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I need a drink! [Alice]

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#1Selena Maelstrom 

on Sun Jan 29, 2017 6:21 am

Selena hmwas walking from the Rock arena of Baska. She had just finished watching on of the last matches of the tournament. She herself had just lost to Finn for the second time in a row and was not too happy about it. Selena had been resisting the urge to head to the bar to drown her sorrows. She jad been in there many times this week alone after each fight to calm her nerves and was turning to a real alcoholic. However now that she had waited a day and finished watching a match she thought it only fair to herself to get one, or two, or ten pints. It was a sunny day in Baska as spring was just around the corner. It was kind of odd since Baska was high in altitude but nevertheless Selena enjoyed it.

As Selena walked into town which was kow like a second home to her. As she reached the for the doot to the bar, a familar scent caught her nose. Alice? Why was she here? She wasnt in the sign ups! She wasn't fighting or anything so why was she here? Selena had to leave abruptly the last time as her emblem for the tournament began to heat up in her pocket as if ready to go off. Selena then was faced with a dilemma. Get a drink or find her cousin. Her conscience got the better of her as she followed the scent of her cousin.

#2Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sun Jan 29, 2017 6:43 am

Surprisingly Alice was in a rather happy mood. Which if you knew her was something special. She was almost skipping, she was definitely humming and she was smiling. Her hair was braided over her left shoulder and she looked happy. Well she was for right now but in general she still wasn't. However if you asked her why she was happy, she would probably abruptly stop singing, almost skipping and smiling because she didn't know. But no one asked, and no one cared at this moment.

She was walking or almost skipping around the market. Humming about not sure what to do. She was at a stance looking at scarves and pashminas. She might wanted to buy a new one. She had enough money since she had seen the semi finals and the finals and it was rather interesting to go about and buy something new. She liked new clothing. She had already bought a new jacket that she was wearing now. She had bought it before, a black woollen trenchcoat. She just needed the perfect gloves and a perfect scarf with it.

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#3Selena Maelstrom 

on Sun Jan 29, 2017 7:17 am

Selena walked around town with her nose in the air. Most gave her quizzical looks and the rest pointed and whisoered. She always got those kinds of looks when she was trying to sniff someone or something out. Selena stopped once she had reached the busy market place. She needed her eyes now. Alice's ginger glow would be very easy to see as most of the inhabitants had dark hair. Almsot as soon as her head came down Selena noticed Alice. She was near a clithing stall looking at some scarfs. "This would look freat on you." Selena said taking a long checkered grey scarf with about 50 shades of the colour grey. "Now for a pair of gloves." Selena said trying to act casual although trying with all jer might to supress a grin.

#4Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sun Jan 29, 2017 7:26 am

Alice was holding a pashmina but put it down soon. The cream colour was not her thing. Also didn't match well with her hair if she thought so herself. Maybe a brown one? Would look good with her eyes. She grabbed a pair of black leather gloves that looked rather elegant and tried them on. They fitted perfectly and she continued to hum when she heard someone say that it would look great on you. Out of curiousity and with her good mood she looked up, only to see her own cousin looking at her, holding a scarf with a lot of different aspects of the colour grey. "You think?" was all she asked when she put the gloves down and took the scarf from Selena. She put it around her neck and looked at one of the mirrors. Surprisingly it didn't look so bad. "You're right, I'll take it. As for the gloves I already found some." she showed the leather black gloves and smiled to Selena. Still not aware of her own happy mood that much. She went to the owner of the stall and paid for the scarf and the gloves before turning back to Selena. "I assume you didn't only show up by my side to help me shopping now did you?" She wasn't still so sure what to think about Selena, but she was actually already a bit too much attached to the woman to her own liking. She apparently wanted a family more than she thought about it herself.

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#5Selena Maelstrom 

on Sun Jan 29, 2017 1:11 pm

"Oh nice gloves." Selena saod putting a hand to them feeling the fabric. "Really goes well with those.".

Alice decided to address the elephant on the street and asked why she was there. "Well I'm in Baska for the tournament well was anyway. But here right now. Well remember how we wanted to be friends this is ehy I'm here. So cmon lets have some fun today." Selena said trying to smile and flicking through the different variations of sun glasses and bracelets. Selena really did want to be friends with Alice and hope to tell her more of their past. Selena was holding onto a lot and needed to tell someone and Alice deserved to know herself.

#6Adelaide Sokolov 

on Tue Jan 31, 2017 12:56 pm

Alice smiled happily at Selena because of the fact that she liked the gloves as well. Still the Requip mage didn't notice that she was in such a happy mood. Still humming a little when there was no need to talk. The skipping was over though but again she wasn't walking to somewhere else. She turned to the seller of the stance to buy the scarf and the gloves. She had asked Selena what she did here and that it was probably not to support her for her shopping.

She gave the money and looked at Selena with surprise. She had seen her in the tournament, because she had obviously come there to watch and steal but the last part she didn't dare to tell her cousin. There were probably other ways to get money but she still had not found them.

She took the bag from the woman, thanked her and turned to Selena. With a big grin because she actually did like that Selena took the effort to become friends as she had suggested, "Alright what do you have in mind?"

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#7Selena Maelstrom 

on Fri Feb 03, 2017 11:42 am

Selena watched Alice as she payed for her goods, rather than steal them like a regular dark mage would. Was it because Selena was there or because she had stopped that life? Speaking of that life where did she get the money? "Oh so you paid for that money yourself? Nice! Did you get out of that guild yet and find somewhere to really make use of your skills?" Selena asked. She did not care too much that the question was slightly harsh in a way, she just wanted the best for her cousin. Selena made sure to keep her smile and make it as normal as possible. Alice seemed to be in a very good mood too so hopefully she did not take too much offence from her statement. As she Spoke Selena crossed her arms leaning against the stall, but not so much in a superior way, she was just trying to be 'casual'.

#8Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat Feb 04, 2017 3:24 am

Alice turned to look at Selena with the bag in hand. She raised an eyebrow, not wanting to say how she got the money she could answer one thing only: "I always pay what I buy as in for what I want to have. I would feel rather I don't know, stupid if I walk in stolen clothing." She only didn't think about the stolen money, so technically her clothes were still stolen, you only had to see it in that way and Alice denied that.

She stared at the ground however when Selena asked if she had left Phantom Lord. She rooted a bit with her shoe into the ground, "Not yet. I haven't been to the Guild yet." Even though she didn't want to betray Selena, she also didn't want to say the location out loud, maybe Selena knew and maybe not. However it wasn't as if she had met Guildmembers, she should point that out. "I don't know anyone in Phantom Lord and I also don't know how it works with the insignia. Will it disappear without scars? I don't look forward to have a scar on my arm." She looked a bit panicked. The whole happy mood seemed to have been covered by a dark cloud. She had to leave Phantom Lord especially if she wanted to make the bond between her and Selena better, which she did. If she wanted to stop lying about the idea that she wasn't in a Guild. She shouldn't join a Guild, even though Rowan his description seemed rather nice.

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#9Selena Maelstrom 

on Sun Feb 05, 2017 6:54 am

"Haha good. Cabt tell you the amount of shoplifters I've met who decided to wear the stollen clothes with the tag still on." Selena said witha small giggle. She of course knew or rather wanted to know that Aloce would never be as stupid, but being in a dark guild it would be hard to do.

After Selena asked weather or not alice had left the guild she tensed up a little. Selena knew what was coming. Selena still smiled although her eyes showed a small trace of disappointement. Alice then went on ti say she knew almost no one and wasn't sure what would happen when she left. Would there be a scar from her mark ir weather she'd be allowed to leave at all. Selena's eyes emptied of their disappointment and now flashed brightly with determination! Alice wanted to leave the guild she was just scared of the outcome. "No need to worry Ali! It can't be too bad i mean i hear rumors of how they are kicked out and what happens but its never severe." Selena reassured her, trying to keep any signs of happiness from her voice but failing. "See they cant do anything horrible to you or else you'll press charges and then its our job! And besides I think if you go against their beliefs enough they should want to get rid of you. Sorry if i sound a little too happy I'm just relived you are gonna leave. That place is toxic and will only caise problems and you dont deserve that." Selena said her reassuring smile was still there. Selena waited to see how Alice would respond to her but now Alice was in such a good mood she almost did not care how negative her response was.

#10Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sun Feb 05, 2017 7:35 am

"People like that deserve to be arrested, they are too stupid." Alice muttered, not completely admitting that she herself was a thief but it was still something that she thought. Everyone that was dumb enough, get of the street. She couldn't help but again smile at Selena when she seemed to be so relaxed herself. She was quite afraid of what Selena would say, "I don't really believe that I do belong in any guild." She said again a little softer, she had heard Rowan and well she knew Selena was a Knight but how did people decided to join?

Alice was a bit surprised by the determinated actions of Selena right now. She blinked a bit in surprise and stared at her cousin while she walked away from the stance where she had just bought her scarf and gloves. It was meant to be a bit reassuring but Alice was a bit hesitated, she gave a small smile and she was more surprised by the nickname Ali than by anything else.

When Selena was done with her short speech, Alice nodded, she had a good point and it was time to go to Oak, "I will go as soon as I can and get rid of this thing." She gave again a weak smile, it was time to go and do this and make Selena happy about her decision, "Is there anything you need by the way?" She wasn't entirely sure what more to say, she was still getting used to the idea of being friends. Sure she had a few, not more than a hand full at the orphanage but she was more used to doing things alone. This was the first time she was okay with advice, she normally didn't listen to adults, she didn't consider herself always one with being just twenty but hey, you had to do something.

"You know what. I will go right now." She nodded to herself and looked at Selena, "Again a short meeting. But next time. We should hang out more." she said with a faint smile and turned around to leave.


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#11Selena Maelstrom 

on Sat Feb 18, 2017 7:20 am


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