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Carrying Creative Cupcakes to Crazed Customers [Kazumi]

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#1Kazumi Kiseki 

Default on Thu Feb 23, 2017 12:28 pm


•Kazumi Kiseki•

Another day, another... day. Day in which quests were to be done by an eager crystal make wizard. Kazumi found herself at the request board as soon as she entered the guild hall at around 10 in the morning, scanning through the flyers to see if something caught her eye. Well, as it turned out, something did. At least, a drawing of a giant cupcake did. It filled up about half the page and if that was the client's way of grabbing some attention, well it certainly worked. Kazu pulled the paper off of the board immediately for a closer look.

"Olly's wants some deliveries?" Kazumi asked the flyer out softly but out loud as if a scrap of paper had the ability to respond to her. The young mage had heard of Olly's Cake shop for sure. It was the biggest bakery in the entire city of Magnolia, so of course she had heard of it. It would be hard not to have. Kazu had been meaning to go over there, but she had yet to find the time, what with the Move to Magnolia and the new guild and all. She had a lot to settle into first. So naturally, this was perfect. Killing two bird with one stone, and getting paid for it too.

Ahe left with the request sheet and a map, since she was still unfamiliar with the area. This city was quite large, after all. of course, the map was pretty straight forward and it did not take the Twin tailed Wizard very long at all to find her destination. granted, as he got closer to the shop, all she had to do was follow the sweet aroma of baked goods that only got stronger upon locating the location. And what a location indeed. There was a line of customers that was so long, it could not all fit inside the building. This was how Kazumi learned about the impatience of people waiting in line. She had her fair share of angry protests as she forced her way through the crowd and up to the front. "Excuse me, Miss." Said a voice from behind the counter. "If you want some food you're going to have to wait in line like everyone else." Pinpointing the cashier as one of many bodies, Kazumi shook her head. "N-no, I'm here from Fairy Tail. I took a request for some Deliveries?"
"Oh thank goodness. Olly's in the back, go ahead and speak with him."

When the young lady entered the back kitchen, she was for whatever reason surprised to find it even more hectic than the store itself. There were a few people working back here, but none quite so ferociously as a man that Kazumi assumed was Olly himself. He was working so fast and multitasking so hard that it almost looked like he was teleporting around the kitchen. "Um, Hello." Kazumi spoke in a loud voice to make sure she could be heard over the commotion. "I'm here to deliver some cupcakes?"
"That's great! Thanks for the help." Olly did not even look up from his work. "The finished cupcakes are on the far wall over there, they each have the addresses of the destinations written on the box." Kazu turned toward the direction the baker spoke of and saw a pile of Cupcake boxes sealed up and ready to go. There was no way Kazumi could deliver them all in a single trip. "Mind if I split the trips?"
"As long as all of the cupcakes get to their homes unharmed, you can do whatever you want."
"Perfect." The crystal mage picked up three boxes and began to walk out the door. "I'll be right back!"

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#2Kazumi Kiseki 

Default on Thu Feb 23, 2017 8:18 pm


•Kazumi Kiseki•

The great thing about this particular mission was that it gave Kazumi a chance to know Magnolia even more since she still was not completely settled into the area. However, this was a double edged sword if ever there was one because Kazumi did not know off the top of her head where to find all of these addresses mentioned on each of the cupcake boxes. As such, not only did she have to carry all of these boxes to and fro, She also had to read a map the whole way too, though she was not above asking for directions to keep her on the right track. Of course, this meant that her current method of action was highly inefficient. All she had was three boxes, but as she delivered one box she had to look up her next destination on the map only to find out that it was a ways back the way she came. Such a discovery was both annoying and time consuming. She would definitely need a more efficient means of delivering these desserts, but the way she was rolling now was not working at all.

After delivering the three boxes she had, She made her way back to Olly's, pushing once again past the line of people waiting to get in, much to their protest. Of course, they shut right up as soon as they saw Kazumi enter the kitchen, clearly not contending for their spot in line. In any case, She went back to the pile of boxes just like before, but this time she had a plan. Using her map as a reference, she sorted the boxes by how close they were to the bakery itself. That way, not only would she actually know where to go, she wouldn't have to go back and forth in her deliveries as much. She picked up the three that were furthest from the shop, planning to go to the last stop, and deliver the rest on her way back. In addition, upon leaving the shop she tapped her right toe behind her twice, creating a pair of crystal roller skates. "There we go. That should speed things up." And speed things up it did. Of course she still had to look at her map from time to time, but she had a better idea of where she was going and everything was much more streamlined.

Her second round of Deliveries was now Done, and Kazumi rolled her way back to the bakery. She went through the new line of impatient patrons and went back to the kitchen. She looked at the four boxes left and after a bit of hesitation decided that she could probably carry all four. after all, the closest of them was two blocks way from what she could tell, so it would not be a problem as long as she went for that one first. So She picked up the boxes. Since she had been carrying three this whole time, Four was almost a mistake, Kazumi stumbling a little as she lifted, but she quickly grabbed her bearings and went on her way, Delivering the last cupcakes to their rightful owners.

By the time She returned, the evening had already come. The last of the day's rush of customers seemed to be leaving the shop, smiles on their faces and products in their bags. Kazu rolled into the kitchen, dispelling her skates as she stopped in front of Olly, who seemed busy icing a cake. "Alrighty, that's Ten cupcake deliveries done."
"Awesome, Thanks." Just like before, Olly did not even look up from his work. "I'm a little busy here, but you can go take your reward up front. I appreciate the help, wizard."
"No problem!" Kazumi waved to a baker that could not at the moment see her and strolled to the cashier up front to collect her reward and a free cupcake, to boot.


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Effect: user taps a toe to the ground behind them twice, as if getting ready to push off in a stride in skates that will then be created on the user's feet. The roller blades act as a D rank Speed buff to the user and gives them a bit more mobility.

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