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Sirius Concerns(mission)

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Default on Sun Jan 29, 2017 3:57 pm

Caius sat at the outside of the giant castle in Oak Town. It was castle Phantasm, one of the oldest buildings in the towns history and home to one of the most powerful families. They had many friends but that came with a lot of enemies as well. A nearby quest called for a dark mage to the castle to overlook some work. "So you think one of these workers is a traitor?" Caius asked. Across from him was the oldest son Sirius. He was drinking a glass of red wine as he started down the dark mage. "Yes. I will give you a uniform. Just scout out the area and report back to me to get paid. Simple no?" he said. Afterwards he got up and headed back inside. Caius looked over to the group of workers and saw them repairing a wall. Recently, the family had been attacked by another family of the town that wanted them gone so they could rise up in power. The attacks were not that strong nad should not have been able to break down the hard stone walls that surrounded the castle Phantasm. However, they crumbled with ease. The eldest of the family knew something was up[. He didn't look like it but he was very smart. Caius had been around liars and cheats his whole life being in a dark guild. He was seasoned and would be able to tell if one of these workers was sabotaging the gate for the rival family.

Caius put on his work uniform and would head over to the wall that was currently under repair. Currently, the job was simple for him. He would move the stones over using a dolly and the others would put it up to the wall and set it in place. Caius continued doing this for a few hours when the wheel broke off teh dolly which wouldn't allow them to continue. They would have to place an order for a new one . Not wanting to waste time, Caius used his strength and picked up the bricks with his bare hands and would carry them over. The others workers were impressed that he was able to lift them because they were stones that were heavy and weighed a fuck ton but he had his huge biceps to overcome them. This was a way he could win their trust over and get closer so he could learn more about them and maybe one of them would slip up and reveal that they were the snitch that was screwing over the family that employees them. After a few more hours of work, they had finally finished moving them over. Now they had a break before they had to seal them to keep the wall sturdy. No suspicious activity yet but Caius would keep an eye out on the second half of the work and find out the snitch that was ruining the wall. It was almost personal now after all the grunt work Caius had just done.



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After the break was over it was back to work. Caius would head up the ladder to the wall with another man to help seal the bricks in place. They were given a pan with a sticky material to hold them in place and two brushes. Caius would use the brush on the sealed stones to help seal them in place. THe material must have had some type of magic enchanting it because once it was spread it would harden almost instantly. Caius had finished side when he noticed the man next to him was skipping over spots. He could hear him mumbling to himself so he would go in closer to hear what he was saying. Upon getting closer he heard the man talking about how this would screw over Phantasm family and make them lose the battle with the rival family so they could get taken over and he could get rewarded the money that they promised. Caius would laugh at the man as he noticed how close he was. He asked if he heard him and Gaius shook his head. "Don't worry your secret is safe with me." Caius would say. The other man basically had confessed that he was the one betraying the family so Caius decided to take care of it. He would push the man off the ledge they were sitting on and then he fall and smash into the ground and be knocked out. The other men would rush him to get medical help and Caius would finish up the spots on the wall so it was sturdy.

After the wall was done, it was time to report to the head of the house who was Sirius Phantasm. Caius would walk up to him at the table they first met and saw him drinking wine and looking on in anticipation. "So did you find him?" he would ask. Caius sat down across and would shake his head. "Yep the one that got hurt that's your guy." It looked like that man that fell who was the snitch hit his head and didn't remember anything so he wouldn't remember that Caius found out about them and would be punished. Satisfied with his work, Sirius would go inside and leave Caius outside as he went in and go the reward money for the request. Caius would tap his foot as it took a while but he finally emerged. He gave him a pouch and other small one as a bonus for doing such fine work on the wall and finding the snitch. He would encourage him to help him in the future if he had any other matters as the family ruled most of Oak and would be able to reward him handsomely. Caius would think about it as he counted the money. once he was done he waved goodbye to the eldest son of the Phantasm family and head back. He had guild work that he had to take care of in the town.


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