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Granny Sitting ~ [Quest]

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Granny Sitting ~ [Quest] Empty on Thu Mar 09, 2017 1:25 am

Arthur J. Sokolov
Today was another job day for Arthur, he had realized his increased speed but had decided not to take too much care of it as it was something good after all. He did a little bit of house cleaning before taking his coat to leave the house along with Panthello. “Well buddy, today we take care of an old woman,” he spoke. Panthello flew silently next to his side as they walked towards an apartment not so far away from their own. On their way Arthur decided that get some bottled waters and some snacks in case the lady or Panthello would want to enjoy them and resumed his walking. The apartment he had his work in was much more cleaner than his own and that was easy to notice. He walked up the stairs to the fourth floor and knocked on the door. No answer. He looked at Panthello for a second with a worried expression and banged the door once more. Still no answer. Arthur was ready to turn around and leave just then when a hiccup sounded near and the door creaked open.

A man wearing a dark red leather jacket was standing with sun glasses despite he was inside his house. They stood like that for a while before the man made a loud burp and Panthello burped in response as if it was a fight of honor. After that, another silence grabbed their tongues. “Are you -huch- mage?” the man asked hiccuping and slurring. Arthur looked at Panthello and then to the man. “Uh, you mean like the mage who took the job? Yeah,” he explained himself. Deep down a sense and thought of “Oh Illumin I hope I am in the wrong place,” swell up and up but of course he couldn’t put that thought to words. “Right -huch- you go... you go... you do the come inside,” the man mumbled out words that miraculously, like the planets aligning, managed to form a coherent sentence. As cautious as he could be, Arthur walked in and the guy closed the door behind him. “Darling? Do we have guests?” was a sentence that rang inside the warm feeling house that that was permeated by a smell of vanilla. Even thought Arthur’s home was cleaned more thoroughly it lacked the feeling of being home-y, perhaps it was because he hadn’t lived there for a long time.

The houses walls were painted in a lemony yellow that wasn’t too bright with white tints to help define the room a little bit more. The floor was covered with dark spruce planks and slightly creaked with each step. On the side of the entrance was a cabinet with smokey glass, where the household members kept their shoes and shoe polish. The kitchen and living room were connected by a small arch way in the wall that added width to the house. It was weird to think one would forget that there were cookies in the oven when the kitchen was so easy to see, but seeing the woman so hardcore focused on her knitting job made things a bit more clear. The lamps in the house were each different, the kitchen had a lamp that was inside an oval blown glass that looked misty on the outside, however if Arthur was to open the light he’d see that the light was still perfectly illuminating the kitchen and a small part of the living room that could easily be complimented by the light of the living room itself that covered the rest. The living room lamp was much more detailed, the initial part was struck to the wall with wave-y iron rods coming out like tendrils and forming spirals, inside the spirals laid down colored crystals that were cut so nicely to perfect spheres. The light was in the middle of all these crystals and opening it would cause small tints of light in the house but nothing too bad that would make it look like a bar or something similar. The coaches were light green, their color was akin to freshly cut grass but much more lighter, with pillows of honey yellow that complimented both the coaches and the wall itself.

Two sofas were parallel to each other with one on their end side, back turned to the door of the living room where Arthur and his client stood, on the other end of the door was a lacrima screen with news on. Arthur had liked this house very much, spending time here wouldn’t be so bad after all. He turned to his client and nodded as to say that he was ready to start his work. The client mumbled some more words before opening the door and stumbling out. The lady and Arthur sat side by side and started to talk before the lady left to make some cookies. Arthur could swear that he saw a glint of blue as the grandma started to cook but decided to ignore it. Panthello was quite excited about the cookies and he didn’t want to break the bat’s, heart. He remembered what had happened here before and while he spoke with grandma about the past and played some mancala with her, he kept his eyes on the time and mind in the oven. He stopped the oven when he realized that the grandma forgot all about em and took the tray out carefully. The grandma and Arthur would then start to eat the cookies and Arthur was mystified. “Whoa.” was his only comment and Panthello seemed happy as well as his owner. The lady was adamant about not sharing her secret and Arthur could only smile at the female. The man wouldn’t know what made these so tasty were bits of mana crystals. But when the client came back and rewarded him, he definitively felt a power rush on the way back home. “This is a bit weird...” he told his beast companion. Panthello was surprised but didn’t really say anything. Arthur couldn’t be sure if his beast was also affected or not, however.

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