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Aonakas RP Fiction Box

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#1Arthur J. Sokolov 

Default on Mon Jan 30, 2017 1:21 am

Aonaka Character:





Chosen Spell-type 1 (Price x2): Supplementary.
Chosen Spell-type 2 (Price x3): Healing.



Tattoo:Middle-Right of the chest, lime green.

Face:Akihiko Sanada - Persona 3.


Height:5'5" | 168

Weight:123 | 55

Hair:Light silver.

Eyes:Reddish brown.

Overall:He is usually seen wearing classical clothes with a more fresh twists in them, managing to wear sweaters and shirts complimented with formal accessories yet still managing to look sporty. He has a slender and weak build, and would earn from eating more.

His most usual attire is a black coat, a thin red sweater, white shirt and a black ribbon-tie. He wears black trousers with dark gray lines and has a pair of nice looking white shoes.

Extra:Bandages on his face and his entire left arm.


Personality:Aonaka has what you can call a "quick realization personality" type of personality, which means that you will go through the normal phases of getting to know someone which would take a considerable amount of time very fast. Your initial assumptions will quickly show their truth, you will get to his core very fast and spend more time you will even get to see the worst parts.

Aonaka is a problematic child that despises violence, however this is taken to a sick, self-righteous form that he uses his beasts to handle what he considers evil while not dirtying his own hand. The boy sees magic as a holy gift, something of a miracle and serene beauty and craft, which makes him hate combat magic, offensive or detrimental, and refuse to use it. He looks at mages who perform such spells as sinners and worst of the worst. To get by and complete tasks, he uses healing and supplementary spells, which he mainly uses on his beast companion.

Aonaka is a good person on initial surface, quickly to be seen that he has an unhealthy mind. He was forced to murder before, and even after saving himself from such situations, his thoughts remained impure, causing many scenes where he let his beasts kill a person while he cried that he had to do it, only to laugh later on that the world is now more clear. To his smallest bits, Aonaka is a boy full of conflicting traits and personality points; the boy is made out of contrast.

He is by no means a powerful mage or fighter, and inside deeply fears conflict, because he is nothing without his companion. He beats himself up for being so weak alone, that he lived through the murder game he was thrown in as a child only because he was lucky, then suddenly laughs that being weak is fine, because he doesn't get his hands dirty.

However, deep down, the initial facade remains true, there is a good heart in there that just simply wasn't able to repent and let go. The day someone forced themselves to him to cleanse him out, would be day that the pure nice boy would show himself, until then, however...:

Alignment:Lawful Evil.


  • Animals:Aonaka's magecraft is entirely based on his beast companions, without them, he is unable to do much except maybe heal possible allies around him. He has exceptional interest towards reptiles, amphibians and birds. Aonaka also sees them and nature completely free of disgust and the animal hunt cycle is the kind of "violence" he will look through and even appreciate.
  • Art:Aonaka finds relief where there is beauty and graceful effort, which art widely contains. While he practices painting and writing himself, he is nowhere good, but it's enough for him.
  • Pantheism:Aonaka adores nature, even though he dislikes being in it for too long except for some special situations. He worships nature, is sworn to protect it. This causes him to see very low value in human life as he believes them to not be in the cycle. (that he made up in his mind.)
  • Smoking:Alcohol causes intoxication, and that is a situation that is extremely unpleasant to him. However smoking is a pleasure, not too thick, not too soft, and the perfect taste is found. The smoke that creates wonderful shapes is the added bonus.
  • Dancing:Aonaka didn't approach dancing for quite sometime, he found itabsolutely barbaricand in general didn't think much out of it. However, trying it once made him think differently and made him realize that the art form was quite nice. He likes slow dancing to fast, swing-type dancing. He does em' all.
  • Other Likes:Reading, meditation, water and swimming, self-righteous "good" acts, soft baths, squishy toys, music, men.


  • Combat:He finds it disgraceful, embarrassing and overall "bad." But maybe the dislike is to cover up his fears.
  • Alcohol:State of being drunk is the gateway to many actions that are deemed unacceptable by Aonakas standards.
  • Noise:Too much noise causes a cut in his railway of thoughts. Aonaka enjoys the quieter, but not dead silent places of safe haven to reestablish his thoughts.
  • Quiet:Too much silence will make a beast boy scared and mad. Past resurfaces when there is no sound. Midway of both is best.
  • Mercy:Aonaka isn't the type that hates mercy overall, but his personality shows him as if he does. He dislikes things being unpunished, as if painful costs must happen as consequences. He is, however, unable to see his own wrong doings.
  • Other Dislikes:Underground, small spaces, smell of ash, smell of fish, smell of meat, meat, meat like things, uncomfortable undies.


  • SurvivalWithout a doubt, everybody wants survival, but for Aonaka, it an embedded fear that caused itself to become a motivation. The memories of the killing game he experienced caused him to fear death and even somehow more; betrayal. He is a loyal person at heart, but his survival instincts kick in that he has the capability to leave people he bonded with in dire situations, running away in fear or become paralyzed with it.
  • (Subconscious) To be released, to let go:Despite everything and also because of everythng, Aonaka yearns for companionship and to get back the childhood he never lived back, to open a new page in his life and to do things that truly feels good. But this motivation is buried under tons of fears and paranoia, creating a facade that seems distant and cold and not sane.


  • Combat without his beasts:Aonaka without his beasts is nothing. This causes him to remember how he won the killing game via luck and not power and skill, makes him remember how weak he is. If his beast companions and/or allies are defeated and he is left alone, he becomes a begging mess of tears and panic, overall, quite pathetic.
  • Death and BetrayalAonaka experienced these both quite enough. His longing for companionship makes him too easily trusting but he cannot put the effort of being friends as much as he deep-down wishes to. He fears betrayal from people, anyone that showed him any kind of kind side. Making new friends is equal to a sleepless night of paranoia and over-thinking.


Magic Name:Handbeat.

Magic Element:Nature.

Magic Description:Handbeat Magic deals with using one's will and energy into colorful flames that represent their true nature, allowing them to bend past the small rules and limits of reality to cause desired effects. It is unable to create any other spell types than supplementary and healing. The spells usually require hand movement instead of invocation, hence the name. The flames are simply magical effects and have no heat nor the requirement for oxygen and such.

Example effects include what you would expect from regular supplementary magics. Dash, wall walking, high jump, camouflage, dummy figures, dummy clones and etc. Quite flexible.

Aonaka's flames are lime green.


History:Until he was 12 years old, Aonaka lived happily with his own family in a small village, and their situation was no where good. He was at first oblivious to the perils of his family and didn't understand why their house was visited regularly by men and women wearing black and why his dad always said "I will get it sometime later, I promise." while begging. While his parents at first was really nice and kind to him, the stress of their situation caused them to take it out on the small Aonaka, to the point their love for him diminished.

It was then when something they wanted to happen. While it was night and the whole village was sleeping, an obvious rich looking man arrived, with guards and a fancy carriage, with clothes that would leave Aonaka's mouth open, gaping. His request, while simple, was also devastating. He wanted Aonaka, and the family would be freed of their debt. The amount they thought about it before giving Aonaka away was shorter than the time they spent time with him after dinner.

When Aonaka stepped in the carriage. That was the moment his vision shifted and a trembling headache was what brought it back. He woke up in a big, spacious place with white lighting, no wall colors, marble tiled floors. He was scared, but was quickly relieved to see other children like him around. They talked and talked until all of them woke up, searched a way out together, talked about what they remembered, cried together. But when they all woke up, they were notified of their horrible situation, they wouldn't be let out until there was only one left and they were bombarded with motives to bring their worst.

The big kids took action quickly, and screaming and panic rose along with them. Aonaka was a small, peasant boy who knew he had no chances, he ran and ran until he entered the limits of the arena, where wooden beams held together something. There, he saw a small stone-looking thing, moving, and fearfully approached it and the stone turned out to be an egg. The egg hatched, and Aonaka found beauty and miracle in his horrible situation. He kept hiding for hours to hours, meeting many friendly looking children who also seemed like they were hiding, only for them to attack the unsuspecting Aonaka from behind.

And then the bird was back, and it was strong enough. Aonaka watched his avian friend beak the eyes out of people who approached him with bad intentions, watched the bird attack with it's steel like wings, and before he knew what was happening, his small avian companion has killed the rest of the members that didn't kill each other yet.

He was let out, given a sum of jewels to shut up was left to wander the streets. The jewels were big enough for him to get a house, increase his magic knowledge and do odd jobs to get by. He now wanders Fiore, now knowing where he will find himself next.

Or check this link for better view.

Hey there!

I want to get started with some role-playing and I had an idea to make a topic like this to see if we can find some characters that can benefit each others stories so I will be listing some relationships/fictions/topics/etc I want for Aonakas character and if you're up let's go.~

Ps: I am not limiting myself to just these ideas, if you think there is a different way our characters can interact than feel free to PM me or we can discuss it here.

PPs: Your characters don't have to fit word by word to these descriptions! They are just there to give out the idea better.

PPPs: Make sure Aonaka also can help you with some plot that you want for your character and feel free to let me now, it's the best if both characters can gain from each other.

1 - Conflicting Contrasted Ally

Aonaka is a classic out of the book tragic evil guys that doesn't realize his bad ways. To the point I feel like I didn't make this guys evil enough, he is in a state where he is leaning towards evil slowly. I plan on doing some evil requests for the infamy but mixed in with some good requests to slow it down, but of course I will have to be picky about em.

I do plan on Aonaka to slowly actually be good and not so edgy, but I want it to be slow. The best way for this would be a character that could either see through him, a good character that isn't afraid of beating Aonaka to a pulp when he sees his wrong doings and slowly convert him to the good side. Preferably a MC member given that Aonaka has a high sense of justice that is sadly screwed up.

My imagination shows me a good yet mysterious person that know when to get their hands dirty for the sake of good, while making sure Aonaka doesn't do the same as often, or does it right.

So if you are looking for a pupil-like character that your character can influence and form something of a mentor/student relationship, Aonaka is your game.~

2 - Manipulator

As much as Aonaka is planned to slowly be good, RP is a flexible thing and I am open to my whole ideas change with some effective topics. An evil character that knows who they are who knows how to get in peoples mind can be a good alternative for Aonaka, someone who can read what he is like and use words and behaviors, perhaps even like a holier-than-thou kind of approach to Aonaka to make him revere themselves to slowly make him do their bidding, slowly converting him to evil while still managing to keep his "oh im not doing anything bad, the fact that that guy just died because I kinda killed him sis not bad becus its good nice." mind set.

3 - Protagonist

This type of character is your classic shounen anime main character, bold, brash, self confident and loud. Someone who does good for the sake of good and maybe talks about friendship a lot. This type of character can either be an ally to Aonaka or a rival depending on their ideas, such as "Haha you are not so bad let's do missions!!!" or "Wow you kinda suck, Aonaka." and constantly tell him that he is not doing good despise Aonaka refusing a lot.

I think a rivalship can benefit more and even if it doesn't change like their alignment they can learn a lot from their conflict and about each other. So hmu if you character needs an alternative point of view and you like Aonakas.


These are the ideas I have for now and again remember that I am open to being flexible, I won't be like "follow my ideas word by word or ill cry in a corner, twice, badly" or anything like that. I wanted to make some ideas and put em right there since I am not good at finding topics and it might be easier to work on ideas from a flexible foundation.

So if you like these ideas, like Aonakas character, think you can benefit plot-wise from roleplaying with him OR have an idea that isn't any of the things I stated up there that your character and Aonaka can do, then HIT. ME. UP. Y'ALL. And let's get some role-plays going on.

#2Nastasya Crowe 

Default on Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:45 am

Hi! Me again :)

I read your profile and I am thinking of a plot since I recently became a vampire. I was wondering if you would like to try and work on me being the manipulator (Man this sounds mean). I could read my character in the description, since her arguments would always be: it was only necessary to kill and so on.

Well let me know what you think?

#3Arthur J. Sokolov 

Default on Mon Jan 30, 2017 6:14 am


I went through your character description and it does seem like she would fit the manipulator part, especially the acting part and such. There is a slim chance of bonding over some childhood problems but can't say if they felt the same things given their characteristics haha.

Aonaka has a high chance of finding her acting quite artistic, and would be too jumbled in mind to see where you are acting and not, but the bold, brash, arrogant side would probably make Aonaka's eye twitch from moment to moment, since he criticizes the smallest of lively moment that breaks his screwed standards.

The kind of manipulation he would get from Natasya would be a kind that he wouldn't even realize since she doesn't seem like an evil mastermind that plays with minds for fun, so he would be really susceptible to it simply by being around her.

So I'd say hell yeah I'd love to see how it goes and please correct me if I have wrong assumptions!

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