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Becoming One With Malum [Descend Into The Abyss CQ | Yumi]

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Yumi entered into the ancient temple the moment she did a feeling washed over her and her magic skyrocketed. In that single moment she felt closer to her dark god then she ever did. At that moment she felt the power coursing through her veins and a desire to spill the blood of the heathens who dared to curse her Lord and send his followers to damnation. Yumi clenched a fist as her magic ran wild lashing out around her causing the stone walls to shake and quiver beneath the power she excreted. Yumi took another step forward, stepping into the blood that had been spilt eons ago, long since dried. As Yumi entered deeper into the temple, finding she was heading downwards, she found bodies every where; they had decayed down to simple bone and cloth, not a shred of skin left.

From the clothing, the bodies wore they appeared to be a mix of Holy Knights and Malum worshippers. The worshippers of Malum had been annihilated but clearly not without putting up some fight, and so they should to be killed without fighting in the name of Malum was blasphemy. Yumi said a silent prayer for her silent brothers and sisters before continuing deeper into the temple to see what she could find. Something, her God no doubt, was telling her what she sought would be at the deepest part of the temple, but first, she wished to explore. As she moved into the temple, she stopped entering what could only be described as the library.

The library was massive, capable of holding thousands of ancient texts, but it was empty, appearing to have been raided when the temple was attacked. No doubt the scriptures and books on Malum had been burned along with any other dark text held within this library, that or they were hidden never to see the light of day. Yumi gritted her teeth slamming a fist into a wall, "Those blasted Holy Knights! They will regret this. I will bring this temple back to its glory and destroy them and everything they hold dear. I will bring back the Cult of Malum, his Dark Apostles shall rise to spread death and darkness to this land." Declared the old woman as her mana whipped about violently around her. Mana struck nearby shelves knocking them over where they hit the ground making a loud crashing noise that echoed through the chambers of the temple.

Yumi sneered and left the library, to further explore the temple. She followed the hallway yet again finding bodies. She would have to remove the bodies later after she finished what she had come here to do. She would burn the corpses of her brothers and sisters sending them to Malum, while the corpses of the Holy Knights she would throw into a giant grave and leave it unmarked. They did not deserve to have their own graves, nor to be marked. No one would be able to find their bodies once she was done with them. Yumi would have to plan carefully though if she wished to get revenge on the Holy Knights for her God Malum. She would need to build an army, or at least recruit to her cause powerful pawns capable of wiping out entire armies. Yumi herself was not strong enough to launch an attack on the Holy Knights, but she was a patient woman and could bind her time, as long as she did not die first. To meet her goals she wanted to regain her youth first. Then she could seek revenge for Malum once she was strong enough, by her estimation she would need to at least gain the title of S rank to obtain true fearsome power. Hopefully, in this Temple Of Malum she would find a way to become stronger

Yumi was pulled from her thoughts as she entered a new chamber, this one looked like a prayer room. The altar in the middle with a large black book bound in chains attached to the top. On top of the book were five skeleton corpses, it seemed some of her brethren had attempted to protect the book using their bodies to hide it, no doubt it would be important. Yumi approached and began to carefully extract the corpses laying them on the ground, being respectful to the dead, "Rest my brothers or sisters, for soon you shall join our God Malum in the afterlife. I apologise that I could not do it sooner." Yumi said another silent prayer before approaching the black book.

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Yumi opened the black book, and began to read the text, "Malum A Chaos God of Violence, Hate and Anger. He derives his power from the offerings of his worshippers offered in the form of sacrifices. Those who hail the one God called 'The Evil One' offer up sacrifices of blood for the Dark God Malum. Skulls are offered up for Malum's gigantic throne of skulls which he sits upon that is said to be made up of hundreds of millions of skulls. Those who follow the God Malum are granted his blessing and protection, obtaining great strength from their anger. Those who follow malum must abide by his code of the warrior to fight with honour, not to take pleasure in the act of killing nor to turn it into an art for it gives power to his enemies. Warriors who face the worshippers of Malum should be respected should they show great power and honour. For Malum is also the patron God of War, Honour and Bloodshed." Read Yumi out loud to herself as she spoke from the scripture. The pages were worn from age and caked in the blood of her fellow Malum worshippers.

Yumi turned a page in order to keep reading, "Malum and those who worship him had been called as sinners by the Illumin. They are hunted for their belief by Holy Knights, but true believers do not back down. Only those followers who continued acting in the name of Malum even in their darkest hours shall be rewarded with what they desire most." Yumi turned the page eyes beginning to wide as a blank page suddenly glowed, and red text began to rapidly appear.

"Find the sacred altar and sacrifice thy own blood in the name of Malum. For the sacrifices they have sent in my name has given thy God power once more to perform but one act before thy God must rest. Do so, and thy shall be rewarded" Read the old woman as she read the last word the text vanished disappearing into the ancient mystic book. Yumi shut the book closed with a loud bang, dust flying out everywhere the moment she did. Yumi waved a hand back and forth to get the dust out of her face, coughing slightly. Once the dust settled the sound of moving rock was heard. Yumi turned around to find a wall was sliding open to reveal a stairwell leading deeper beneath the earth, the smell of blood was strong.

Yumi took a deep breath before walking down the stairs. The moment she was three steps down the wall began sliding back across shutting behind her, "No turning back now as if I would. My faith in Malum is strong nothing will ever shake it." Declared the woman, his familiar had managed to follow her in time, sticking close. Venom gave his master an odd looking, at times his master truly was such unusual human he was not sure what to call her. Sometimes he thought she wasn't human at all but some kind of demonic being that had been sent by some God to destroy humanity.

Yumi followed the path of stairs, torches on the sight lit up through magic illuminating her dark path as she trekked down into the deeps of the world. Yumi's eyes looked about as she finally arrived at the bottom of the dark stairwell. Before her was a large stone room with many chambers aligning the walls, but in the middle was a stone altar, no doubt used for sacrificing blood in the name of Malum. There was dried blood on the sides of the altar from the last time it had been used, unlike upstairs there were no corpses, it seemed her brothers and sisters had made sure the Holy Knights did not find this sacred room. Yumi took another step forward, all around the walls were carvings, depictions of her Lord along with engravings of his sacred animal, the Wolf.

To Malum the Wolf was a noble beast, a powerful pack animal that while alone was terrifying but together was a true beast of power. Wolves were seen as noble animals and were often depicted in the paintings of their lord. Each wolf in the engravings wore a black collar with a human skull attached.

Yumi looked away, she could admire the architecture later, for now she had a single goal. Yumi approached the altar finding a silver ceremonial dagger lying there. The dagger had a jade hilt with a wolf head engraved into it. The blade was ten inches long with double bladed with a blood like engraving. Yumi inspected the blade finding it riddled with magical energy, keeping it sharpened and in condition after all these years. Yumi licked her lips and moved onto the altar laying down against it, back to the cold stone. Yumi raised the dagger above her stomach, preparing herself for what she was about to do, she was going to sacrifice her own blood to malum. Something, not just the book, was telling her to do this, if she did it told her she would be greatly rewarded for her sacrifice.

Yumi brought the dagger down piercing through her kimono. She gritted her teeth ignoring the pain, refusing to let it over come her. She then brought the blade across tearing her stomach open, but she was not done she still had strength. She brought the blade up her torso cutting deeper and wider. She could feel her blood spilling out around her flowing onto the tablet. Her blood stained her clothing even her hair as it trickled along the stone and down the sides. Yumi gasped for air, feeling her body growing incredibly cold. She shivered as she removed the blade from her body with what strength she had left. Her arm fell to the side as the blade hit the floor, her strength had left her.

Yumi did not know if she would die, but she did not believe her God would let her. She had been faithful to Malum and she truly believed he would return that strength to her. Her vision began to blur as she grew sleepy, she could feel her life force slipping away as she bled out in the cold empty chamber. As she fell closer to death, just inches from death's door, a power resonated from within. The altar glowed with dark magical energy, black as midnight, which expanded consuming the room forming the shape of a dark demonic humanoid beast. The creature brought a hand down shoving it into Yumi's body.

Yumi's body jolted as mana surged into her, her body rising from the altar. Mana seeped into Yumi's body as black magical energy swirled around her. The loud rumbling of a heart echoed through the temple as mana erupted from its doors. Black mana rose into a pillar that consumed the temple and Yumi's body. The demonic energy twisted Yumi's soul-tainting it while changing her body. The mana twisted turned and flailed wildly before it began to die down disappearing, the last sucked back into Yumi's body

In that moment of her sacrifice, she had given her God Malum enough power to bring Yumi back from the brink of death. Not only did he return her from death but he blessed her with his dark power turning her from a human into something else, something beyond human all the while giving her what she desired.

As the dark energy vanished, Yumi's back touched the stone altar and her eyes flew wide open, no longer the dull red from age but not a glistening red shining like diamonds. Yumi began to rise her hair falling around her changing colour rapidly, regaining its youthful luscious black. Yumi stumbled off the altar hitting the floor her body exhausted.

Yumi stumbled to her feet, compelled to leave the sacrificial room. Yumi left the room heading up the stairs, Venom following astonished by what had happened. The wall opened for Yumi letting her back into the main prayer room. As she entered she saw something in a nearby full-size mirror. Yumi approached it eyes widening at what she saw before her, flawless milky white unwrinkled flesh, long black hair, glowing red eyes. Yumi raised a shaky hand touching her right cheek, in the mirror was Yumi but not as she knew herself, for she was not the aged fossil she once was. No Yumi was now a vibrant young girl no more than maybe fourteen fifteen years of age, her beauty had returned to her. Yumi started laughing maniacally at the sight, "THANK YOU MY LORD!" shouted Yumi as she turned around and shouted to the heavens.

Yumi could have cried but she did not dare show weakness to her God. "I will not let your blessing go to waste. I will make full use of the time I have been given and bring back your glory!" with that Yumi left the temple grabbing the black prayer book along the way. She would return another day to give her brothers and sisters a proper burial.

Yumi fled the temple leaving it behind her, her one desire was now to return to Oak and recruit followers for her lord and saviour Malum. The merciful dark God who had given back what she had long desired.

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