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Watching Granny (Miyu|Quest)

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Watching Granny (Miyu|Quest) Empty on Sun Feb 05, 2017 12:43 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas was pretty excited for today. Its been a while since he first, saw Miyu, and second that he did a request and was active. He felt like this would be a good idea to get his energy going to possibly want to do more. Sure it was a small request to say but it was a start. He was sure he wouldn't be doing anything really taxing with how the request was written but he was good practice for bigger and better things. Atlas was finishing getting ready for this request today. He decided to leave his spear at home feeling like he would not need it today. He also didn't want to scare anyone if he was walking around with it. He was also sure he would not be getting any practice with it anyway.

Atlas left his home to go meet Miyu out front of the apartments. He didn't really know where she was staying but felt it pretty pointless to make both of them possibly walk all the way to the guild then into the apartments themselves. When Atlas would get to the front of them he would wait for her or if she was already there he would greet her for not seeing her in a while.


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Miyu Kento
It was the first job she chose herself and was thankful for atlas to give her some assistance to the job. She got herself prepared and packed certain things for the day which was important. Her tea set , Utensils for making the tea other nourishments, nutritinal snacks and some hankerchiefs. She also prepared a Bento for Atlas just incase he did not eat any breakfest. Leaving her home she walked towards the apartments wear atlas was Wating for her. In a lolita fashion apearal she wore a white jumper skirt that hung to her knees a shear long blouse under it that also had trumpet sleeves and had a ribbon around the collar of the blouse , beige colored stockings and suiting shoes. Her hair was up with twintails and she wore a rose floral head band.

The young lady stood infront of the brown haired bow while holding a big bag which she handed to him. "Pardon for the delay I had to prepare some things for todays job so we are fully focused" she said with her gentle smile which she then gave him a smile. "Should we be heading off? The home is not that far from here just probably a couple of minutes." Even though she kept her calm demanor she was excited to furfill this quest which is more to her liking and a bit more relaxing.

At the apartment of the given actress a young Mann with wild hair and sunglasses stood infront of it. He rubbed his head and his temples and looked slightly irritated. The smell of alkohol gave off from his body as they stood close. Overall he was a kind young Mann with manners. He introduced himself as Mitya and told some information about his grandmother before letting us into the apartment and switching the introduction between Miyu and Atlas and his mother. Miyu gave a proper curtsey as spoke a heartwarming welcome to the young lady giving her a smile.

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Atlas Prime
When Atlas saw Miyu he smiled. He seemed to hand him something in a bag and when Atlas looked it seemed to be some food. Atlas didn't realize it but his stomach did indeed start to rumble a little. "Thanks you. Guess I was in such a hurry to get here that I forgot to eat breakfast. I'll eat some of this when we get there," he said to her with a smile. He was glad that she remembered something like that. She seemed to think ahead of time of what they might need for the request while all Atlas thought was to show up. So this made Atlas happy. When it seemed like both of them were ready they headed towards the apartment that was not to far away. When they got there they were greeted by a man who had a smell coming off him. Guess he might be put under some stress if he had to watch his grandmother, who forgot stuff, for a while. He seemed to give them a little more information about what they need to do and let them inside the apartment where his grandmother was. "Hello Mrs. Rynah, nice to meet you. My name is Atlas and this is Miyu and were going to be hanging out with you today," Atlas told her. Rynah seemed to smile at them and told them to come in and make themselves at home. Atlas looked around. The apartment wasn't super huge but had a good amount of space to it. He looked around and saw a table in which he could eat his bento from Miyu. If you don't mind I'm going to just go sit over there for the moment and eat something. Forgot to eat breakfast but Miyu here seemed to think ahead for me," Atlas said, going over to the table and taking a seat to start eating his meal.

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Miyu Kento
She nodded and gave Atlas a smile as he appericated her preperation skills and her caring character. Atlas helped her introduce herself instead of repeating her name she grabbed the silk fabric of lifting it slightly and crossed her legs over to do a curtsey. She leaned her head foward and bowing slightly her upperhalf of her body before speaking. "Nice to meet you Ms Rynah"

Atlas left to the table to eat a breakfest she looked alittle concerned about it as the thousands of thoughts rushed through her head. She sighed only to rub her forhead just to calm herself down. A Question filled the room which almost made Miyu jump out of her seat. The question though was more like a statement or a opinion from the lady of them being a nice couple. Flustered and red she streched her hands shaking them vigiously "What?! Us ?! No i think there must be a misunderstanding we are partners ... like not relationship but we are teammates and friends.!" Rynah laugh while she took thread and the knitting needles out from a small hamper like container where her knitting utensials and materials should been. Miyu could slightly calm herself down but her face was still flushed with red. Her eyes laid onto the old lady which was peacefully knitting on a project that she maybe started a couple hours ago. It was not noticeablue if it would become a scarf , mittens or a hat. She enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere and the warmth that radiated in the room. Rynah started then to tell miyu about the glorious stories of her memories. It brought Miyu to ease as she listened to the kind lady. Her attention shortly perked to Atlas to see him come back to her and the old lady.


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Atlas Prime
Atlas started on the meal and found it quite delicious. He had to take a moment at one point to continue eating when he almost choked on the food when a comment came form the older ladies mouth. Miyu would deny the claim the older lady said. Atlas wasn't sure how to react to this comment so he felt the need to just act like he didn't hear it at all. At just tried to continue to focus on the meal Miyu made for him. Atlas finished after a little while and came back into the room where they were. He asked the older lady a question first for something. "Is it okay if I use the sink to wash this out?" he asked to her. She said that it was okay and he turn to leave the room before stopping and turning around for another moment. "Oh it was delicious Miyu, thank you," he said to her before leaving the room to wash the box in case Miyu wanted to use it again. It didn't take him long and he returned with the box back in the bag and set it on a table nearby. Atlas sat down on a chair and listened to the stories the old lady spoke about. Atlas was also amazed at how well she was knitting. After a while she perked up and mentioned something about cooking something up for them. Atlas had to wonder if this would be a good idea since what happened last time it seemed. "Should we let her do this?" Atlas mentioned to Miyu quietly. He had to wonder if it was safe. It would seem, regardless of what they might try to say she would start to make then anyway. Ryhan would start to whip up the dough in a pretty good speed. Atlas was surprised with how well she could do that with her age. He guessed it was from years of practice. She tells them both that they are sure to be delicious and next thing you know they are already in the oven. Atlas was still surprised at her speed. "Guess we will just have to keep an eye for when they are done, just in case," he says to Miyu. He's not trying to doubt the older woman, but it seemed she had a little record of forgetting about that. After a while of talking some more and knitting Atlas would speak up. "Do you think its about time for the cookies to come out?" he told her. Rynah would agree and get up to take them out of the oven. She would then tell both of them to try one out. Atlas waited a moment to let it cool before taking a bite of one. He wasn't sure what was in it, but it seemed to fill him with energy. "Wow, these are pretty good," he said to her. Soon a Miyta entered the apartment. He saw the cookies and notice everything seemed in order. He told both Miyu and Atlas how they did a good job and gave them both a reward. "Well, I'm going to head off. I'll catch you later Miyu," Atlas said leaving from the place to return to his home.


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Miyu Kento
Still baffeled of the thought of her and atlas being a potential couple raced again through her mind as he complemented her for her cooking skills. Her face was now as red as a tomato and had troubles speaking. It felt as if she was choking on her own words while her heart was racing. It almost felt as if she would lose conciousness. Rushly she nodded while her head looked to the ground. "Ehm eh ehm thank you..." He went back in the kitchen as he washed out the small bento box.

The lady got up from her chair while saying she would bake something for them. Atlas was worried and at first Miyu felt the same concern but she shook her head to his question giving him her common smile. "I think there is nothing to worry ... we are here so such a incident would not be redone. We will sure to have a good eye on it..." The Miyu followed atlas into the humble kitchen. She was very accurate with her measurments and skilled in this hobby. She took good watch seeing if she could be assistence to anything but the Rythnah insisted she would do everything herself. To closer observation Miyu seen the nice old lady sprinkeling a obsurd and unknown ingredient. This let Miyus curiousty grow but she stil kept her distance. As the cookies were in the oven she ,atlas and rhytnah went back into the living room where she would pursue one of her other hobbies which was a crossword puzzle. Miyu relaxed in her sofa as she pulled a book out of her sleeve and read out of it. A nostgelic atmosphere it was as Miyu thought this was more of a relaxing job as the other.

Atlas asked if it was time to take out the cookies. The sweet smell of sugar filled the room. Miyu stood up walking to the stove. Opening it with a glove she used her free hand to grab a toothpick and checking the consistency of one of the cookies. The batter sticked to the wooden pick and Miyu shook her head. Taking a close inspection to the sticky better she could guess the time which they can be taken out. Miyu turned her head over to him and said softly and a serious voice. "Just 15 more minutes and the cookies can be taken out of the oven to cool for a couple of minutes." she continued after closing her eyes estimating a time. "I would say 10 minutes for cooling.." The time passed and was about time to take them out. It was also perfect timing then it was also teatime. From the bag she still had she held out a thermosbottle with prepared tea and she poured out for her and the others and handed it out. As the cookies cooled down they were ready to eat. She took one of them and took a bit. Her eyes glowed of happyness as her childlike self came out "wwwuuuuaaah delicious!!!!" The cookie was long gone disapeared in her mouth.

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