chuckled, pulling an envelope from his pocket. "No problem man, doe is in check. See for yourself." The guy slipped a white envelope out from his back pocket, and inside there was green paperback bills. The boy smiled. Justice was in check. "Next time follow the rules Kyle. You know better, silly goose." The dark haired boy nudged the black man and triumphantly made off.

Behind him he could swear there was laughing, but he paid it no mind. He continued on forward to what could only be the end of the line for this indiscrete episode. "Hey Batra. Where are you? I got your monies." he cooed, kicking in the front door and walking forward to meet Batra. The man rinsed his hand on a cloth and yawned. Making his way near the creepy teenager. An eyebrow was arched but there was no insults. Something pretty strange. Usually people couldn't go without insulting him at least once or at least questioning him via word of mouth.

"Did ya check the envelope? No funny business at all?"

Tom squinted, of course he checked! The boy offered the envelope forward. A smile stretching ear to ear tracking across his lips. batra peeped into the crevice only for a sour look to enter his expression. He flung the envelope to the floor. The dark-skinned male ran both hands across his bald head-- turning around. "He got you. It was a trick. Now my money is gone... Get out of my shop, you aren't welcome here." Tomatsu opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. He waddled out the door feeling extra sad.

In the distance he sees Kyle, darting for the town exit. Without realizing it, Tom's legs were moving. He chased the man down. They ran for what seemed like forty minutes, Kyle was faster but Tom has inhuman stamina. Eventually it was a game of who could run the longest. Kyle's pace dropped, he threw his bat away to pick up speed. But at this point his legs were caving in on themselves. He dropped onto his knees. Exhausted.

Tom came flying through the air. It wasn't a hallucination anymore, he was beating the con-artist into the rocks. Savagely taking him apart until the begging had bled into screams of torment. The money was mugged off the conman. Now it was as simple as getting back to Batra. "People really should learn to not be so rude! It's bad for character! Ahahaha!" Just like that, he had successfully done his first good job. Batra paid him and he was off into the afternoon, to see what else he could do...


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