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Granny Sitting [Request][Kon]

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Konstantin Sokolov
The pain in his foot had subdued since yesterday the cut now stitched up properly by a doctor, taking a swig from his glass as he sat at the bar. With the cup now empty the bartender went to him as if to provide pour him another hit, just as he was about to pour however he shook his head and placed his hand over the glass. Sliding it towards the barkeep he also drew out some jewels and paid his tab. Rising from his chair aided by his staff, he walked out the inn and went to his job for today, what it was he didn’t know, it was entirely fate’s decision today after all. Hobbling his way towards where the noticeboard was located, he swore as a bump in the road aggravated his injured.

Eventually he reached the wooden framed board which was littered with request papers, he plucked one from it without paying much attention to it directly as he had to squeeze his way through two hulking twins who didn’t seem to have a single brain cell between the two of them. After briefly reading the note he went to the apartment where the client had asked him to meet him, with his sore foot still hindering his movement kon hobbled over to the bland apartments. Buzzing his way up the floor where the man seemed to be residing in, he pounded on it with two firm slams with his staff, upon the second one noises from inside the room that was behind the door could be heard before it opened ajar with a man behind it looking less than one hundred percent, “Yes?!, What do you want?!” Always the blunt one and never for fancy words, Kon holding up the note in front of him and replied. “This note said you wanted some help well here i am, now open up.” Pausing for a moment, the man nodded his head closed the door briefly and pulled it open.

Looking into the room itself took Kon awhile to adjust himself to where he would be for perhaps the entire day. The room was ordinary however it’s contents where far from it with various object from all sorts of cultures scattered all across it, from a totem with demonic looking eyes to an ominous looking glowing ruby. Though fascinated by the rare objects he ignored them as kon was lead by the man who introduced himself with slurred speak as Mitya who explained that he wanted Kon to look after his mother for the day so he could get over his hangover. “Oh boy another job looking after people, I need to start looking for more risky missions how else am I supposed to acquire more souls, the last two times failed damn it.” Kon thought to himself revealing a small grimace at the man who was oblivious to his thoughts.

“Yeah, Like I need you to take care of my mum, man, just make sure she doesn’t do anything dangerous, I’ll pay you along with something nice i’m growing in my porch.” He elaborated on his explanation. Looking at the man with deep thought, Kon replied. “The money will be sufficient refrain from mentioning any illicit drug use, growing or manufacturing in the future as I may have to charge you.” Recognising the situation he was in, Mitya left the blond haired mage alone with his mother to take care of her.

Approaching the elderly woman, Kon watched as she focused on a piece of knitted clothing with fine detail, recognising the presence of a man, she called out for Mitya in a case of mistaken identity. “Boy, where is that wool I asked for?” Looking around Kon quickly found a bundle of coloured wool that had fallen over from the table as he handed it to her, she pulled his hand towards her examining it before looking at him directly. “You’re not my son, you must be the lad Mitya said would be looking after me for today well don’t you worry i’m perfectly fine by myself.”

“He was such a sweet boy, my Mitya of course that was until he fell into the wrong crowd and took up drinking yes i still love him, but it is ashame that he lives the way he lives, he must have felt downtrodden by the successes of his siblings after all these trinkets that you see around me are all from the travels they have been one, meanwhile he’s here.” Looking down at the table with a photo of their family with Mitya, her along with some other unknown individuals. Wanting to put things to a bright tone for the day, she rose from her chair placing down her work and clapped her hands. “Right I know a secret recipe for some cookies that my daughter gave me using a special ingredient that can’t be found anyway in Fiore.”

Interested in the cryptic phrasing he followed her into the kitchen a cramped environment full of living plants and odd odors all around. Ignoring all of this the woman set to work throwing bits and bobs into a nearby bowl she tended to it with the grace and swiftness of a master baker. Eventually she threw the dough down onto a reasonably clean board and started to knead it using nothing but her palms, adding bits of blue crystals before occasionally sticking a finger in front of her mouth as if for it were a secret to be shared between him and her.

Done with the kneading she returned it to the bowl and covered it with a towel, before grabbing a couple of tea for both her and kon allowing for a bit of chit-chat between them as the cookies were ready. Eventually she took the towel off the bowl and rolled out the dough cut out some funky shapes with a tool and placed them in the oven.

Sizzling could be heard from the oven as the crystals inside the cookies began to liquify and meld into the cookie. Rynah returned to her chair informing him to look over the cookies, patiently waiting there for about half an hour with a plant occasionally flicking him on the back of his head, kon pulled out the cookies from the oven and announced that they were finished. Happy with them Rynah handed one of them still scalding hot to him.

Hopping the cookie from his left hand to his right as it cooled he winced in pain, until he was able to take a bite and the taste of it was fantastic literally causing him to jump and affix a smile on his face. As he ate the cookie and the effects continued his client stomped his way into the apartment and snatched a number of cookies and threw them into his mouth before handing Kon his reward not saying a single word to him and pushing him out forcely from the room as his mother waved him goodbye. Satisfied with the cookie and the money he ignored the man’s suspicious activities and went on his way back to his inn to spend some of the money he had earnt in the past couple of days.


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