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Conman Coward {Tei -Job/V-Day Event}

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on Tue Feb 21, 2017 7:24 pm

Heart racing, sweat flowing, adrenaline pumping through her blood like juice through a race horse. Andromeda dipped and dodged past the people in the streets of crocus, making sure not to bump into anyone. Like a leaf in the wind she danced about with seemingly no real direction but all the same going to the same destination. Her pink mini skirt rippled around her thighs exposing a sliver of striped panties every now and then as the wind played peekaboo around her clothing. " Come on Tei! I know where that weasel is, and if he knew better he would run. " For whatever reason she was having fun with this, far too much fun in fact. Her eyes darted about in every direction like a wild wolf until she saw him, her prize.

" You god damned fool! Get over here right now! "
Her voice carried, it held weight and as the man named Kyle looked in Andromeda's direction his eyes suddenly filled with fear. He knew exactly what she was here for and he knew he had to think quick. " O-Oh hey you. Um, no no please just hear me out. I will return the Jewels, I needed it f-for food, please just take it! " Kyle screamed the last few words, causing everyone to look in Andromeda's direction as she slowed her run to a walk and then too a full stop in front of him.

Looking over at Tei she sighed a bit, she didn't think this would be the thing Kyle pulled, what a sneaky sneak. " Tei... This here is Kyle, he is a weasel, do not trust what he just said..." Her voice was low, not a whisper but not enough for the whole area to hear her. Her eyes bore into Kyle as she stuck her hand out. " I better not have to come back for you Kyle.... Do you understand? " Her voice seethed with venom as she gazed fire from her blue-green fluctuating orbs. The commotion Kyle caused had a few people whispering and pointing but no one made a move towards the group, something Kyle was betting on. In the end it did stop the young girl from immediately breaking Kyle's face so it worked out for him.


#2Constantine Librorum 

on Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:43 am

The things he did to fight boredom. He wondered why he kept tagging along with this hyperactive bi-polar little shit but you know what, she kept the day interesting. Clearing out his ear as she announced to the world what they were doing, he was a bit surprised that the guy they were looking for hadn't heard they were on the way already. He looked down to her shorter frame, running ahead of him as she was and shook his head before looking back up to see the corner that she was slightly heading towards. There was a shifty character bobbing about in the shadows. Curiously enough he seemed to be the guy we were looking for.

He'd let her take the lead, mainly due to not knowing the whole situation in his own defense. But it wasn't his fault. Apparently she took the whole 'You know where I am' thing from the last time they were together literally, and thus came to see him often. Way too often. Like more often than he wanted her too. And thus he was dragged out of his room to participate in this god awful charade of manhunting since the request sort of asked to find some dickhead named Kyle. It seemed Galaxy knew Kyle however, as she immediately began to accost him. Huh... Maybe Kyle wasn't so bad after all. Anyone who got on her bad side was good friends of his. Of course he apparently wasn't allowed to form his own opinion as the guy tried to weasel his way out of the ordeal and she felt it was necessary to tell him that he was a weasel. Like what was with telling him things that he could figure out through context clues.

Shrugging at the whole ordeal, he'd shoo her own to deal with the guy. He didn't have the time or energy to give the guy a stern talking to and honest, he just wanted him to go away so he could go back to studying his tome. He had found some rather interesting information that warranted deeper investigation.



on Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:59 am

Kyle nodded and as he handed the money over Andromeda grabbed him by the ends of his shirt to stop him, pulling him closer to her with strength a girl her size should not have had. " Kyle, If I have to come back and find you, not even Zeus will show you his mercy... Is that understood? This better not be the same trick as last time. " Kyle nodded his head to let her know that he understood but in reality it was the same trick. Kyle knew he had to get outta town and fast if he wanted to avoid the last confirmation he had with the girl, and now it seemed she had brought a friend. He could feel his heart racing as the tiny hand let his shirt go, a shudder running down his spine as he looked into her eyes once more before departing.

" lets go.... "
Walking past Tei without giving him much of a look, she didn't understand why some people reverted to doing things like this, can some people not change? Is that power to change them far beyond Zeus's control? Questions of that sort raced through her mind until the walking stopped her in front of Barta's bar. She really hopped she didn't have to chase Kyle down again, because this time she won't show him any mercy that any being would deserve. " Here ya go Barta! Your money back! " Her voice was cheery, a stark contrast to her grey thoughts. Barta smiled and looked over the money carefully. He knew it was a fake and almost didn't wanna tell Andromeda's cute, pure little face the news, but money was money and he needed his. " Hey hun, this... I'm sorry but I think the sneaky bastard dupped you again.... You should probably catch him before he is gone. "

Looking over at Tei she sighed and a flash of lightning struck her being, transforming her into the power of zeus. " Do you want to take over the hunt this time? I'm sure he is going towards the city exist... That damn snake." Her voice had a matured tone but one filled with aggravation and ill will towards the subject in question. She would break his arms for this kind of disrespect, she put that on Zeus's name, and one always puts respect on that name.


#4Constantine Librorum 

on Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:49 pm

Watching a small girl pretty much bitch a grown man was embarrassing to watch. Like, how can you even call yourself a man at this point. Weasel or not, have a fucking spine man! Needless to say, she was able to collect the money before walking away. He'd continue to stare down the man, shrugging as he watched him scuttle away. Wasn't his problem. They got the stuff and now he could leave right?

The walk to the bar hadn't taken too long in comparison to the walk to find Kyle, and he could see the look in Batra's face that they had in fact not gotten the objective done. Well that was annoying. That meant he had to be here longer. He did not want to be here any longer than he had to be.

Sighing, he'd turn around. Hearing her words and knowing she was slightly heartbroken and annoyed that she had to deal with all of this again, he'd take it upon himself to go find the guy. Waving her down, he'd step through the doors of the bar before covering his face from the sunlight. Today was going to be unnecessarily long. Popping his neck from left to right, he'd disappear into the crowd, honestly wondering why he decided to go sober for what had to be the tenth time this week alone. He'd start treking towards the city gates, being the only ways in and out of the entire capital, he'd no doubt find the man slinking his way towards there. Thankfully for him, rooftops made a better way of travel than the city streets and so made his way up to a nearby rooftop after assessing that he was far enough from the bar that he wouldn't have been followed.

The viewpoint that the rooftops provided him was advantageous, and the guards stopped getting spooked about his habit after the first few times. Some just waved at him, happy that a fellow such as himself even bothered gracing him with his presence during such a dull duty such as skyline watching. He was able to spot Kyle a bit away from the gate. The little rat was running as furiously as his legs could carry him, and in his hands were several bundles that were likely his life possessions that he could bring with him for now until he could set up shop somewhere else and come back for the rest. The man would shove past the various patrons also using the side streets, obviously knowing that they would be looking for him on the main street but not knowing that the rooftops were just as bad for him. Teiho would close in on him quickly enough, his knight sword materializing in the palm of his hand as he held it out behind him just as he jumped into the air casting a large shadow on the ground below.

Whistling loudly, the man turned and froze at the sight of the large shadow figure dropping down on his body like a boulder. The man was knocked to his feet and his possession were scattered across the floor of the alleyway. The guards would turn a blind eye to this act of aggression as Teiho struck his sword down in the dirt beside the conman's head giving him a good deterrent from running before reaching down and grabbing a fistful of the mans shirt and tie. The weasels eyes grew wide and strained as he looked around for some way out but alas could not find one, his assailant breathing down upon him like a merchant of death as a single gloved hand reached out for what it wished for. The grown man soiled himself, the eyes of the beast bearing down on him in the most intense shades of red he had ever seen in his life and he knew he had crossed the wrong person again.

Praying to the gods above, he'd reach into his soiled trousers and pull out a medium sized leather sack, the tell tale sounds of coins rubbing and bouncing off each other were obvious to the ear but Teiho still checked the coins for authenticity. Upon confirming that they were in fact what he was looking for he'd let the man's shirt go, allowing him to fall to the dirt unceremoniously. The man would turn his back to him, crawling on his stomach like a serpent as he'd reach for his possessions before a blinding pain would shoot up his left leg causing him to scream out loudly.

Turning back around to face his assailant, he'd see a blade sticking out the back of his left knee, the blade deep into the dirt beneath him meaning he was trapped to experience this agony for hours. Also due to the way he was facing, he'd have no easy way to pull the blade out without contorting his body into a painful position to even begin pulling it out. The man was essentially trapped, or at least until the magic within the blade ran out causing it to return back to Teiho's pocket dimension. The young man would glance down at the conman one last time before flipping the collar of his hood up over his head and turning around to walk away, leaving the man there to grasp worthlessly at the blade of his sword, cutting open his fingers every time he tried to pull it free. He could still hear the screams even after entering the main throughway but knew the man wasn't going to receive any help from the guards, sometimes a little coin and honest discussion went a long way.


It'd take him forty minutes to return to the tavern. Tossing the sack of coin through the air into Batra's outstretched hand, he'd nod to the man, conveying that it was taken care of before patting Galaxy on the head and walking away. He had a tome to finish deciphering and he was going to make sure he got this next page done before the day ended.


[This post alone ended it.]


on Wed Feb 22, 2017 1:58 pm

Even though she told him to lead the hunt didn't mean that she herself would not partake. Watching as Tei went out the door she looked over at Barta. " Don't worry, I will make sure he will never do this again. " The lightning in her eyes crackled and danced like a fed flame, she was tired of playing these games, she was not a toy, she was not for play play. Following Tei's lead but losing him as soon as she went out the door, the now tall dark haired female quickly made her way toward the city's exit. Kyle was not a smart man, that she knew for certain so it didn't take long for her to come across his body. Now what Andromeda didn't expect was the sight she would see him in, it almost made her feel bad for the man. " Please, Please no no more I'm sorry. Don't hurt me anymore I swear I won't. I swear. " Tears streamed from his face and it almost struck a cord in her chest until she realized that if he did it twice he would do it again, to someone else. Kicking the sword stuck in him she made her way back to Barta's where she would run right into Tei. As she looked at him she felt a slight shudder, it was kinda scary seeing his handiwork. Depowering down back into her child like form, she felt Tei's hand pat her head, a gesture that made her blush. Watching him leave without a word made her sigh a little and she soon found herself ordering some food from Barta himself.

- exit -

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