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Interrogation Tactics [Valentines | Yumi | Alice]

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Interrogation Tactics [Valentines | Yumi | Alice] Empty on Thu Feb 23, 2017 2:45 am

Yumi strolled through the streets of oak, a little bounce in her youthful steps. Her hair flowed behind her in the winters breeze as she made her way towards a specific location, a warehouse on the outskirts of Oak on the darker half of town where the law rarely travels. Why was the gothic lolita in such a good mood, all due to a quest she had found on her doorstep, and the client was one Martin Martello. The quest detailed for her to beat someone up to get information from them, to do a little torture. Now Malum normally frowned upon Torture as it was seen as making death into an art and followers of Malum were to never make art out of bloodshed as it gave his enemies power. So today in order to retrieve the information Yumi was already planning to free the man that had been captured and beat him up in one on one combat to get the information from him.

Malum was not affronted if his followers were to face a foe honourably in combat to retrieve what they needed. So the prospect of getting to fight someone seemed to cause Yumi's blood to stir. She just wondered if she would be doing the quest on her own. Sure she had her companion Venom who was following behind her as always, but would she be joined by anyone. Yumi guessed she would find out on arrival.

The gothic lolita came to a halt standing outside of the warehouse where a member of the Martello family was waiting, dressed in a snappy suit. Yumi would approach waving cutely towards him, making him blush at the sight of the cute girl, "Hi Hi, Carnage here as requested but call me Yu." Yumi held up the letter of request, of course it was requested for one Carnage an old woman who looked nothing like this little girl earning an eye twitch from the Martello, that is until he spotted the companion with her, having been told the old woman would have such a creature with her.

"My understanding was you'd be older." Spoke the Martello in a hushed done getting a death glare from the gothic lolita that was frightening, especially with the demonic aura flowing around her. "Let's just say things happen. Now are we doing this or not?"The Martello shook his head quickly, "We are waiting on one other." Yumi sighed and took a few steps back to wait.

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Adelaide Sokolov
"Alice, yo Alice. Alice wait." You could call it a stalker of some sorts but Alice called it annoying. There was this guy.. in the guild, that seemed to like her way more than she had ever wanted someone to like her. She set her jaw as she turned around to face the guy whose name she had already forgotten because it was of no importance, "What?" was the only thing she said coolly. She was dressed in a dark green woollen dress, with black tights and black ankle boots. She should have looked less fancy, that would have been better for the situation. She had walked as fast as she could without it looking stupid but the guy that had been trying to hit on her for days, was already out of breath. He held up his hand and it looked like he wanted her to wait before he could talk but there was a letter in his hand with Alice Baskerville on it in fancy handwriting. She snatched the letter out of his hand and turned her back towards him. There weren't many people that knew her surname, she especially disliked for the boy to know it. Even though it was just a made up one.

It was a request for her from Martello. A man she had met before with Yami. She looked left and right to see if Yami was here but he wasn't. The letter didn't mention him, she quickly ran to her room, grabbed her bag and hurried out on the street. Leaving her messenger all alone. She hurried towards the road where the man that was picking her up blocked her view of Yu, "Am I late? I just got the letter." was all she ask, not apologizing it was just curiousity. When she was close enough she did see Yu, "Oh hello Yu. Nice to see you again." She was at least still formal to the girl, still not getting what it was that gave her the shivers, it was probably magical power. The man also seemed to be a little afraid of Yu and Alice didn't blame him, but he needed to keep his shit together if he wanted them both to work for him, she was sure of that.

The man took them inside, inside there was someone else waiting too and he handed her and Yu a balaclava and told her once again only to use her fists. Which was a shame, she still wanted to use her own arsenal of weapons. Heck why else was she a requip mage, but all she could do was nod.



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Yumi looked up when she heard her name called, it seemed her partner had arrived and it was none other than Alice. The redhead greeted her to which Yumi smiled softly in return and spoke up, "Greetings, it is good to see thee as well. Has thy been well?" After speaking those the Martello would quickly hurry them along taking them inside where another man was waiting bound to a chair. The Martello would then quickly hand each a Balaclava and give them to the run down telling them to only use their fists to get the information out of the man.

Yumi took the balaclava and carefully placed it over her head, after removing her headpiece so not to break it. She tossed her headpiece to the man and fixed her hair as she slid the balaclava down to the end of her chin, "I'll handle this." Dictated Yumi as she shoved the Martello aside with ease and began approaching the tied up man. The gothic lolita would proceed to free the man of his bindings and shove him backwards. The Martello attempted to shout but Yumi shut him up by unleashing the full force of her demonic aura upon the room.

Wisps of mana like black flames burst open from her tiny body consuming the room as she flicked her right wrist and flexed her muscles. Magical energy flooded through her body greatly boosting her physical strength, almost doubling it. The old woman in her young body began cracking her knuckles as she looked at the man she was to torture. The man rubbed his wrists shaking as he looked at the little girl who excluded a demonic energy.

Yumi kicked off the ground appearing directly in front of him, her tiny frame planting its right fist into the man's gut and twisted. The man was sent sailing back into a pillar cracking it on impact.  The lolita moved again reappearing in front of the man, having moved at six meters per second. Her hands grabbed the back of his head and brought it down as she jumped up driving her right knee viciously into the middle of his face breaking his nose with a loud crack. He stumbled back black dripping from his nose struggling to breathe. Yumi planted her right foot forward and drove her right fist up into his chin with an upper cut knocking the back of his head against the pillar with a loud crack.

As the man fell to his knees Yumi grabbed him by the back of the head and threw him onto the ground, before slamming her left foot down onto the back of her right knee. She snapped the bone and made him cry out in pain as she grinded her heel into it, "Tell me what I want to know, or else I do the other knee." Tears strolled down the man's eyes as he quickly broke and confessed.

"The cash transports next week and takes a specific route that's all I know, please get her away from me!" cried out the man as he looked with pleading eyes to the Martello and Alice.

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Name: Kuroi Kyouka (Dark Enhancement)
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Apocalypse Fist Magic
Type:Self Buff - Strength
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user flicks one of their wrists and allows a black aura of mana, like flames, to consume their body. Mana floods into the muscles strengthening enhancing the users strength by D rank.

Name: Mokushi Reiki (Apocalypse Aura)
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Apocalypse Fist Magic
Type: Self Buff - Strength
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: With a simply yet notable flex of their muscles the user activates this spell. An onyx black aura of magic bursts forth from the users body encompassing their body and empowering their muscles increasing ones strength by D rank.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice answered Yu her question, asking if she was doing well herself before she followed the man. This time she braided her hair to put on the balaclava and make sure that most of her hair was hidden underneath it, no one needed to know her hair colour, or well not the person on a chair. She listened to the instructions, only fist, no names and so on.

Together with the Martello man, she and Yu entered the room with the man bound to the chair. As usual Yu said she would handle this and Alice absolutely didn't doubt that, she crossed her arms, nodded and see what would happen. She was rather surprised to see that Yu first freed the man before she would attack. As the red head was still standing next to the Martello man, she grabbed him and moved her arm around his neck, "You ordered us to do the job, don't stop us." She whispered, she knew it was more: don't stop or bother Yu but it would be a bit useless to throw herself out of the job as she would not get paid.

She tried her best not to flinch and let go of the Martello man as Yu continued and he got what the whole ordeal was about. They watched, side by side until the man said what he knew, he begged the two of them to let Yu stop, "We do not have to kill him Yu." Alice said more calm than she herself felt. She walked to the man and hunched down in front of him, pouting a little, "You have suffered enough didn't you." She said with a soothing voice and the man nodded while continuing to cry, "But we aren't done yet. Tell us the specific route." She knew he knew, otherwise he wouldn't have mentioned that it was specific and she would let Yu hurt him more if he would deny to tell them. It didn't take that long for her to get the information. Which made her rater satisfied that she didn't miss such an important part of the information.

She also was rather impressed to see what Yu was capable off, she was sure there was more to the girl than meets the eye. It didn't specificly reminded her of Yami but thanks to him she was able to handle the violence a lot better. She would only do what is necessary, this seemed a bit over the top, but the information was there. They were done.



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Yumi dusted her hands off as she walked back to the group, letting Alice deal with the target. She zoned it out not really caring to listen as the man blubbered her way out of the pain. The gothic lolita marched right up to the Martello man, her magic flaring wildly around her, intimidating the gang member with her approach. Yumi's crimson hues glowed in her aura, even as it began to die down. The dark mana sealed itself away being sucked into the core of YUmi's being allowing the pressure and the spells she used to disappear, returning her to normal.

THe gothic lolita held out her left hand, "Money now." Barked out Yumi getting a nod from the Martello who quickly removed a number of jewels and handed them over to the Lolita. Yumi quickly counted making sure they were all there. Once she had she turned back to look at Alice, "Take care of yourself." Yumi snatched her headpiece off the Martello and walked out, Venom following behind. Yumi took the Balaclava off once she was outside and replaced her headpiece. Once her headpiece was in place she walked off heading back to the main district of Oak, she felt like taking a nap.

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Adelaide Sokolov
When the specific route was given Alice got up. It seemed that Yu had already taken her money and got out. She was a bit too late to answer as she was taking down notes in her head to the specific route. Which she told the Martello man since he was focused on Yu. She asked the captured guy if she had it right and he nodded and cried on. Weakling. She hoped she would never become like that. She and the man from Martello walked out of the room and she got her balaclava off and asked her her jewels, although he practically had it in his hands already. She counted the jewels, wondering if there was something she had forgotten to do.

But there wasn't anything, she thanked the man as he thanked her and walked out as well. Deciding that it was a nice day to relax. She had already earned some money today, nothing would stop her.


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