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New Person Same old Mistakes [Training, Open]

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Default on Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:25 pm


It all came flooding back in an instant as he woke up on the toilet. He got ahold of some bad shrooms and was blowing it out of his system literally. Sure the initial trip was bad but it only got worse. It was seven in the morning and he was in his underwear. He took a deep breath realizing that the worst of it was over, or was it? It was hard to recall his self-destructive night that resulted in this situation. He could remember bits and pieces and he needed to develop some new techniques. He had got some things from a local shaman who said that eating these things would help unlock one’s mind. Help them to delve into the ideals of thoughts locked away in the deepest regions of the psyche. Looking around the bathroom he was still kind of a groggy stage of awakening. You know the kind that leaves a bad taste in your mouth from what you ate before. Well booze, shrooms, and the sweet taste of candy was the taste this time. A smacking of the lips would solidify that as Roman looked around for a moment. He could only be in a bit of disgust. He felt like shit to be honest. His head was spinning slightly and he was sure there was still a bit of the stuff in his system. He rubbed his chest and let out a big yawn. The sun was bright and beating down on his Caucasian skin. His hair was a mess and he had been quite untidy lately.

His underwear had found themselves on his ankles. He could only think for a moment. ‘How long was I out?’ These worlds would echo in his mind and twist violently into other words. Only alerting him to the fact was, he was still high. He needed to dive into the vast abilities of being a wielder of the dragon based magic’s. Magic could be learned in a slew of ways. Ways that would express the deepest regions of the mind thus formulating spells that could weave a torrent of destruction in their wake. An idealistic sort of power that left room for growth as a wizard. In the end it was a mental thing that one must endure before progressing to a higher plane of power. Some others used their physical prowess to train and uncover ones abilities. Roman on the other hand tried some drugs out as a short cut. Something that he was fond of when it came to long winded training sessions. A work smarter not harder mindset that he kept that as a primary belief.

He looked at his hands in a moment to see if something would happen. That would have been a funny notion when you think about it. To just stare at ones hands and pull together a spell in an instant. He would chuckle for a moment and rub his hand through his hair. He pulled it back and stood up from the toilet. He would let out a burp that erupted into the air. A foul smell would fill the air that would fill his dragon like sense of smell. A sharp stinging that would stain his taste buds. He rubbed his temples after pressing his hair down. After standing up he would only pull his pants upward until they covered his genital region. Standing upward he took a deep breath and looked around for a moment.

Roman was sitting in the bathroom of his apartment room that was roughly a two minute trek to the Phantom lord place of work. A dark guild that had been his home for quite some time. He was gainfully employed there but had been off for quite some time. He had been studying elsewhere while others got stronger overtime.



Default on Sat Feb 04, 2017 11:59 am

It was a mixture of partying, working a normal job and the occasional drug trip. A trip that landed one in magical places while not even leaving the house. Something that Roman as quite fond of doing on the regular when he had the time to do such a thing. Usually always a good idea to spend 48hrs alone. However, it was time to get back in the swing of things if he was to keep his membership at the Phantom Lord guild. Something that he took pride in after they took in him in. Standing in there in his underwear he turned to the mirror and got a good look at himself. “You look like shit.” he said to the mirror image. He looked intently at it as if the reflection would gain a personality. This was apart of his craziness that he produced over the years fighting and murdering. It was still a fact that he was not a nice individual still. He had some spooky scary skeletons in his closet that were to be addressed some day. Now was not the time. He reached for the optical cleaning utensil and grabbed the tube of cavity avoidance paste. It was to be noted that it had a minty flavor which scent radiate from the reaction of water hitting it.

He snapped his fingers on his free hand once to initiate a cool parlor trick. The radio next to him would click on without touching it. He could twirl his finger and flip through local stations. Rock clicked on, something from a old artist. Something that he could helicopter dick to. Something that could make him forget he was feeling like shit. The thing was this music sounded a bit too good as if he was still tripping on something. The pocket of shrooms in his stomach suddenly got digested. He had ate a batch of 10 and only like five of them digested. The second batch suddenly hit and his world would begin to slowly spiral out of control. Suddenly Roman found himself singing at the top of his lungs. It was up for discussion if it was good or not however.

Suddenly he thought he was a god among men and no need for clothing. He hopped in the shower and turned on the hot water. The heated drops felt like jumping into a warm pool as he began to realize his trip was far from over. All he could say was “Oh shit the walls are melting.” Which in his field of perception it was. He made quick work of cleaning himself and hopping out before sinking into the melting tub. Hopping out, with his body still wet he grabbed the nearest towel and shot through the house. He was giggling like a retard constantly as the area around him seemed to bend and twist. A fun tickling feeling consumed his body and psyche at once. His mind began to become a torrent of thoughts, various things popped in and out in a instant. Then it dawned on him, he was supposed to be training himself to catch up to others.

“Shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet” as he got the bright idea for some spells. He had the ability to control lighting on a whim. Why not use it in various manners to enhance himself and break down enemies? He could only laugh maniacally as he thought of the various things he could use to dismantle someone. Then he realized he had wondered outside in a towel. He was ass out on the sidewalk not paying any mind to anyone. He rubbed his chin sporadically just repeating to himself. 'Think, think think!'

The world was silent to him as he was lost in his thoughts. People were stunned at this tall white male on the sidewalk in a towel. Suddenly a updraft would catch him off guard completely. It would snap him out of his daze and he would realize there were people staring. They were all staring at him. “The fuck y'all looking at?”

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Default on Sat Feb 04, 2017 1:58 pm

He could not help but feel a bit agitated by the whole thing. People staring at him so intently, he was wearing clothes right. At least that is what he thought. A flood of colors came over his vision as the drugs intensified to explainable levels. He knew he was in trouble subconsciously. The updraft kicked up his towel and he was completely exposed. Two ripe coconuts and a banana swung in the wind and he tightened his butt cheeks suddenly. From the people's perspective there was a lanky white man with no clothing on the sidewalk. He actually stepped back and closed the door. In his own mind Roman thought he was fully clothed. He was standing there in a top hat, a real willy wonka kind of outfit. Purple suit, matching shoes, and a top hat. He was thinking to himself how he could destroy things effectively and efficiently. Something that many mages were not familiar with. Flashing fighting usually got one beat. Or even a untimely demise at the hands of another. Roman was not to be one of those people. Granted he was arrogant at times he knew better, but used that arrogance as a way to bait people. Baiting someone into a losing fight was something he was good at. Considering he always wore a suit and seemed quite calm at times he is underestimated.

That was fine for him, why one may ask? Well Roman was not one for under handed tactics or sneak attack. After closing his door he turned around and saw a area not of this world. It had seemed he fell down the rabbit hole and needed to chase down a rabbit with a clock. He looked around the street had turned plaid with the color of gold and purple. People on the street had become various speaking anthropomorphic beings. Things you would only find in a fairy tail or some Disney type shit. All of these various beings looked intently at what he was going to do next.

A cat like lady stood there with her small female cub. She would only turn to her mother and ask her.

“Why is that man naked mommy?”

Roman would skip off the stairs and kneel down in front of the girl. It scared both of them to the point they were frozen in time.

“Naked you say? Can't you see I am fully clothed? Come come.”

The woman would yank her child back and run off from Roman. He would only smile seeing the child run away with her mother. From his perspective they were skipping way laughing at the whole thing. It would seem as if the sun was bouncing around in the sky with a smile before whipping out a instrument. The surrounding clouds would join in creating a orchestra. Joy would well up in Roman's heart as he waved into the air. “Hold your breath, make a wish..” As the music began he would only respond by singing to the tune.

“Come with me, And you'll be, In a world of...pure imagination, Take a look, And you'll see, Into your imagination...”

The surrounding folks would be confused as to what exactly was going on through this whole thing. He would only pause before jumping up and clicking his heels. A man who was standing next to him would stand still not knowing how to respond to all of this. It was so sudden, this man came out of his house, now he is singing and dancing around. The instruments would continue to play in the background as he skipped through the streets of oak. People ran to the nears police station to report was happening. Roman on the other hand had begun to create static as he danced around. His power was beginning to react to his fluctuating emotions. He would have travelled roughly a block scaring folks left and right. However, in his mind he was just skipping down the now yellow brick road greeting folks. He found himself at a side shop that had fruit on it.

The man standing behind the counter was utterly terrified. Who wouldn't? A man had found himself at his fruit bar with no clothes on skipping around. Roman was looking down at the various fruits that were on the stand. They were moving back and forth with smiles on their faces. Roman could only return the notion as he leaned over. His junk pressing against the lower row of fruit due to his height. He reached down and grabbed a apple without saying a word. The store owner was at a loss for words. Clearly Roman was not in his right mind and it was smart to not make any smart moves. One could see his tattoo on his back. They knew he was from phantom lord and usually it was a bad omen when they showed up. The apple was smiling and spoke, “Hey friend!” It's big baby eyes focused on Roman for a moment.

“Quite the weather we are having aren't we!?” He replied in a giddy fashion. “I am sorry but I have worked up quite the appetite during this quest I am on. “That is what I was created for right? Substance for you!” Roman gave a calm nod and took a bite of the fruit. Still laughing the apple was devoured in a instant. The man finally spoke up in response to his fruit being stolen.

“You are gonna pay for that right!?”

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Default on Sun Feb 05, 2017 12:22 pm

Roman's vision would narrow on the the dog man who stood before him. He asked him about the delicious apple he just consumed. Of course Roman was not going to pay for this delicious apple that gave itself up to him. It was quite the peculiar situation that cause a series of feelings to well up inside of Roman's stomach. So much to the point that electricity started to build up rapidly. He bent over for a moment sweating profusely as if he was going to vomit. Then he seemed as if he was frozen in time. Visions began to cross his third eye and he would enter a daze. One that would be nigh impossible from waking up from. Dragons were flooding his mind and a figure covered in a dark veil had his back to him. These dragons came from all walks of life and did not even notice the person viewing all of this. Before he could speak up that energy that built up from earlier suddenly released itself into the real world and dream world. A electricity began to surge and twist violently. Then from out of his mouth a ray of raw energy fired from his mouth into the market district. A torrent of destruction would burn through the area. Roman would twist his head in confusion looking around not realizing he was firing a spell from his mouth. As he turned his head a sustained beam that was ten meters wide, 3 meters in diameter.

It was enough to erase the dog man who stood before him in a instant as he was not a magic user. So he did not boast any form of protection against this sudden attack. People around began to scatter and run for their lives. In side of this vision Dragons were scurrying away from him suddenly. These were the people in the real world. Roman was slowly descending deeper and deeper into madness. There was no shady figure in front of him just a horde of dragon knights rushing down the street. Dragon-folk, in other words anthropomorphic dragons that stood on their hind legs. They were fully armored and coming right at him. He knew he was in trouble because in both the hallucination the area was destroyed. He stopped vomiting up his electrical powers and stood up. He wiped his mouth off for a moment and stood up again. The Rune Knights in Oak were always on call and only the toughest were sent here. There was roughly five men in full battle dress. Knights wielding enchanted armor no doubt. They saw the smoldering wreckage They were roughly ten meters away from where Roman was standing. One of them stepped forward to speak. But that was quickly cut off by Roman dashing off into the distance in a hurry. Nothing more dangerous than a doped up magic user running around naked. The rune knights let out a sigh and began to chase him.

What they didn't know was Roman was leading them to a more open area. A large fountain located in the middle of the market district. This is where folks stopped to take a breather from work or shopping. Kids played around the water and folks were speaking among themselves. They saw this lanky man running full speed with Rune knights in tow. Of course they would clear the area in a instant. The Rune Knights knew Phantom Lord would not intervene in this affair as they were being made to look foolish. One of their higher rankings losing their damn mind in the city. Roman was sitting on the chair to catch his breath. He put up a pointer finger straight up symbolizing a one. This mean one second please as he breathed heavily for a moment. Thing was it was all a ruse he just wanted to sit down. The five rune knights look confused as what to do at that very moment. They were still ten meters away for good reason. This mean just erased a block like it was nothing. Clearly he was on something or up to something. Or better yet he was just slipping the surely bonds of this world into a deep darkness that could only be labeled as insanity.

Regardless they were on full alert and one of them began to reach for the anti-magic cuffs on his back belt. Roman was staring at this five dragon-folk who looked menacing and down right terrifying. He knew he had to do something about all of this before he got himself killed. He stood up with both hands up causing the Rune knights to flinch. Suddenly they all brandished their swords and pointed them in Roman's direction.

“Stop right there villain!” one of them barked.

Roman waited a moment before belching once more. No doubt some left over from the initial volatile vomit that spewed from his mouth earlier. A frothy burp that brought up some stomach acid reminding him of the apple he ate earlier.

“Whew now that is out of my system. You guys would be wise to put your weapons down and walk away. We are all family here. I am a dragon slayer and you are dragon-kin, folk whatever the fuck you wanna call yourself.” Standing up from the bench now Roman was not at a tactical disadvantage. Granted he could have stayed seated and dealt with them from there. The Rune knights looked a bit confused at Roman's worlds. They talked among themselves for a moment. One of them turned his head for a second, a mere second. That was all it took. With a push of the foot Roman pressed forward and was already in striking distance. A flex of one's muscles cause a wellspring of energy to erupt all at once. A fist pressed against the knights helmet transferring the energy generated. Suddenly the knight's right cheek on his helmet would be dented in. The other four would be spooked as they were caught off guard but this sudden aggression. The guard in question that was hit would be sent backward into one of his cohorts that was reaching for the anti-magic cuffs. Roman was a dragon slayer, and these dragon-folk needed to be slain for the good of man kind.

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Humanity depended on Roman too save the day. The funny thing was he was the threat too humanity it just the world seemed completely different thanks too the hallucination he was experiencing at that given moment. The world he perceived was completely different from the current state of things. In his mind he was in a land of dragons facing off against deadly beings. In the real world there was a naked man squaring off against Rune Knights. After striking the night he was out cold on the floor twitching. Under his helmet his jaw bone had been broken and the electricity caused a taser like effect that rendered him useless. The body of the man twitched violently to the point he peed himself a bit. Something that was embarrassing and unfitting of a knight. His brother struggled to get up but was burdened by the armor. Not to mention the dead weight of the incapacitated Rune knight.

The knight that he landed on was trying too push him off too get back too his feet. The other three were infuriated by this and turned too attack the man but he had already dashed backward and took a stance. They were not really for the speed Roman had over them. He was able too get in strike and back away too a safe distance using their hesitation as a weapon against them. He was on high alert as he stood there with fists up in front of his chest region. He was bouncing on his toes switching which foot would lead too keep one guessing what could happen next. Roman being approximately five meters away he was in striking distance. He had roughly a meter reach with his arms, and possibly a 1.5 meter reach with a kick. With no clothing on to restrict movement he was free as a bird. He was slowly starting to come down off the drugs has it has been a few hours. He started to rubber band back into reality creating a sense of worry in his thoughts. An anxious feeling of knowing that he was about to reenter the current dimension.

Between magical spells and actual movement speed he could attack at any given moment. Roman sized up his opponents for a moment. Time seemed to slow down for a moment as his brains processed things a million miles a hour. This whole thing was botched, to be honest. His stomach hurt, he had no clothes on and he had caused quite a bit of damage to the market district. Now he had struck a officer on duty. Things were about to get real nasty honestly. He let out a sneaky fart that erupted into the area in a instant. A gassy bomb that would be the equivalent to a chemcial weapon going off. The Rune Knights stood there stunned for a moment realizing that this man was a clown. A dangerous clown non the less, but still a clown. His stomach felt a bit better as it released some of the pressure on it by him passing gas suddenly.

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The gas passed was loud but long in nature. Cheeks quivered as his stomach relieved the built up pressure that was placed there by the batch of shrooms in his system. He let out a sigh of relief as his stomach pains ceased to exist. Even though it smelled like raw sulfur it was still a great feeling of release. Suddenly the hallucination began to die down and Roman began to slowly come back to reality. He was still focused on the stood before him. He was still high by normal standards but he was on the slippery slope that was the come down of the drug. Staring at the Knights he could only push forward as one of them took a step up. The closest knight would stab forward aiming at Roman's left side. With a quick shift of his left side to orientate backward the sword would stab harmlessly into the air. Roman on the other hand would have moved passed the the initial stab and into the shield region. The knight would be ready for the speed of the man and motion his shield forward to halt Roman's forward momentum. Instead of a normal strike Roman would have latched into the mans right sword arm with his left arm. The left hand was wrapped around the forearm and he squeezed tightly to loosen the grip of the weapon. A right hand would have launched forward in a palm like fashion to strike the mans shield. Without the proper bracing his body would shift backward in response.

Roman's palm would leave a imprint on the shield. The knight's right side that was struck by the left would cause his left side to shift backward suddenly. He would shift his hand up to grab the top of the shield and rip the shield from the knights hand. Roman would toss the shield to his right causing it to spin like a frisbee at the knight closest to him. Out of instinct the knight to the right would bring up his shield to block the incoming shield. It wasn't enough to do any serious damage but enough to knock him off guard. The knight that was grappled by Roman was still caught off guard by the series of actions. Before he could move his hand upward to stop the attack, a right hand found itself pressed into the mans helmet, denting it. It would completely obscure his vision and the metal dented in would cut into his eye region. His head would cock backward from the force of the blow.

The man's grip on the sword would weaken, causing him to drop it. As the weapon fell Roman would let the man fall backward motionless to the ground. He was not dead, but he was in a lot of pain. Roman would only squat down and grasp the sword that was falling to the ground. A metal short sword that was low quality with no redeeming qualities. The handle was just long enough for one hand to grasp to use with a shield. He stood back up only to be met with a downward slash that was meant to cleave his head in half. Using the sword, he grasped with the right hand he would move it up at a angle. The sword would clash with the downward blade. Roman was crouching pushing upward on the blade. His eyes narrowed on the man before him as he heard foot steps to the right of him. His eyes would mimic that of a dragon as he was becoming enraged by this whole thing. Steps would come quickly after dealing with the shield that caught him off guard. This whole thing had grown tiresome and Roman was in quite the bind. With a left hand he clicked two fingers together causing a electrical discharge to occur. Due to wearing armor and having metallic weapons the attack would be amplified ten fold. The area would crack and break suddenly from the release of energy. The air would distort and crackle from electrical energy ripping apart the area.

It would cover a wide area of ten meters three meters in volume. The energy erupted from his finger tips, pushing outward. The knights in the immediate area would be exposed to a sudden burning sensation as they twitched uncontrollably. They weren't dead immediately but they were dying rather slowly. Roman had the power of storm dwelling with him. A interesting thing happens when someone gets electrocuted. When the current passes through the body it meets the resistance of the flesh. This creates heat that severely burns the external body. Following that the body would twitch uncontrollably from being shocked. The blunt force would cause them to get through back a few meters from the attack like a rag doll. The current would pass through the internal organs causing internal damage. Not being properly protected only made them receive almost double the damage as the metal on their bodies conducted the attack.

As their bodies hit the ground they twitched uncontrollably, foaming at the month. Roman stood up slowly with the sword in his hand. He looked at the sword that he took off the Rune Knight. His eyes surveyed the individuals who were thrown back a few meters. It was a cheap shot that was thrown out in a fit of frustration. He was on edge, as he was on the come down of a drug. He was in a dangerous position as the knights held the higher ground. He wanted to test his swordsman ship against them but they did not give him a chance to pick the weapon up. Once again he had to use a spell to tip the scales in his favor. It was quite unsportsmanlike, but he was a member of the Phantom Lord Guild. They were not above using under handed tactics or sneak attacks to get what they wanted. Roman considered himself a poster child of what the guild stood for. The knights on the other hand would be on the receiving end of this attack.

Twitching on the ground they couldn't really say much. All the other people watching from the sidelines could only express their horror with tears and open mouths. Their protectors were absolutely no match for the Phantom Lord member. They were truly at his mercy. Little did that know they were irrelevant to Roman, there was no fun in killing meaninglessly. He would only kill the innocent if it was to get something from the good guys. At that given moment Roman processed the fact he used some new spells he never thought of before. It just came to him naturally in the given moment. The potential that laid dormant was beginning to unleash itself into the world. Roman would only look at his hands for a moment as energy crackled around them. As he came out of the drug induced dream he realized he was naked. He let out a deep sigh because this kind of thing happened years ago. Something  that he tried to avoid but he knew that it was bound to happen again. He stood up completely to his full height and stretched out.

This whole ordeal was quite the work out for him, fun but still stressful. He looked around and saw the destruction that he left in his wake. The fountain area was broken apart, the market area was torn apart from the initial attack. Regardless Roman was not too worried about the whole Rune Knight looking for him. This area was gang territory and they would avoid a all out war with a Dark Guild. They knew they would have zero issue erasing this whole area to eradicate a threat. Roman just hoped the guild master would not really care about him ripping up the surrounding city like this. He did know for a fact though it would be not wise to stick around the scene of a crime like this. It would be better to just go back home and cure this nakedness he was feeling. Still had a shitty feeling all over his body as he was on the come down of this drug. He would only look at the sword once more and shrug. “I guess I will keep this for later usage.” He said to himself moving towards his apartment. He would step over the twitching bodies of his attackers. Roman held no grudge against them but it was not wise to step up to the plate like that to get knocked down.

He saw the smoking remains of the market place as he walked down the street back to his apartment. He would pass the guild house, which had a few people standing outside to see what the commotion was about. They would not say nothing as a senior of the guild walked past without a care in the world.

“Don't say a word.”

The small crowd would walk into the guild house speaking among themselves. Roman would waltz on by with the sword tapping his shoulder. He was still trying to gather himself after this whole ordeal. He did not come away from this empty handed. He had a neato sword that he could use for future fights. Also he managed to discover some more potent spells to use in combat. His lethality level increased exponentially in the span of a few hours. He could only imagine if he actually went somewhere and put  in actual training. Not just tripping balls on drugs and destroying a few blocks on a whim. Regardless he walked away all the bit stronger. He made it to his front porch and pushed the door open. He assumed it was still unlocked for the simple fact he had no clothing on. He walked into his apartment and locked the door behind him. His stomach was hurting pretty bad suddenly. This prompted him to drop his weapon and run to the bathroom. He plopped down on the toilet and began to unload the demons that held up inside of him. It was funny really because of how this whole thing started. He started on the toilet and ended on the toilet. Looking around the bathroom and could only chuckle at the end of it all. He knew he would most likely do something like this once again, of course maybe a few more months down the road first. For the moment he would find refugee on the crapper as he emptied out his lower bowels.

He reached behind him and grabbed the air fresher to remove some of the stank. Next to him he realized there was a thick pipe that still had a bit of dank in it. The lighter was sitting next to it thankfully. So to end this story he would smoke some of the kush while he blew up the bathroom. He grabbed the lighter and picked up the pipe. It was a golden rectangular device with all sorts of fun designs on it. It was a nice little thing that he could pack a good bit of kush into it. The lighter clicked to life as he brushed his thumb on the ignition. He took a long drag to fill his lungs with the weed smoke. He held it in for a moment before he let it funnel throughout his nose. It was a great feeling that began to overtake the shitty feeling of the come down of the LSD. “Boy what a day, new person same old mistakes right?”


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