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Sirius Concerns [Quest][Solo]

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"Eh..." Aonaka mumbled as he put the rest of his cards of the table. He eyes his tea cup from the side of his eyes, it was almost over. He took a deep breath in and reached for his coat before a rough voice stopped him. He, confused stared at the man in front of him, still getting that familiar scent of tobacco from his dark coat. The person in front of him was utmost of importance, the eldest son of an important family that Aonaka didn't hear about before. But that didn't make them respect any less, without a doubt anyone who had managed to make a place while keeping an aura of seducing mystery was someone to respect, especially for Aonaka. "Stop." the voice had said, with such vigor that was covered in a noble and gentle tone, a symphony of correctly used notes in a single sentence, made Aonaka's hair raise up and his body trembled. It took him a small amount of fast passing time to compose himself to a more suitable position before answering. "I lost, didn't I?" he said, his hands open in a questioning gesture. "Doesn't that mean that I am not suitable for this request of yours? I was sure this was the reason we had played this game." he told Sirius Phantasm, damn, that was a surname. Aonaka wanted one that sounded as cool.

Sirius phantasm collected the cards on the desk with slow moments before speaking, took a sip from his black colored alcohol, which made Aonaka sour his face for a split second and spoke. "No, I know you can do it, the game is not important."

Aonaka tilted his head, but was filled with relief. He needed a job because he had not done for so long. He smiled. "Alright, then please let us go over the details again." he said and put his coat back on the rest of the armchair he was sitting on, took a sip from his tea and opened his ears to listen to what was requested of him once more.

They talked for a while, Sirius wasn't the kind that liked to repeat himself, but it seemed that whether it was the alcohol of the planets aligned, he was in a mellow, subtle and relaxed mood. Aonaka didn't want to mess this up and made sure that he would do his part well. He listened to the statements as good as he could possible and left the room.

"Panthello will have to wait." he thought in his mind and left for home to get ready. He would have to return to the castle.

He just had to act casual and do jobs until he could catch a glimpse of what was going on, it was a simple thing to do, right? He stared at his mirror and slowly slapped his cheek to get in the mood. The distant voices in his mind did not matter at this point. He put some food in the food bins for his beast friend and gently patted him, clenching his own wound from a meeting that happened not so long ago.

Walking through the sprawled streets, he arrived at the castle, but this time he would enter from the employee door, and was greeted with an overweight person that was counting a good amount of jewels. His head was bald and his eyes were too small for his oval shaped face. He glanced at Aonaka for only a small moment and went back to his job. Aonaka approached him. "Hello." he said, but no avail. The guy was acting like he wasn't there, but Aonaka wasn't the kind that would lose his temper in such things. "I am the new worker, here is my employee card." he said without caring that the guy wasn't saying anything. So Aonaka waited. he waited and waited.

Finally, it seemed as the guy was done. He raised up and pointed with his head towards another door where Aonaka followed. "Change into these clothes. I will be giving your jobs. I'm the boss and you better learn that fast." Aonaka smiled behind the guy who was busy trying to find a pair of clothes. he could act as big and mighty as he wanted, Aonaka was there by that guy's boss and while he would rot away in this castle, Aonaka was graced with the chance of meeting the big guy.

After his change, Aonaka was told to go to the garden. He was going to be the assistant mason, and help the woman who was fixing and beautifying the castle walls. At least he would do a fun job while he was here. He changed in to a black shirt, black pants and a brown vest. If anyone around him didn't look the same, he could enjoy the clothes more, no lie. He went to the garden by going outside from another door and was met with endless beauty. He couldn't waste time, however.

The assistant mason was a kind woman who was much older than Aonaka was. While Aonaka didn't care that much about their personality, he was great it was at least someone pleasant to talk to and wait with. His job wasn't that difficult either. he mostly held down some gray bricks and painted over some walls. Sometimes the woman would take a break and Aonaka would do the job instead.

"You seem to be a good kid." She said during one if her breaks while Aonaka was fixing up the wall that seemed to be hit by a spell, as there was a huge burn mark. "You think so? I barely spoke." he answered, his ears open for any suspicious words. "You will be wasted here. Go to a better place." she said without looking. Aonaka's ears raised up. The suspicious person was one of the masons after all, and who said this couldn't be her? "Why so." he said, in a tone that wasn't like a question to make it sound like he wasn't interested.

The mason threw down her water bottle to her bag and sighed. "There is no hurting... I guess." she mumbled very silently. "Experiments." she said, and started to talk.

Aonaka couldn't believe how easy it would be. After their talk and Aonaka promising that he would make sure to leave this place, he went back up to talk with Sirius. They talked and Aonaka told him the truth. The smile on Sirius' face was one of the things he would not be able to forget for a long time. Afterwards, he took his reward, and went back home.

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