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4.1 The Item & Equipment Regulations

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on Sun Mar 12, 2017 6:29 pm




  • Equipment: Each character has the following slots: Head, Body, Weapon, and Relic. These slots can be filled with a single item. Upon purchasing, the item will be added to your profile and clicking on it will results into getting directed to the shop entry to proof it and of course to make it easier for us all to see what someone is wielding.
  • Shop: The general shop forum holds all the shop forums in which the user can purchase anything. The user can purchase items of any rarity regardless of their own rank, however they must meet the requirements the item holds. Sometimes the user must finish certain quests to be able to purchase a certain item. In case the quests do not exist yet, the user is free to purchase the item without the quest requirement.
  • Rarity: There are five rarities on the forum: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Unique, and Legendary. The prices for these rarities are set in stone, meaning that the rarity always indicates the price as well. The prices are as following: 100,000J, 250,000J, 500,000J, 1,000,000J, and 2,500,000J.
  • Set: Certain items belong to a set. When the user wears the complete set, they will receive a set bonus.
  • Resell: In case the user has items that they no longer wish to use or to open up a slot of a new item, they can sacrifice their current item. Reselling is done done in the topic listed in the Review forum. The user must state which item it is that they wish to resell. A moderator will remove the item from the profile, post a stamp confirming the resell and add 20 percent of what the item is worth to the jewels of the user.
  • Repair: No repair is needed, a weapon is considered repaired in the next topic.
  • Durability: The durability of an item drops when it clashes against another spell or physical force produced by someone else (including weapons). The durability of an item also drops by the spells cast by the user in case it causes them to hit their own gear as well.
  • Resistance: When an item is aligned to a certain element, the damage from that element is halved against the item. In case the user possesses the same element as the item, the mana cost of the spells attached to the item are dropped by 20% and its cooldown by 1.
  • Counter: Certain items belong to an elemental alignment. The perks and spells attached to that item can't be used when this elemental alignment clashes with a) the magic element of the user, b) the race element of the user (vampires being darkness-type and giants being earth-type for example), or c) another item being wielded by the user i.e when you have an frost-type sword, you can't use its perks and spells when a) you have fire-type magic, or b) you are a fire-type race, or c) you have another item and it is fire-type. In the last case, the perks and spells of the fire-type would also get negated for wielding a frost-type item making both items useless.
  • Intelligence: The intelligence statistic does not affect the mana cost of spells.


  • Refinement: It is possible to possess a Common weapon that is as good as a Rare weapon through refinement. Refinement is done in the topic listed in the Review forum. The more you refine an item, the more difficult it becomes to refine it further. Depending on the rarity of an item the amount of points added per refinement differs. Each point of refinement adds 2 points of damage to the weapon.
  • Cost: Refinement costs 10,000J in the beginning since it's easy for a blacksmith to find space to make improvement at first. After ten successful the price goes up to 25,000J per refinement. After ten successful refinements at 25,000J, the price goes up to 50,000J. This continues to 100,000J, and finally 250,000J. This means in total about 50 refinements can done to an item currently.
  • Success: Refinement is not a guaranteed method, since it will require a dice roll with 1/5 chance for success. This means that you will most likely spend more than 10x 10,000J for the first ten refinements. There are items out there that can be purchased or obtained through quests and events that will increase the chances of success.

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