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Visit the Hermit [Kazumi]

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Kazumi Kiseki

•Kazumi Kiseki•

"Excuse me, Pardon me," Kazumi Forced her way past some of her fellow guild members on her way to the list of available requests pinned up on the large bulletin board that sat in the middle of the mess hall. After a quick scan of the postings, it did not take long for one in particular to catch the crystal Mage's eye. A sad old hermit living all by his lonesome needed some help? The poor guy! Someone had to go give him some company. Pulling the request off of the board, she gave it a closer inspection. "Oh, I see," Kazumi nodded in realization of the finer details. "It's only a delivery Job." She shrugged. "Well I'll just have to go say hi while delivering his food." She ducked past her guildmates once more to check in the request and head out on her way.

Kazu had had an early start on this day, and it had barely become noon by the time the girl had left the guild hall to head toward the woods in which the old hermit lived. Actually, what kind of a name was old hermit, anyway? At least, that's the only thing resembling a name on the request flyer. One had to live a pretty awful and lonesome life if this was the way he was referred to regularly. All the more reason to hurry and get to the forest.

Getting to the forest was Pretty simple. Though Kazumi was not quite familiar with the City of Magnolia, the maps we easy enough to follow. However, once she got to the forest, she had to switch from an official map to one that was drawn in on the quest hand out sheet. This was much harder to decipher, especially since the drawings of trees wanted to cover up the drawing of the path. What's more, there was no compass written. This made things very difficult. Kazumi had to keep rotating the page to see what was up or down before she figured out the trees shouldn't be laying on their side. She sighed. "This is ridiculous. So it's this way then?" She looked up toward the path and then back down to the map and repeated a few times just to make sure She had finally found the right track. When she decided that she was probably right, her journey continued.

It was easy to see the relief wash over the crystal mage's face upon catching a glimpse of a door attached to a large tree that seemed to be at the location of the map's end. She felt like she must have gotten turned around maybe five times and by her calculations, about two hours had passed. Everything was fine, though. As far as she knew the food she held in tow was still safe and sound, and She had finally made it to the old hermit's house. All she had to do now was complete the delivery, maybe chat a bit, and head back into the city before it got dark. She stepped up to the tree, beginning her ascent up the old stairs leading to the front. As she approached, she kept hearing a soft creaking sound with each step. In fact, it felt like the walkway could have crumbled at any moment. Kazumi would have to be cautious here.

She knocked on the door, but it only took one knock for the entryway to swing open. It was so sudden that Kazumi a lot punched an old man in the face trying to knock the door again. it was close, but at least she was able to stop her had. "Oh! Oh, I'm Sorry, that startled me." She began to laugh after the shock had left. Meanwhile, she handed the parcel of food to the old man. "Hello, My name is Kazumi of Fairy Tail, I believe I have a delivery For you?" The Hermit looked down at the bag before taking it, quickly inspecting the goods inside. "Thank you very much dear, This is appreciated. Come inside while I get Khlash's herbs."
"Oh no worries, I'm just glad a could help." Kazu's smile was big as she stepped into the tree. She had been walking on her own for quite some time today so it was nice to be chatting with someone.

The inside of the tree was wonderful. This guy had managed to make his home very cozy. after all, a big place isn't really needed if you're living by yourself, right? "I hope it was not too much of a hassle to get here." The old man continued the conversation while digging through some sort of pantry on the far wall. "No, no, it was easy." A Lie. A filthy lie but the crystal mage did not think her map struggles were important enough to mention. "Ah, well that's good." He stood up and walked back with a bag of plants "Here you go. Take that to Khlash, He can't get enough of these." He chuckled and handed Kazumi a strange root separately. "And here is a little something for your efforts. Go ahead, try it." The girl looked down at the plant in her hand, working up the courage to pop it in her mouth and begin chewing. A wave of refreshment came over her, and it was like her mana had more energy. "Oh wow, this is pretty good!" Her voice was muffled from the chewing. "Many thanks, sir!"
"No problem, young lady. Now, you best hurry to Khlash's shop before it closes."

Kazumi waved goodbye one last time before heading back. Luckily she knew how to read the map this time, having been through it once in the opposite direction. It did not take her nearly as long to navigate the forest, and it was only about a quarter past three when she reached Magnolia again. Switching back to the real map, she found the magic shop easily and stepped inside, a little bell ringing as the door opened. "Welcome to the Mag Drug Magic Shop" Called a man from behind a counter, counting money. He put the money back in the register and closed it before continuing on. "How may I help you today?"
"Hi, My name is Kazumi of Fairy Tail." She walked up to the counter, handing him the herbs. "I'm the one that took your request."
"Ah! These are perfect! Thank you." He pulled a leaf out o the bag and looked at it. "How does that guy find these? I'm glad to have a friend like him." He opened The register again and pulled out some jewels, counting it and putting the excess back where he found it. "Here you go, Young Wizard. Thanks for your help." Kazumi took the money gladly. "No problem! happy to help you and your friend." With a wave, Kazumi left the store to go back to the guild hall. This had been a pretty, though easy, satisfying adventure.

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