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Hello my friend / Bianca

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#1Adelaide Eventide 

Default on Mon Feb 06, 2017 3:30 am

Alice was well not completely used to the Phantom Lord atmosphere but she would get there. Hopefully not too long because she had made a promise to Selena to leave. Phantom Lord was a Dark Guild, it wouldn't be a good idea to stay here too long but there was one problem that seemed to distract her quite a lot: there were jobs and thus she could get money. Legal more or less money. That was a great distraction for Alice Baskerville.

Right now she was sitting on the bar, watching two guys brawl, she had no idea what it was about and was simply sitting there staring at nothing else and drinking some sort of ice tea. It was rather boring if you only knew one guy from this Guild and well you couldn't entirely rely on him all the time, besides the fact that she didn't want to rely on anybody. But a friend would be nice.

While she was sitting at the bar, her back leaning against the counter, she would over think a lot, money, Selena, Family, her memory loss, a lot of things, all while her hazel brown eyes simply looked in front of her. She was wearing black boots with a heel and had crossed them and was dipping the one on top a bit up and down all the time. She tend to do this a lot while she was thinking. Apart from the black boots, she was wearing black tight jeans and a dark red turtleneck shirt without any sleeves. But inside the guild it wasn't cold so it was no problem. Her long orange hair was braided and over her left shoulder, besides this was the first time she wore something sleeveless without the problem that she had to hide her left upperarm with the insignia, this was Phantom Lord, she didn't have to hide it at all.

#2Bianca Fleur 

Default on Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:05 am

Even within the guild, Bianca wouldn’t usually wear an outfit that was more comfortable than her war uniform. People would think there was something serious going on, or about to happen when they saw Bianca with the way she dressed. But today, not for any particular reason, she had decided to wear a plain white cotton dress that was so light on her body she felt like she was swimming in it. It was the beginning of the day, so as usual she needed her fuel to survive the rest of the day. Bianca strode towards the bar area, feeling slightly awkward with how light her dress was. She even felt like she was exposing too much of her skin just because she couldn’t feel the dress. The bartender greeted her with a surprised squeak. “There’s going to be a storm today! Bianca isn’t wearing her war dress!” To this, she chuckled lightly before taking a seat on one of the stools.

“Don’t be silly,”
she told him. The bartender knew what she wanted so he immediately brought out a glass and poured the amber liquid into it, serving it to Bianca. “There’s a brawl today,” she said, mostly to herself. Bianca almost never encounter a brawl when she was in the bar. Whenever she was here, she could see people chatting and laughing, but this was only the second time she had witnessed a brawl in her guild. It wasn’t a big surprise, however. She was in a dark guild after all. A brawl was the least surprising of things to happen here.

As the alcohol entered her system, she could feel a warmth envelope her, as if the cotton dress that felt nonexistent a while ago was hugging her now, stuck to her skin. She didn’t really like it anyways, so she made a mental note never to wear it again. Maybe even burn it. Bianca took small sips of the alcohol while she sat with her back to the bar as there was a brawl to watch. She didn’t know both of the men involved in the brawl but it was somewhat entertaining. Everyone else was watching them too.

#3Adelaide Eventide 

Default on Sat Feb 11, 2017 4:57 am

She had never met the girl that entered now but she seemed to be well known as lot of people stared at her and well some whispered and everything. For a second Alice was wondering if she should talk to her, she normally never did but the woman ended up sitting next to her on the bar and even though Alice her brown eyes were back to the brawl before her, there was a tingling feeilng inside her to say hello.

She had grasped the woman her name, but it would be rude to just say hello and the name. She turned her upperbody to the left side to look at her, she was pretty, strange with the flower but pretty, "Hey, does brawls happen a lot?" She could hit herself in the face for such a stupid thing to say, "This is like my first time in the guild after I joined about two years ago, my name is Alice." Yeah really good going blabbermouth, such perfect sentences.

She would turn her eyes back on the brawl to make it not more awkward than it already was, especially because the woman seemed to be quite something. There was this vibe of power. Alice wasn't entirely sure if she was able to feel that but compared to herself, it was pretty much something. Alice longed to learn more about her magic but she limited herself too much, which was quite a shame.

#4Bianca Fleur 

Default on Wed Feb 15, 2017 8:03 am

Bianca continued to watch the show as there was nothing more interesting to do at the moment. She took sips from her cup from time to time since she didn’t want to finish her drink in one downing. A while later, a new face approached her, asking if brawls happened a lot here. Bianca gave her a small smile and said, “Not really no. This is the second brawl I’ve actually witnessed although I’ve been here quite a while as well.” The girl had flowing orange hair that framed her small face. Her eyes were quite large and full of life. Bianca had a feeling she hadn’t been through as much as she had, but you couldn’t judge a book by its cover, so she continued to observe silently and watch the brawl as well.

She revealed that this was her first time in the guild after she had joined two years ago. This made both of Bianca’s eyebrows raise in surprise. “For real? How did you join us then?” She was legitimately confused. She didn’t know that people could join the guild without being in the guild at least once before. You would still need to receive the guild stamp, wouldn’t you? That’s how Bianca joined the guild, anyways. She was actually curious now. How many other ways were there to join the Phantom Lord guild? After all, it is a dark guild. There could be other ways to join it, couldn’t there?

#5Adelaide Eventide 

Default on Thu Feb 16, 2017 2:26 am

Even though it had been a stupid question, if you asked Alice that was, the woman answered friendly. Alice was rather impressed by her, she seemed to carry herself with some pride that Alice wished she would be able to show off. She didn't know how else to call it but it made someone probably prettier than the shy and sometimes embarrasment in which Alice seemed to go through the world, as if she was thumbling and tripping over everything that came her way. Maybe it had to do with that she couldn't remember much of her past, maybe it was just damn trouble. She didn't know, wouldn't possibly find out and she would stumble on. She turned to look at the woman next to her and listen to her explain as well as Alice herself that this was her first time in the Guild.

Which seemed to surprise her, and Alice was wondering if she had done something wrong, "Isn't that normal? I was in an orphanage in Magnolia and a friend of mine was a Phantom Lord mage. She told me and well here I am." Since she was only wearing a t-shirt with short sleeves you could see the black insignia on her left upper arm, "How does it normally work? You come here and join? I must say that only two years ago I understood that I could use magic, together with this friend and that's why she sorta demanded I joined." Her friend, whose name was Phoebe, had been the one to teach her to be a good pickpocket and when Alice got the power to use requip magic, she almost forced Alice to join Phantom Lord. Phoebe explained that it would be the only guild to understand her need of stealing and wouldn't judge her like an orphanage would. Besides she was 18, she had to leave.

#6Adelaide Eventide 

Default on Wed Mar 15, 2017 3:32 am


#7Bianca Fleur 

Default on Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:24 pm

Bianca was, to say the least, puzzled by her answer. She just joined a guild because a friend suggested it to her? That friend must be pretty damn important to her. “Ahh…” said Bianca in a tone like she understood what she was being told. “I see. Well I think it’s everyone. I myself came to the guild and after a while of consideration, decided to join. I thought I wouldn’t fit in at first,” she chuckled. Bianca drank from her glass and turned back to the brawl. It was still going, she didn’t know why. She was curious to know what caused it in the first place as well. Once she finished the third glass, she thought she would head upstairs to her chamber.

“Well, I’m leaving now so I’ll see you around, I guess. My name is Bianca,” she said with a polite smile before leaving the bar area. She was her guildmate, there was no harm in giving out her name. Besides, it was a pretty common name. She wouldn’t remember it after a while if they didn’t meet a lot in the future. Bianca usually never meet the guildmates she actually had conversations with, more than twice. It was almost like a curse. There was only one person who was her guildmate as well as someone she had had a conversation with (and shared a carriage ride) and that person was Roman. She wondered if they were going to meet again as well. But now wasn’t the time to worry. Now was the time for a nap.

- exit -

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