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Travelling to Oak [WWS TO Oak | Yumi | Travel]

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Yumi stood outside the temple of Malum dressed in the attire she wore as an old woman, having been the old clothing she had brought with her on her travels. Yumi who was once a decrepit old woman with grey hair, dulled eyes, ageing skin and wrinkles was now a beautiful young woman of teen years, one could even describe her as jailbait. Yumi's grey hair had regained its shimmer luscious black shine and was not openly flowing down her back, no longer constricted by the double bun he wore. She had removed her needle leaving it in her bag, even putting away the earrings she wore in her old age no longer needing them. Her eyes which were normally closed to hide the dullness of her red hues were eye open, revealing glistening ruby red orbs that shine as if they were diamonds. Her skin was white like milk, no wrinkles and smooth like silk. Her lips had gained colour, her face had regained it's once heart shape features with the regaining of her youth.

At first Yumi was not first what had happened to her, only that she had regained her youth. Once she had consulted the book fo Malum she had found, Yumi found her answer. Yumi was no longer human, instead she had ascended to a higher being, her soul and being corrupted by Malum in order to create a member of the Demon Race. By becoming a Demon through Malum, Yumi had gained a new power, one that frightened her when she first experienced it only to laugh with glee. By becoming a Demon through Malum, Yumi had been able to regain her glorious youthful beauty. Yumi formed a fist with her right hand as a sadistic smirk formed on her luscious pink lips, she couldn't wait to test out this new body of hers.

Yumi looked back at the Temple of Malum as Venom floated out carry a bag and setting it down by another. Inside the bags were what books Yumi had managed to find within the Temple, luckily not all had been stolen or destroyed, some hidden. Yumi had Venom collected them while she gathered up the bodies of her fallen brothers and sisters, burning them one at a time and giving a silent prayer. As for the corpses of the Holy Knights she had dug a hole and then dumped the bodies into it, before covering it with swamp mud to make sure they would never be found. For her brothers and sisters they had each carried name tags on silver plates around their necks. She had taken each plate and placed them into a single wall within the Temple in memory of their sacrifice. Any new members who join the Cult of Malum would give thanks for what they sacrificed in order for the Cult to survive.

Yumi gave one silent prayer before collecting the two bags easily throwing them over her right shoulder. Yumi took a first step down on the stairwell leading away from the temple and down the Plateau. Yumi would return after she had acquired funds, power and new followers for Malum in order to restore the Temple. She hated to leave it in its current state but she had to prioritise. Perhaps she could persuade her guildmates to lend her a hand in the restoration of the Temple of Malum. The old now young woman shook the thought away, she would cross it later, for now it was back to Oak.

Yumi would have loved to spend more time at the temple but it was time to return to Oak and join back up with her guild. Her sudden disappearance might worry them into thinking she had become a traitor to the guild, especially seeing as it had been a week or more since she contacted them. Yumi walked down the stairwell and made her way through the worth woodsea. The sun was high in the sky as yumi trekked through the forest, ignoring all manner of beasts that crossed her path. In order to scare them off Yumi used her new demonic powers unleashing a powerful demonic presence that installed fear in them, sending them running. Yumi laughed at the sight as she travelled across Fiore to return to oak Town and meet up with her fellow guild members of the Dark Guild Grimoire Heart.

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