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Meeting an Old Friend [Cubchoo]

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on Sun Mar 05, 2017 10:31 pm

Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru had just arrived in Nanuq. His bags were heavy and to be frank about he had just woken up. It was early day and the town was lively but extremely cold. Hikaru continued to walk through the beautiful town of Nanuq. He had been here once as a child, but not for a while. Hikaru had heard his friend was staying in the local forest camping. Whether it was safe or not for him to stay in Hikaru didn't mind, he had a lot of confidence in his rank and strength. Hikaru looked around as he arrived to the forest to see a camping spot was already set up. Hikaru opened it to see his old Friend in there. "Long time no see." Hikaru said to the man. The man turned his head and looked at Hikaru. The look on his face was one of pure enjoyment and happiness. "Oh shoot, the man the myth the legend. I haven't seen you in how long?!" The guy said as he walked out the tent to give Hikaru a bro hug. Hikaru hugged him back and the two Rune knights had just been reunited. "It's been way too long my friend. How's the diplomatic life?" Hikaru said. This man was someone who Hikaru had undergone training with, to join the Rune Knights, however this man had become something else. completley different from Hikaru. He was never good at combat, so that explained his choice of career path, but still it was bittersweet. This man was one of Hikaru's closest friends through the sad times, the bad times, and of course the good times. They were young lads when they first met, and they had gone through the same schooling and education. Hikaru actually knew this man through their his mom having such close ties with Hikaru's mom. Hikaru and the man spoke for what seemed like an hour before they realized that it was getting cold. However since they were in the forest they would just build a fire.

Hikaru went to the forest with the axe that his friend had brought along. He looked around and observed the tree. It was a tall dark brown tree. It looked slightly moist signaling that it may have been raining the night before. The tree, of course, had no leaves due to the extremely cold climate but nonetheless it was still where he would be getting fire wood from. Hikaru looked down at his feet and figured he wouldn't cut down the entire tree, but just go after the branches. There was no way he would be able to cut down the entire tree.  "Electrify" Hikaru stated as his feet had lightning surging through them. He put his right foot on the tree as it held to it tightly. Then he would take his other foot and put it on the tree, then one step at a time he would climb. It was weird to walk this way but it would have to be done. Hikaru would take one branch down at a time. It would take 2-3 hits each time, but he would put force in it knocking them down. They were decent sized, and apparently, this was where most of the fire came from in the town so that was nice. Hikaru walked down the tree and would repeat the process consistently with one tree at a time. Every time he would hit it just a little bit harder attempting to one swing it. He wasn't that strong but it showed his ambition. Upon knocking down all the firewood Hikaru walked down the tree one step at a time grabbing the wood, he brought it back to the tent only to see his friend left a note saying he had gone into town to go buy food. Hikaru figured it would be a day for himself to be one with nature. Maybe he woudl get all the material for the fire and then go train. Hikaru went and figured out he would need to get rocks to circle the fire and small twigs and sticks so that he could start the fire. The rocks were easy to find since they were scattered throughout the region, not too far in the snow. Upon getting all of them he brought it around and circled the wood with it. The next part was the twig. Hikaru walked around seeing the slightly scattered twigs and sticks on the ground. he would take a bunch just in case they needed a lot. Upon getting it all Hikaru walked back to the place wher ethe fire was suppose to be. He had collected all the material. His friend had gone to get food and sleeping supplies, but Hikaru figured he would have to find some way to pas time, so it was training he would do. Hikaru began to run to get his body temperature up to. He had an entire workout planned out. He took out a small clock he had. He knew how fast he usually ran he would do a 30 minute run for the first part of his run as a warm up. Since Hikaru couldn't quite measure distance he had a good workout in mile. The first 30 minutes was a warm up. He took it at a light jog. There was little to no wind resistance cause of how slow he was going. Every step he could hear the sound of his foot pounding into the snow. It definitely slowed him down but it was whatever. As he moved his foot he would kick a little snow forward, allowing for it to cover his shoes.

Hikaru's body temperature was increasing and he wasn't quite breathing heavily yet. Hikaru breathed in from the nose and out through the mouth. It was one of the best strategies for running especially to stop him from hyperventilating. he was extremely relaxed to ensure he would run at the best speed possible. His body language was extremely relaxed.His posture was upright and his hands were slightly opened and relaxed, not clenched. The scenery of the forest was beautiful. Hikaru looked at it and the song  that the bird's sang made it look like as if HIkaru was in some movie. He loved every second of it. Once done, 30 minutes had passed. and now it was time for the real workout. So Hikaru had no right way of actually finding out what the distance was so the brilliant Rune Knight decided to do Fartleks or interval running. The concept of Fartleks was extremely simply. You would run for a total of an hour, it would be 5 minutes on at max speed, and 5 minutes off at slow speed. The goal of the Fartleks was to get your heart racing. However whenever Hikaru did it his legs always got extremely tired and sore due to Lactic acid. It was a acid that built up in legs due to the not getting oxygen to those heavily abused muscles. It usually happened in running. Hikaru found a pond aorund 25 minutes which he simply circled around. This would be where he was going to do his workout. Hikaru sprinted at full speed at 30 minutes exactly. His breathing increased, his heart rate did too, and he also  could feel sweat beginning to form at his head. Everything else was a blur and he had tunnel vision. The goal of FartLeks was also to go faster every single time. How would he measure his speed? He would measure it by distance. Everytime he should get further thus being faster every single time, that was what made it such an impossible task, but Hikaru figured he would give it a try. after his first one HIkaru slowly ran breathing hard. The pong was big so he had only made it around 3 times. As he slowed down his breathing began to slow down. The first one had cause him so much pain, so to say the least it would be  a fun workout. By the time Hikaru got to number 8 he was practically throwing up. He had his head facing the ground and could his slow jog would be as good as walking. Sweat covered most of his body and his breathing was insanely fast no matter how slow he was going. By the time Hikaru finished which was around number 6, he collapsed to the ground hypervenelating. Though sadly the workout wasn't done, but the hardpart was. Usually whne people ran they would have to bring their heart rate back down. Also a study showed that the best solution to prevent injuries and make you better was by dong a "cool down". The cooldowns were usually fairly short an didn't take much time but after all the running it wasn't the most fun thing to look forward to. Hikaru did a cool down around the pond at an extremely slow pace. As he finished he began to do his stretching routine. First he spread his legs evenly making it so they both were wide out. He brought both hands to the left side and leaned over. He could fell his muscle being pulled and stretching. Hikaru held that for 30 second, then promptly switch to the otehr leg. The goal of stretching was also to prevent injury, it was good to get a proper stretch when you were working out. Usually those who didn't warm-up or stretch or even do the cool-down were more easily injured. Hikaru then got on the cold floor after holding the second pose for 30 seconds and began to touch both feet. His flexibility was second to none. He could touch both toes and hold them, as he currently was doing. Hikaru lookeda round only to hear the calm sound of nature as he stretched. He needed to come to the Nanuq forest more often, it seemed like a great place to simply just get stuff done like training.

Hikaru  brough his right leg up and moved it to the left side of his left foot . He then brought his left leg in so that his left foot was touching his but. He held his right leg tightlyt o his body to stretch it. After 30 seconds he put his left arm to the right side of his right left and used it to push his body. As he pushed slowly eventually he heard his back crack which felt simply amazing. Hikaru did the same for the otehr leg for 30 miunutes, then eventually got up. He brushed the snow off of himself and began to walk back towards where he came from. He was no longer gonig to run. That was the first part of his workout. The second part would take place in the woods and would simply be fighting training. He enjoyed to train everyday, an off day would only set him back. So Hikaru made a genuine effort to simply work his but off everyday so he could become the strongest Rune Knight. It was a weird ambition, but nonetheless it was something he took pride in. Hikaru wasn't going to fall behind to anyone, and the best way by doing that was consistently trying to improve himself. Hence why Hikaru's mom didn't really enjoy going on vacation with him, becausae she truly believed she had raise dher son to not know what a vacation is. Hikaru finally reached a tree that looked big enough for what he wanted to do to it. Hikaru took some athletic tape otu of his pocket and began to wrap it aorund his hands as if he was going to box. This was mainly to protect him from from getting splinters and what not on his fist. Upon tightening the rope Hikaru looked at his foe, the tree. He smiled because he was going to break it down.

Hikaru wood take quick jabs at the tree, one jab at a time all of them were short but he extended his full arm to make contact with the tree. He would mix it up, and ocassionally throw hooks and uppercuts. After what seemed to be hours, Hikaru finally knocked down the tree, he breathed heavily and was sweating. This was the full extent to his crazy workout regiment. Usually he ended with spells but he decided he wanted to do something else. His friend siad he'd be back much later and Hikaru had already gotten hungry, and there was a pond right there. Hikaru stood at the edge of the pond and looked into it patiently. Hikaru smiled seeing a fish approaching. Little did that little guy know he was Hikaru's. As he approached Hikaru brought his right hand back, and perfectly he extended it quickly grabbing the fish with his hand out of the water. Hikaru held the fish tightly watching it squirmish and attempt to flop out of Hikaru's hand. HIkaru held it and began to walk back towards camp. He picked up a few sticks on the way back to camp. He was excited to eat the fish. It would be delicious. The slimy wet texture it had though sort of did freak Hikaru out a little bit. It was extremely cold, which hikaru expected. Usually most fish were cold blooded, and so were amphibians or basically most things that lived in the water. As Hikaru got back to the camp site, as expected his friend was no longer there but it didn't matter. Hikaru had dinner. He found a long stick and piecrced it through the fish. It went inside the mouth, and therough the tail. Hikaru then used the big logs, and the sticks to start a fire. After what took a century the fire was goign. Hikaru held the fish over the fire, and watched as the chicken slwoly cooked. The Rune Knight was so hungry and he coudl feel his mouth watering just from the sign of the fish beginning to almost be done. Hikaru got excited watching it, but figured it was moving slowly. As he did that however he thought about Selena, and the thought returned to his head how he had simply got up and ditched his girlfriend. "Shit." Hikaru thought to himself as he looked at the fish. He didn't quite know what to do because he had enver really bailed on her and he didn't know if she cared or if she didn't. He had to find a way to make it up to her and that was when Hikaru began to brainstorm on ideas he coudl do to make it up to her. He figured he would ge her flowers and chocolates when he got back into town. Candy was usally the best way into a females heart from Hikaru's personal experience. They loved that and flowers. Now the real question was what was her favorite flower. He didn't quite know so Hikaru would most likely go with roses, they were usually the symbol for love. Hikaru continued to brainstorm. "Maybe i'll take her out to a lounge or dinner. She'd love one of those hopefully." HIkaru thought as he continued to brainstorm. Having a girlfriend changed Hikaru's life in ways he couldn't imagine. He didn't really do the dating thing often, it was the way his job was. He couldn't have a girl in one spot to tie him down especially when he was moving around a lot. He enjoyed his freedom for the most part, no one to answer to, and no one to stress out about. However, somethign about Selena had gotten his attention and she had that X-factor that made Hikaru want to date her. Plus they were on the same team so they would see each other a lot more than Hikaru could see any other girl he wished to date and oddly enough he was okay with dating a teammate. The hardest part would be telling eveyrone else on the team. His sister may or may not approve he was curious as to what she thought of the two being together. It clearly made Hikaru happier but there was a nerve in his stomach. He didn't even tell his mom yet nor his father. However when he was heading back to Hargeon he would head inside the manor and see if she was home. If she was he would most likely announce it to his mom then or maybe he would wait a bit. "The problem with telling mom would be that she would be overly excited.." Hikaru said to himself. He could see it now. She woudl mail hikaru a letter everyday asking for letters, and to get to meet her. She would actually travel to Era to meet her. Maybe Hikaru's mom would even go as far as stalking her. The women had no limits especially when it came to her first born and only son. However for as how over the top she was, Hikaru did love her.  Hikaru's mom knew Hikaru wasn't big on the exclusive relationship life so when he did bring home a girl or date a girl they usually tended to freak out.

Hikaru sighed as he looked at the fish. It was almost completely done. hHe could smell it. It gave off a nice beautiful sent. Hikaru breathed in inhaling the fish. His stomach let out a growl signaling that it couldn't hold out much longer. The heat had also made Hikaru's body a lot more comfortable. He had been hot for the most part of the day, but he had cooled down when he had came back. Now that he was by a fire, he was hot again and nothing was better then the nature, the food, and the heat of a nice warm fire. Hikaru smiled as he figured the fish was finished. He began to move the stick toward his mouth. He opened his mouth big, his first bite would be the biggest, however as he was about to bite it he could hear something.  



Name: Electrostatic Feet
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Lightning Demon Slayer
Type: Supplementary
Element: Light & Lightning
Range: N/A
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Similar to a Gecko, Hikaru creates an electrostatic field of electricity on his feet enabling him to walk on walls and other flat surfaces. Hikaru must say "Electrify".

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on Sun Mar 05, 2017 10:34 pm

Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru turned his head to see a little creature was behind him. It was extremely cute and it gestured towards it's nose. Hikaru looked at it for a brief moment only to notice the disgusting snot on it's mouth. However it seemed sad and Hikaru did find it adorable. He picked the little guy up and Hikaru used his shirt to clean his nose. After cleaning the nose Hikaru put it down, and it stared at his fish. The animal's stomach growled. Hikaru looked down and he could hear it say "Cubchoo." He figured that was it's name. Though Hikaru was hungry, he didn't know when the next time this creature would get a meal. He gave it half of his fish. Hikaru's friend eventually came back, and the creature would continuously follow Hikaru wherever he went.It looked like he had just made a new friend.

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