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Thinking out Loud [Yami | Private]

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#1Adelaide Eventide 

Default on Sat Mar 04, 2017 7:07 am

How long had it been? Alice had been doing a lot lately and that too included packing her bags. She had decided that she wanted to leave. She had even written a letter to Selena but hadn't send it. She kept it in the bag that also contained her diary. One that she carried with her every time. Every time she looked at it, she was aware of the loss of her own memories. This was why she needed to talk to Selena, to her cousin. This was why she needed to leave. She stared at all the bags. Some she should send away before, but she still doubted if she had enough things to prepare herself, she wanted to be able to buy things she wanted. She had actually not stolen much money lately and she wondered if it was still a smart thing to do. She had quite some, but there was always more that could be used.

She wandered down the halls of the Phantom Lord Guild. She had been very busy on jobs with Yu. She had thought ti was a good thing to get money for but she wondered still how to leave a guild like Phantom Lord. She hoped she would find Yami somewhere. She mostly found him sleeping or relaxing outside, but around the building, so she went to look there. Maybe he was out of town, maybe he was on a tough job like last time. She sighed, not entirely sure where she would have to find him, yelling out his name wasn't a good thing either. Most of the times he found her.

She fiddled with the hem of her black and white t-shirt. She almost gave up searching already. She was too lazy for this at the moment. She was tired of working a lot, it definitely didn't suit her that much. Her legs were covered by a dark green pair of jeans and her feet wore short ankle boots in a black colour. Her orange coloured hair was swaying on the wind that was out there. She was so close to giving up.


Default on Mon Mar 06, 2017 2:56 am

Inside the guild of phantom lord soft snores could be heard coming from the main food hall. The snores were not loud and were soft in nature but could be heard echoing through the halls of the guild. The origin of the snores was coming from a single table where it had been cleared of any plates or cutlery, the only thing in place was the table cloth. Ontop of the lengthy table was a tall man standing over seven feet in height with glistening long silky black hair. The man was dressed in black hakama pants with a flowing black kimono style top with a white obi sash around his waist. His feet were covered by white tabi socks while his waraji were laid down on the floor beside the table so not to dirty it up.

The man, was known other then Hateshiginai Yami, the tall wind using yet relaxed giant of Phantom Lord who deep down was a psychopath. The man was deep down a ruthless killer who was not afraid of getting his hands dirtied with blood. He had stained his hands in the blood of many innocents. If someone were to know about his true self perhaps they would ask just why he was like this, did he have a harsh childhood? But if they were to that he had been born this way they would be horrified. Nothing caused him to go down this path he was merely born in it.

Yami in his slumber was unaware someone was looking for him, all he was concerned with was snoozing away. He was a relaxed individual and saw himself free like the wind, he was not one to follow the rules nor the rules of society. Many would see it as inappropriate to be snoozing on a tunnel but not Yami. Shown as he was laid on his back with his limbs sprawled, arms falling over the sides.

#3Adelaide Eventide 

Default on Tue Mar 07, 2017 2:30 am

"Fine." Alice said to herself as she couldn't find Yami around the Guild. She threw up her hands into the air to give a statement about her giving up. She turned around to walk back to the Guild. Her footsteps felt heavy from the search for her friend. Or well that's what she thought. She didn't know very well but she rather talked to Yami than anyone else from the guild, especially because she had the idea that he understood her perfectly.

She sighed as she entered the Guild and saw people looking at her. She knew she sometimes stood out because of her hair colour but people were frowning at her and she simply didn't understand very well why. She shrugged and entered the Guild instead of remaining in the door way. That's when she heard it. Someone was snoring. She frowned this time herself and looked why everyone was looking at her, that's when she shook her head with a smile on her face. She had been looking in the wrong places the whole time.

She found the table not too long after that and pulled a chair a bit back and she would just wait, it wasn't a mission that she had to talk about, so it was wrong to wake up Yami now. She grabbed one of her books that she was carrying with her Women who run with the wolves. She found it actually not a problem. If Yami would wake up, maybe accidently by her, she would simply smile at him, "Hi, I wondered if you had some time to talk?"


Default on Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:15 am

Yami slept, snoring away peacefully unaware someone had even sat down beside him in a chair. While snoring was often considered a nuisance, Yami's was soft and gentle, one could even call it soothing. His snore matched his outer appearance and did nothing to smear it. His chest would rise slowly before falling, a strand of hair floated up and down with each breath. His hair was sprawled out on the table and over the sides almost touching the floor with its length. He seemed dead to the world and only the loudest of noises would wake him. Many would never consider such a thing, letting their guard down could consider them as good as dead, but Yami did not care for he had a view. He viewed that he was immortal and the world was his, so he could not be killed, allowing him to let his guard down and sleep so heavily.

It would be an hour later when Yami finally did away. His snoring would stop and he would groan slightly, his back popping and cracking as it arched upwards from the roughness of the wooden table. He would slowly attempt to sit up, eyes closed as he looked for a support railing, leaning too far to the left he would fall off the table and land on the floor with a loud thud. The wind mage would lazily open his eyes as he laid flat out on the dirty floor.

Yami gave a loud yawn as he placed his hands on the floor and began lifting his long body up into the air, planting his feet firmly on the ground. He blinked his eyes owlishly seeming to be half asleep still. He hadn't acknowledged Alice just yet as he beckoned in a slightly gravelly voice for a bowl of water and a glass of water. When the two arrived he downed the glass and splashed the water from the bowl on his face, using a silk handkerchief to wipe the sleep from his eyes.

Yami used his hands to brush his bangs aside, before using a little bit of wind magic to blow the dust off his clothes. Once he was tidy he turned to face Alice and sat down opposite her. He rested his right elbow on the table, placing his right cheek in the palm of his right hand, "What did you wish to talk about?" he finally spoke normally, it seemed he must have been sleeping for long as his throat had been dry and he had not wished to converse while in such a sleepy state.

#5Adelaide Eventide 

Default on Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:35 am

Alice would sit there for an hour, which definitely didn't bother her. She had done enough for a long time to make a small name for herself. At least under the clients, that was enough for her, she didn't need to become someone special. The reason why she didn't hate the mundane jobs was because of the fact that she was able to do them. If the jobs would get more complicated than hitting some people she was sure she wasn't able to leave Phantom Lord anymore. There would be no one that would want to meet her. She was a bit afraid of all that.

She stared at the pages in her book and waited patiently for Yami to wake up. Since she was in no hurry or had no job waiting for the two of them, she simply waited, otherwise she might have tried. It took an hour before Yami woke up and she greeted him with a smile. She had to be patient a little bit more as he first splashed his face and drank some water before sitting down and asking her what she wanted to talk about.

Even though Yami had slept through all the crowd noises, it was quite loud and noisy in the Guildhall, which was great according to Alice. This meant people wouldn't be able to eavesdrop easily. She shut her book and put it on her lap with her hands still on it, "Remember what we talked about? That I didn't intend to stay in this Guild? I was wondering if you have any idea how to.. leave. I mean I saved quite some money. I even feel a bit more powerful now and I don't want to stay here anymore." She wanted to travel again but for some reason she felt she had to stay here in Oak because of the Guild. Which was bullshit because she had never been in Oak before either.

She didn't want to admit her weakness in front of Yami. Especially because she had not seen him in a long time, but she would definitely not admit her ideas to Yu either. She sighed loudly, why was it so difficult because it definitely didn't need to be. Selena had a point, no one would stop her, she would always be able to ask her cousin to help her.


Default on Tue Mar 14, 2017 2:41 am

Yami gazed into Alice's eyes with a soft expression. His hair was falling over his hand as he rested his cheek in his hand. As she put her book in her lap and began to address him, it appeared the conversation had taken a series turn, in regards to a matter they had once discussed, her leaving the guild. Yami had been considering the idea of it himself, but he was not strong enough nor did he had enough money to consider such an ordeal. He would admit he had slacked off in the last few weeks and had simply lounged about slumbering and practising with the few spells he knew when he could have been doing quests to earn money or attempting to increase his physical attributes, but he would take his time growing in strength.

Unlike him, it seemed Alice had been productive as she had grown somewhat in strength. Though the issue remained, as Alice was questioning just how she could leave the guild, as she had the money to sustain herself when she left. Yami thrummed the fingers of his right hand against his cheek in thought, thinking about what she had just said to him. He was curious about it too with his idea of leaving. Going guildless did have its positives as you could earn more money by doing bad and good style quests. Whereas by staying in Phantom Lord he could only do bad style quests

"I am not an expert on the subject. I have never seen anyone leave the guild in my time, and until now you are the first I have seen. Perhaps you should simply walk out the door and never return, perhaps eventually you will be crossed off the guild roster." Suggested Yami as he shut his eyes, but he did not fall asleep. His eyes had yet to adjust to the light and were beginning to burn.

#7Adelaide Eventide 

Default on Wed Mar 15, 2017 3:47 am

She didn't really understand why she felt so close to Yami. She had seen his violent side, she had the feeling that if she took one step out of line, that could happen to her, yet she wasn't afraid. She liked Yami, he was friendly to her, funny, and well supportive was maybe a word too. She smiled when he looked at her and she was glad that she could ask someone for advice. She was still a bit afraid about the consequences but she tried to repeat Selena her words in the back of her mind. Like some sort of courageous mantra that would give her hope and courage. But she had to still take the step, possibly, all by herself. Which was a good thing for once, she would learn from that. Instead of just remaining here in the Guild that she wanted to leave.

Yami his thoughts gave her a slight insight, but than again what if people assosiated her still with this Guild. Bianca, Geb.. She wasn't sure nor should she care. The last part she told to herself again like some sort of on repeat CD. She took a deep breath, "I dreaded to make this decision for three months. I thought quite a lot about it and I really want to leave. This is not my place to stay." however if she simply left and not return, would the insignia leave her arm too? There was only one way to find out. She was going to get her stuff right now and leave.

"I plan to leave Oak too, the further away I am the better. What about you?" She would wait for his answer and wait a little longer before she put the book in her blue backpack, "I'm going to try. I'm going to leave now and never return. Some sort of freedom, it is waiting for me out there." There was one shiver going down her spine when she said this and she shivered shortly but got up, "Thanks. I hope we see each other again." She smiled to Yami and slung the little backpack over her right shoulder as she walked to her room to get the suitcase, which was ready since a couple of days.

When everything was ready, she left the key of her room at the bar and said she was leaving and never returning. She walked passed everyone without looking at anyone, she was leaving and it felt like something was cluthing her heart, as if this was the worst decision she made. Once she stepped out of the door and walked quite a few steps before stopping, she never looked over her shoulder to the guild. The skin of her left upperarm was tingling and she shook of her jacket to see what was happening. The insignia was slowly disappearing, she had made the right decision and she felt relieved for the first time that she thought of this plan. Now she had to find a place to stay.


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