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New Girl in the Guild(Guild Intro Thread/Open to all PL Members)

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#1Cecilia Lore 

Default on Mon Feb 06, 2017 12:10 am


Cecilia Lore
Lightning Loli

Cecilia walked through the large doors of the Phantom Lord Guild Hall. She was wearing her usual attire which drew the attention of several males in the hall, most of them leering at her with lust in their gazes. Who could blame them, Cecilia's beauty was near goddess like despite her being human. Her skin tight white dress highlighted her every curve, her chest, her hips, her rear, which only made her more appealing to the eyes of men. Some woman gave her stares of jealousy which simply amused Cecilia.

She strutted through the hall with great confidence which most of the woman seemed to envy her for. She went over to one empty table and as soon as she took a seat, a group of men flocked to her. All trying to get close to her. Only making the women's jealousy flare up.

Cecilia was just enjoying this to the fullest, smiling at all of them as they each tried to impress her.

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Default on Mon Feb 06, 2017 5:54 am

Not long after the girl had walked into the phantom guild hall it had begun to rain outside pouring down onto the unsuspecting citizens of oak that cold winters day. There was one figure in particular who felt it drenching them as they approached the Phantom Lord Guild. This figure was Hateshiginai Yami, a wind mage and a man who stood at seven two in height. He had been walking to the guild wanting to take part in a quest when it suddenly started to rain on him, the water soaking his silk kimono and haori top as he raced across the path up to the doors of Phantom Lord. During his run to the guild he would remove his Haori and Kimono rolling them up under an arm to prevent further drenching.

The twenty-five-year-old pushed open the doors of the guild, at that same time another guild member started playing a song of the Hall Jukebox, I'm Bringing Sexy Back by Lustin Jimberlake. Yami forced the doors in taking a simple step, drawing the attention of the guild. Women began to swoon at the sight before them while men glared in jealous and for good reason. The seven foot two athletic built Yami stood in the doorway dressed only in his black Hakama pants. His rippling muscle, rock hard six pack and well-toned body was on full display. Water trickled across his muscles, as rays of light from the guilds lights reflected off his body illuminating his form. Water drenched his long silk black locks that could make anyone jealous. His long hair that reached his ankles clung to his body. His hakama pants soaked from the rain clung to his legs showing off well-toned calves beneath. If one were to look at Yami behind they would see a derriere that could make any woman faint from the sight of it.

Yami looked up, using his right hand to part bangs that had covered his features, tucking them behind his right ear, drops of water falling to the ground, as he unveiled his charming features. Yami was a man a youthful appearance that could not be doubted. His face and body seemed to just emanate with raw sex appeal. Yami then flicked his head to the left, his bangs flying up and behind as he did a hair flick. The simple action caused droplets of water to fall down around him, sliding down his muscles drawing more attention from the female members of Phantom Lord. A thud was heard as one fainted, blood gushing from her nose, the scene had gotten to much for her.

Yami took another step into the guild, the doors of the guild burst open as a gust of wind came blowing through. The wind gently caressed Yami, making his hair flow around him as if it had a mind of his own further enhancing his charming grace as small sparkles from the water fell around his features as he made the killer move. A lady killer smile began to flash across his adonis features, teeth glistening like diamonds as he flashed a smile that made the women closest swoon and faint from just one look. With the way his hair swayed in the wind, water caressed his muscles, his smile glistened and the water sparkled the Mage looked like something out of pure fantasy.

#3Adelaide Sokolov 

Default on Mon Feb 06, 2017 6:13 am

Had it been a horrible idea to go outside for a short errand without an umbrella and everything? Yes, yes it was. Had she not been dressed for the right occation and the weather and everything? Yes, yes that was true as well. She had gone out to fetch some new ideas for her upcoming plan and had returned not too late after. However in the mean time that she had been inside another shop and when she wanted to walk back to the Guild, it had started to rain. She had twirled her hair around her hand and moved it up on top of her head in a bun before she would head out.

Dressed in a light blue jeans and a red with yellow bikini top, it wasn't so bad to have to go through the rain, it might just be a bit cold but nothing she couldn't handle. Before you knew it, she would be back in the warm building called Phantom Lord Guildhall. When she arrived she heard some music, she recognized the song and simply shook the rain out of her bangs and eyes and looked at Yami, it seemed he just had entered as well. She could see women stare at him and even one fainted with quite a bloody nose and she tightened her jaw a little but couldn't help but smile soon afterwards, "Dammit Yami, stop being so handsome." she yelled through the hall, which made people focus their attention on her, the woman simply glanced, muttered something about her clothing, jealous of her cup probably but the men's attention was focusing on her. How the drops of rain that were still on her body disappeared into the cleavage of her breast.

She took the hair band from the bun on her head and simply took it out, which made her hair as a waterfall of orange fall around her face and show off her beautiful hazel eyes. With a wave of her left hand she threw the orange hair back over her shoulder making some guys swoon or simply get a nose bleed out of her beauty, but she ignored it as she walked to Yami to greet him better, even if it was a simple: "Hello Yami. It is really good to see you." her eyes scanning him for a second before she made it focus on his eyes.

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#4Cecilia Lore 

Default on Mon Feb 06, 2017 11:38 am


Cecilia Lore
Lightning Loli

As Cecilia was being courted by a flock of men, her attention was suddenly grabbed away by a single person who had just entered the guild hall. It was a man, who looked to be at least seven feet tall and he was oozing raw sex appeal. Someone had just put on I'm Bringing Sexy Back by Lustin Jimberlake on the guild hall jukebox. It was like the song was MADE for this incredibly sexy man. Drawn to him, Cecilia stood up, walking away from the flock of men who were surrounding her and approached him.

Cecilia's walk was reminiscent of a a top model despite her height being nothing like a model but she had the body of one. She noticed women left and right were swooning over his lady killer smile. However, Cecilia was barely affected by it, well, at least not in the way the other women were.

Upon reaching the man. She wrapped her arms around his, pushing his arm into her chest at the same time, while looking up at him with a seductive smile and said in a rather seductive voice. "Why hello there, I'm Cecilia, care to have a drink with me~?" She said keeping her eyes locked on his. She could feel cold stares of jealousy from women all around but chose to ignore them all.

As Cecilia continued to cling to his arm, another person entered the guild, it was a woman this time, she was wearing an orange and red bikini top with light blue jeans. She yelled out to the man whom Cecilia was clinging to. The girl addressed him as "Yami". Ignoring the girl who had approached them, Cecilia continued to flirt. "So, your name is Yami, well I would love to get to know you better~ I hope the feeling is mutual~" She said in a slightly lower and more seductive voice for the last part.

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Default on Tue Feb 07, 2017 5:40 am

Yami ran his fingers through his drenched hair as he turned to a male member of the guild, "Could you be so kind as to fetch me a towel." He spoke in a charming, sex induced tone that had a tint of a husky undertone. His mere voice sent shivers of delight into the women who heard it while men glared. The man he asked simply nodded his head unsure of what to do and left to the back to fetch the water drenched man a towel. At the same time someone would follow in behind the black haired male, the song sexy back had long since ended drifting into silence. It was at this time he heard someone address his name telling him to stop being so handsome in a perhaps playful manner, it was none other than Alice, the girl he had partnered with during a quest. It seemed she to had been caught in the rain.

"As stunning as when I first laid eyes upon ye, Alice-san." Yami in his silky smooth tone, flashing that lady killer in the direction of the orange haired woman. His eyes catching the movement of a white towel being tossed through the air at him. He raised his right arm, the length of his limb, allowed him to snatch the towel out of the air. Immediately he used it to begin drying his hair, even the way he dried his hair seemed to be over sexualised and should not be viewed by a younger audience. Yami shook his hair before noticing someone approaching him, a young girl.

The girl was much shorter than him only five foot two, looking to be seventeen, long black hair, blue eyes wearing but a skin tight revealing white dress that did nothing to hide her well endowment. The only reaction Yami showed was a rising of his right eyebrow, curious as to why she would approach. She proceeded to wrap her arms around one of his, his left, placing it between her chest, and looked up with a seductive smile. As the girl spoke, a seductive tone laced her words as she introduced herself asking if he would like to drink with her.

Yami smiled coyly, flashing that lady-killer smile down at the girl. He freed his arm from her grasp and fell to his right knee, using his left hand to collect her left hand and raise it to his lips as he bowed. His bowing reminiscent of a noble prince. Yami pressed the back of the hand to his lips, placing a soft tender kiss upon Cecilia's flesh, "Why Mademoiselle it is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance. This one is called Yami. Hateshiginai, Yami." Spoke the young mage his tone smooth as ever as she slowly began to rise releasing her hand along the way. He would lay his right arm across his chest, bowing his head kindly to her.

As he heard his name called once more, this time by Alice he rose to his full height and flashed his smile in the orange haired woman's direction, "Ah dear Alice, so good to see you once more. I so enjoyed the time we spent together that day, oh it was magical, wonderous, SPECTACULAR!" exclaimed Yami in excitement as he focused his soul piercing grey hues upon Alice, "I do so hope we may partake in one another once more." He gave a cheeky wink as his tone implied a little suggestive behaviour. "I just hope the neighbours weren't to upset by the noise." He said in a mischievous tone when implying about the beating they had given that man for the information he held.

However, he was unable to focus for long on Alice, as Cecilia spoke once more, her tone lower and more seductive than before. It seemed she truly wished to seduce him, but Yami would not be pulled so easily, "Oh Mademoiselle there is nothing I would better wish to do than to know you. For it is a great pleasure of mine to partake with others." Spoke the Wind mage as she threw his arms out into the air, with his height he easily missed both Alice and Cecilia. He would then drape his long arms over both shoulders of the girls pulling them in close to his body, "For I am a man who enjoys the rush of adventure with many. To be free like the wind. If you both would desire to join me, I will gladly take you upon my journey." With that, he finished and flashed that great big Lady Killer smile, towel around his neck, bangs framing his features as his teeth sparkled.

#6Adelaide Sokolov 

Default on Tue Feb 07, 2017 6:30 am

It was easy to dry up a little once you gotten into the warm guild hall. It was also lucky that she had her hair in a knot and most of it was dry. Especially she compared her hair to Yami. She might need a towel herself too as that was the situation in which she had found Yami. She first turned to Yami, placing her hands on her hips like a model and giving him a playful smile, "You flatter me too much." she answered his way of greating before her smile disappeared as she saw some girl approach Yami. Her eyes were still twinkling with laughter and she shook her head and turned to someone else to ask for a towel too. Which didn't take long to bring and she went to dry off her own upper body rather slowly as she kept her eye on the younger girl and Yami. She wasn't jealous, absolutely not. She was only interested to see what was happening, it seemed that the girl was immediately flaunting over Yami as most other women were. Which was quite funny to see.

The whole romantic scene with the prince kissing the little princess on her hand. She didn't like utter romance, so that was a good thing, maybe also the reason why she wasn't jealous. She walked a few steps forward to greet Yami properly, but she simply waited until the conversation with the small lady was almost over. It was kind of rude to simply walk away now, maybe she should join a table with some men and play some poker, own the money. She was dressed well enough for it.

She greeted Yami and he said it was good to see her. He even added that he liked the day that they spent together, the quest that they had done. She couldn't help but giggle a little when he talked about the neighbors and her cheeks coloured pink. It wasn't much her doing that's why she was a little embarrassed, it was Yami that did most of the work, she only got the information. She couldn't also help but smile, she had expected Phantom Lord to be a horrible guild, solo guild, something that would have fitted her better before she met her cousin Selena again, "It was a pleasure to me as well. And I look forward to another job that we could take together." She had wanted to say something more especially refer to the neighbors that he mentioned but the small lady had taken his attention again. She simply shrugged and planned to walk away but she heard Yami before she had taken a few steps but stopped in her movement when she heard Yami say both. She looked over her shoulder to the handsome man and gave a small smirk back, "You invite me too?" She would normally decline, especially seeing how the small lady acted and had totaly tried to get Alice out of the conversation, but today, she wasn't in that mood, "I would love to." She looked at the small lady to see her reaction before she turned her whole body back to Yami and her. This might be interesting.

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#7Adelaide Sokolov 

Default on Mon Feb 27, 2017 5:59 pm


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