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FTRP Karaoke Night

What day should we hold the event?

7% 7% [ 1 ]
7% 7% [ 1 ]
50% 50% [ 7 ]
36% 36% [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 14

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on Tue 7 Mar - 18:14

We should do one. I don't know how we'd go about doing it, or how to organize such a thing, but I'd be willing to figure it out for a super fun night of everyone singing songs to each other. I mentioned this in the discord some days ago and it seemed like people were somewhat interested, so I figured I'd throw up a post and gauge how many people we could reasonably expect to attend, and what times might work for people. So post and let me know if you'd be willing to sing songs in a wacky karaoke night with all your internet friends, or if you'd just like to listen to us all make fools of ourselves.

Let's all bare our naked souls,


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#2Alice Baskerville 

on Tue 7 Mar - 21:18

As that time in Discord: I find this a great idea. I'm in. At the moment I have many days off so I shall see when it happens.

#3Kazumi Kiseki 

on Wed 8 Mar - 2:24

You KNOW i'm 100% down for this

#4Faust Noire 

on Wed 8 Mar - 3:21

Throwback to when Karaoke Party was an application allowed in the US. I guess we could always use that and VPN our way into another country that's compatible BUT it's too much work.

An alternative app could be KaraFun.


on Wed 8 Mar - 5:52

I'd totally join. :^]


on Wed 8 Mar - 9:16

You know I'm in


on Fri 10 Mar - 6:16

Alright everyone, taking into consideration Faust's suggestion I believe we'll be going with Karafun. They've got 26000 songs to choose from so hopefully everyone can find something they like. I'll cover the cost of a two day pass so we can all join and have a fun karaoke night. The dates I'm considering are anywhere from March 29th which is a Wednesday, to April 1st on Saturday. I'd imagine people would probably prefer something on Friday or Saturday, but I figured it'd be better to see which day works for peeps first.


on Fri 10 Mar - 6:16


#9Lacie Eventide 

on Fri 10 Mar - 7:23

Why does it even have Dutch songs.. o-o


on Fri 10 Mar - 18:39

So that Jyu and Maars can join in, of course.


on Tue 21 Mar - 10:29

I am in


on Tue 21 Mar - 10:31



on Sat 1 Apr - 6:26

Hey everyone, rather disappointing news here. It appears that karafun is not the app that I assumed that it might have been. Apparently there is no voice room and it is merely a tool to have karaoke in person. I would be perfectly willing to try and figure something else out but unfortunately my roommate got me sick two days ago and I have a rather terrible throat issue going on so I won't be able to host any karaoke tonight. I apologize for the extremely short notice. I was hoping that I'd be feeling better today, but unfortunately not. Again terribly sorry everyone.

#14Tori Lancaster 

on Tue 4 Apr - 11:50

If you can figure something out, I'm in


on Tue 4 Apr - 12:43

If you want, I can ask Jyu to give me Lewdbot permissions and I can play Kareoke tracks from the actual FTRP discord channel.

#16Tori Lancaster 

on Tue 4 Apr - 12:44

You can do that through lewdbot?! That would be awesome!

#17Kazumi Kiseki 

on Wed 5 Apr - 10:50

im not 100% sure, but i think going through discord gives a bit of a huge delay between the music and the singer. So that might be an issue.


on Sat 8 Apr - 9:54

Why not just use youtube or something as such? I mean...I guess the only hard part is if someone wanted to duo.

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