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SIRIUS CONCERNS with Celeste [Celeste/Job]

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Default on Thu Feb 23, 2017 7:59 pm


Lightning flashed, electrifying the skyline like a strobe light. The golden flashes, and the soft rain hitting their umbrellas' so softly that the clicks of raining droplets was inaudible. The splash of puddles not yet apparent, the humidity though, was like running through a wall of gaseous liquid particles. Truth was, they'd be trading the Umbrellas' quite briefly in exchange for some pick-axes provided Sirius. Yet for now, it would seem, they were just arriving-- ready to pick up the slack of... The more suspicious of oppositions to hit the Phantasms tables in a long while. Such was their job and reason for being out in this dreary weather. To investigate-- to hunt-- traitors of the nobles.

Spitting to the side, Erebus retained his judgmental eyes as they moved around the environment in taking the bushes to the far reach of the castle. To the wall being renovated next to them. A mason made close haste to them, Erebus immediately noticing how the pervert stared at his girlfriend's crotch for a split second. He furrowed a lip, remaining quiet so she could speak and address the situation. 'Negotiating' was her specialty. She had charm unmatched when used against pigs like this... He hated it-- but damn was it handy when in proper use. The boy pulled his hood up and prepared to begin assessing the mission. Just as soon as cheap chats were up and through.~


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