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Outcomes [Rowan]

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Sun Jan 22, 2017 6:58 pm

The young neko sat outside away from the noise where she could think to herself. She was recovering from being knocked out in the battle against Rowan. A smile shown on her face as she smoked her cigarette remembering how intense it was. Surely, she wasn't disappointed. He was a worthy mage that lived to her expectations. Definately, did he pack a punch when he knocked her out. It wasn't even ten minutes into the fight. Though, her comrades must of see their co-leader become dominated over her opponent. Selena would probably have a bone to pick with her, but although there was more to being leader than winning battles. IT was about leadership and maintaining a good relationship with those lower than you.

She had a bottle of cheap and bad tasting whisky, but was keeping her going. The illness she had only allowed her to have alcohol. She was immune to it. It was like the gift from the gods to most people she met, but she found it more of a curse. She couldnt get herself waste to at least give her the benefit of drinking her sorrows away. Though, what could you do?

"Man, I wish Rowan luck against Arisa. and if he faces Hikaru, he's fucked. Hikaru doesn't need my support. He's a man of 'self-reliance' and that stupid shit. Kon and I had our asses kicked. Now I gotta figure out why my eye is going spastic" she said to herself. There was a lot to still tell her brother about the illness. Kon hated her guts and Selena was well...either jealous or hated her guts though never wanted to say. Alek...was somewhere. She needed a neutral party or a friend she could sit down with and help her. Concord and her fiance were sure of help, but she needed more people in her life. Some pleasent people that were not in the Rune Knights! Gods was she starting to hate them.

#2Rowan Vincent 

on Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:41 am

With the chill of winter having set in Rowan found it odd that he felt a compulsion to leave his hotel room for the day. It wasn't necessarily a cold day, but the bleak atmosphere brought on by the clouds and the dismal look of the trees made things seem a bit more dreary than perhaps they really were. Yet, something had managed to encourage the gentleman just enough to the point that he felt getting out of bed was simply the right thing to do. His body was still rather tired from all the fighting he had been taking part in since he had arrived in Baska, but he found himself waking every day with something new and interesting to occupy his off time while he was in town.

His walk began outside his hotel, and had somehow brought him quite far off the beaten path to a little traveled spot of town where few but the locals often came. What had drawn Rowan to this particular locale he could not say, but when he saw the familiar face of an old opponent he found the purpose of his being there. Striding over to his former foe of the tournament, the gentleman announced himself with a bow and a smile. "My goodness, it is a pleasure to see you again, Lady LeeAnn. Come to wash away some thoughts that have perturbed you as of late?"

#3LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Mon Jan 23, 2017 12:02 pm

The young neko heard footsteps coming towards her way from the left side. Her ears perked up as her left one twitched out of curiosity. The redhead turned her head to see Rowan, her former opponent from the Martial Arts Tournament. A smile grew on her face, one of a side smile that seemed to enjoy someone else's company. He was formal calling her Lady LeeAnn something only the employees at the Nakamura Mansion would call her. It felt odd, but she gave a small laugh. She stood up and bowed herself out of manners from what her father had drilled into her. Her Rune Knight armor was on showing even more of a status. It was something she always wore now because you never know when it might come in handy and because she wanted to be more formal.

Rowan mentioned she was washing away some sorrow making her look at her drink. She was reminded of her immunity and wished she could. Though, if her wish was even fulfilled she would be a alcoholic. A small laugh came from her. "If I could, I would, but just came to get some fresh air. Baska is a pleasant little town if you dont count the large crowds. It's good to see you again, Rowan. Congratulations on advancing to the next round. It was quite a fight, must say. You do a lot better than most in the Rune Knights" she replied. She would offer him to sit down and ask if he would like anything to drink. It would be on her tab, of course. Money was never an issue for her since she had a pretty good income without the Nakamura's money. She preferred to not take handouts from other people or her father. "That fight we had was one I really enjoyed. Serously, it has made me a bit happier since then. You're a good mage. What guild are you in by the way" she asked.

#4Rowan Vincent 

on Tue Jan 24, 2017 3:10 pm

Rowan would take the offered seat as he listened to the plight of the young woman. It seemed she was dealing with the heavy weight of remorse within her thoughts. He could understand her desire to escape the hustle and bustle of the town. The lack of noise could be more therapeutic than most ever realized, and growing up on a farm the young man had been one of the lucky few who knew. "I appreciate the sentiment, LeeAnn, but I would say my advancement has been based purely on luck. I'm not as outstanding a fighter as you might have been led to believe by our bout. In fact, I am almost certain you would have bested me were it not for the stars aligning in my favor that day." He paused for a moment, looking out towards the land beyond and simply allowing his thoughts to coalesce. "I am glad, however, to hear that you enjoyed our duel. It was a great honor to be able to fight someone like you. Typically, I am not a personal fan of the Rune Knights, but you have become one of the few I can truly see as a champion of what is right. In the ring, opponents can become as close as siblings. We are allowed to glimpse into the very soul of the ones we fight, and in doing so we become a part of each other. I like to think that is something certain members of Lamia Scale, the guild I am a part of to answer your question, seek to use such experiences as a way to grow personally. Of course, I could be wrong."

#5LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Sun Jan 29, 2017 5:38 pm

Rowan was a true gentlemen unlike most people in the Rune Knights. Even more so than her brother, at least she could be herself around someone that wasn't in a Knight uniform for once. He said his was just luck and if she didn not give out like she had done, she would have a better chance. A small laugh came from her out of enjoying the compliment. "Don't sell yourself short, my friend. You are pretty skilled yourself. Aiming low is a good key point for your first move and the diversion punch was simple, but powerful if your opponent is caught of guard. I am Knight ad trained to the tick top shape, but you did manage to knock me out cold in the right spot" she said. She was trying to give him some more compliments to make sure he was not being hard on himself. Though, she was right. The Rune Knights trained you hard and well for fights like this. It was her speciality although magic on the other hand was not. It all relies on the basics.

The Lamia Scale mage looked out into the open rolling hills and basking sunlight. Out here was peaceful, it made the whole world stop and just allowed you to breath. This little town made it seem like life was always like this. Tranqility. Calm. Flawless lifestyle. Leeann had almost forgotten what peace felt like. This was the feeling. She listened to Rowan speaking as they both stared at the scenery and the vast open sky. He stated he was glad she enjoy their duel. One thing that stood out to her was that he was not fond of Rune Knights and he would make an acception of her. It made her think back to how she was never rule following and always destroy property. As the council said, she was more Fairy Tail material. They threatened to kick her out, but they never followed through because they were just that leant. He did state in the arena opponents were like sibings seeing their true souls. She smiled when she said Lamia Scale."That's because I am not your typical Rune Knight. I don't follow all the rules and break them. Life is like a constant battle my father always told me. You will be battling yourself more than other people. You know what? He was right. In the battlefield, we are only fighting for an award, but represents a life lesson. We all win some and loose some. In the end, we are all doing the same thing in the end" she commented.

#6Rowan Vincent 

on Mon Jan 30, 2017 4:05 pm

"Your father was a very wise man, LeeAnn." Rowan remarked. When he had risen this morning he did not think this was where his day would go, but he was quite content with the turn of events. LeeAnn was much like him in her determination, of that much Rowan was certain, and he could feel that there was more about her he wished to know. Something about the way the flames of passion burned in her very voice stoked Rowan's own ambitions as they had during their tournament match. "I suppose his words remind me of my father's. As much as I was once ashamed to admit it, I grew up on a farm not far from this very village. I was born of low status, and as I grew older I found that I made such an inconsequential thing my greatest burden. I longed to leave that farm, and at the first chance I left to pursue what turned me into the man you see now." He paused. The memory of who he once was still affected him in ways even he did not totally understand. "I regret that decision to this day. I lost the connection I had to my past, and shunned all that I knew in hopes of becoming one of the high brow elites I had heard of. I should have guessed that elegance was all a facade." A deep frown rested on his features, and the mood seemed destined to head into disaster. But something interrupted such notions with a wiggle within Rowan's jacket. The shaking became increasingly violent until from his collar popped a rather cute looking creature. "Zhu-li." Rowan said with surprise. He had not known his companion had followed him when he left the inn. The creature looked to her master with a hard stare as if to chastise him for his depressing words. After a moment, Rowan couldn't help but smile. "Yes, I suppose you're right, Zhu-li." He his attention back to LeeAnn. "My father and mother taught me much before I left, and some of the lessons I learned are much like what your father taught you. I suppose we both have reason to be thankful to have such valued parentage at our backs, yes?"

#7LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Mon Jan 30, 2017 7:34 pm

Rowan and her were a lot alike and it grew onto the redhead that perhaps there was more to each other that really meets the eye. Everyone had some sort of darkness they with held. Something they are scared or ashamed of that turned them into the people they are today. For her, it was the kidnapping, tortured, and becoming ill forcing to eat humans against her will. The illness was peculiar because barely anyone had ever heard of it. It forced her to have a strange diet such as the only thing she could drink was alcohol and eat humans. She felt ashamed because of it. Though, she would never kill anyone. The Magic Council promised to not arrest her if she agreed to never kill anyone which was a pretty good compromise for being the Council. They supplied her with amputated limbs from soldiers once a month and her fiance would pick it up for her. Now that was all over, it was thanks to becoming a Neko. Her diet has changed wiping the factor of being a forced cannibal.

She remained silent at the thought of that ridged place. Rowan seemed to praise her father for the wise words. Indeed, he was a wise man. She was thankful to have such a loving and supporting father. It reminded her fellow mage of his own father. The subject itself turned a little dark. He opened up a little about his life on the farm and they weren't well off. He seemed bothered by either the status or something else. LeeAnn went with option two. Most likely, he did something that he was regretting it. Though, it was none of her business to pry. He wasn't being nosy with her. Why should she place er nose where it doesn't belong? It was fair that she should share a little bit about herself. She would wait until he was done. Infact, his home was not far from there.

When the converstion gotten to a low point, something poked around in his jacket pocket as a little creature popped out. The neko's cat ears perked forward out of curiousity. It was adorable. Animals and little creatures were every girl's weakness. The one true thing that made LeeAnn show a little softness every now and then. The pet was named Zhu-li. What an interesting name! She or he seemed to be trying to cheer him on. Much like Hans would do with her only a sarcastic remark about insanity being sanity or something weird she would never come to understand. "Aww, who's this little guy? I have been wanting a companion for quite sometime, but nothing has stuck out at me" she said. She would attempt to pet the little familiar if it let her. Then she would sit back down getting serious about their conversation. "I can understand. Baring a burden only you can understand, though I come from a very wealthy family. My half-older brother, Hikaru, and my parents love me. I want to bring honor to the family and want to seem as worthy in their eyes. Of course, they love me regardless, but years ago I was kidnapped along with my mother and tortured. Became extremely ill, eating only certain things that people in our society will become disgusted by, but it was out of my control. My fiance saved me from that horrible place. We left my mother behind because it was too late or else we both would of been stuck there. I regret leaving her behind. It pains me everyday. Though, the person I was then compared to now I still hate her. I lost who I am...my childhood was taken away from me because of them! I am all fucked up basically" she explained. It was a mouthful for her to say and not easy to explain the details because she never really like telling people about her past. Though, it was nice to tell a fellow mage something that bothers you. You could not bottle things up at all. She drank more of her alcohol and sighed being slightly refreshed. "Thing is, we have been battered, bruised, shattered, and broken yet we still stand here fighting ourselves and clinging onto hope. I am surprised with how far I have come. If it weren't for my family and my fiance, I would of ended my life by now. Without our parents, where would we be? I thank my father for raising me when my mother was absent. It was never easy for him, but he did a good job. Now that he has helped me, I am going to help him and make my family proud. Tell me Rowan, what's troubling you? You dont have to tell me, but it does worry me to see someone else in trouble" she asked.

#8Rowan Vincent 

on Wed Feb 01, 2017 12:37 pm

"This is Zhu-li." Rowan offered. The aforementioned creature had plodded over to LeeAnn with a curious look on its face. She gave the redhead a once over before giving her a grin of pure mischief. Rowan gave his companion a tap on the shoulder and shook his head disapprovingly. He could practically read the mind of his closest friend, and he knew that if he didn't keep her in check she might do something stupid. "She's been my friend for quite some time now after I rescued her. Her species has never allowed those they perceive as weak to remain in their ranks, and Zhu-li sort of fell into that category when she was young. I found her before the nastier sort of beasts caught her without her family, and since then we've traveled together from one end of this country to the other. She's quite powerful too. But she gets a little too big for herself sometimes. She wants to fight you, I can tell." The mustelid like creature huffed at her partner, but made no move to contest the statement. Instead she took a seat beside LeeAnn as if to show her dissatisfaction with Rowan. The blonde only shook his head.

He allowed LeeAnn the courtesy of sharing her own tale of woe as he had, and found himself moved by her own willingness to open up to a near stranger. Her story was not much like his own, but he felt kinship in that the two had come up against their share of hardships, and come out better for it in the end. But as for what was troubling him, well that was a different tale entirely. "It is hard to say, LeeAnn. I am not a very complex man. I live, I laugh, I love, and I learn just as everyone else does. Yet, I find myself at a sort of crossroads within my own heart. I look back and see a version of myself that I despise, but I cannot simply leave that part of me behind for it is still a part of who I am. I look ahead and see someone I desire to be, and yet I have no idea how to reach out and grasp that new dream. Who am I to be? Should I reconcile with the person I was? The man who viewed himself as a nobleman. The man who came to step over the masses as if he was not one of them. The man who came to believe, like so many of the aristocracy in this country, that he deserved all that was available. Or do I seek to erase my own being, and become someone I do not yet know? It is a conundrum I am not sure I am able to solve as of yet."

#9LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Fri Feb 03, 2017 1:31 pm

LeeAnn listen to the fellow Lamia Scale mage about his problem. His little companion was sitting beside her due to disagreeing with her owner. It was really cute! She felt flatter that the little creature was bold enough to do such a thing. It made her want a companion even more. Who knew what her fiance would do with it? Perhaps train it to help her build an airship or just celestial plans or something. She never knew with him after all he was a kitsune. Though, for now that was remain a secret only among her team and those who found out just by chance. He saved her from being killed which made he heart lighten up a little seeing that there was some good things about humanity.

When it came time to the one question she asked: If he was alright? He was confused about something. The way he decribed it was he was looking at himself in the past as a person. She could see he looked to be selfish from how he described his past self. He looked to want to let go that part of him but wasnt ready to make such a jump. Whether to erase himself as a person and become someone whom he doesn't know. She sat there since she herself was in the same situation. "To be honest, I dont know. I am in the same exact situation. Only I dont even know who I really am. Sure I am LeeAnn Alister Kaya Nakamura, but is she really gone? What happened to her? Someone who used to be so happy and fun now eaten by a physcotic mess that can barely keep herself together for the man she loves and her family. Someone so paranoid someone might kidnap her that she has to have someone walk her out at night. We both are at crossroads, my friend. I cannot help you there" she replied. Since the talk with Konstantin, she has been healing from her meltdown gradually. It was starting to show thanks to the help of her fiance. A supportive man who loves her regardless of situation. She would take one more sip of her drink and give a final puff of her cigarette. "What I think...is people make us who we are. Friends. Your companion. You are not totally selfish. You saved her life from everything and I am sure she is enternally greatful. You have given me your time of day. A good fight. Shared your story. I can tell a good man when I see one even if it is through a cover" she said. She put out her cigarette in the ash tray and sat up turning more towards him to show she was getting a little serious. "Trust me when I say it, its in you. I can read a person based on first impressions. Now, you are a rival of mine, a mage of Lamia, perhaps a potential close friend. I like helping people because I dont like to see them suffer. Lets make a promise to each other, you help me and I help you. Promise me, that you have my back and I will have yours, a knights honor and Nakamura law, if you count that" she said. She would give a smile of hope for him trying her best to tell him that time will eventually give them something to work on.

#10Rowan Vincent 

on Mon Feb 06, 2017 2:35 pm

Rowan allowed his conception of mannerisms to fade for the moment, and flopped back into the grass with a long sigh. LeeAnn was right, it was unfair to ask her to come up with some sort of solution to his problem. She was no oracle, and it was not up to her to see to it that he lead an easier life. His choices would have to be his own to make, and despite the difficulty of such a task he knew he would have to rise to the occasion just as he always had in the past. It would be unfair to say that he was without prior experience in the field, but it had never been easy. Still, he supposed life was never meant to be easy for someone like him. If it was, then it wouldn't be interesting in the slightest, and nothing made Rowan more excited to wake up in the morning than the promise of new experiences no matter how difficult they might prove to be. To that end, he found himself still quite glad he had chosen to attend to the unknown feeling that had drawn him to LeeAnn's location that day. Despite her inability to offer a straight answer he felt that her advice was well said, and it could lead him to the answer he was seeking despite his own reservations.

"Honor you say? That is a word I know quite well, but never have I grasped the true concept of the word. I dare to wonder if anyone ever has or ever will, but I suppose one could say that about many words. Truth, justice, peace, and all those other words that speak on concepts much loftier than the simple meanings we humans can give them. What a word; honor." He sat up. "But if you seek my promise to serve as your rival and friend then you shall have it, Lady Nakamura." He said. "You have proven to be a woman of uncompromising character, and for that I commend you with the highest honors a lowly mage can offer. And I can tell Zhu-li has taken a liking to your personality as well as I." As if in response the creature crawled up onto LeeAnn's shoulder and perched herself with a smile. "I wonder, LeeAnn, what will you become as you continue your climb to the newest heights? You are a woman full of possibilities, and I do hope to see just what you will one day accomplish."

#11LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Mon Feb 06, 2017 6:59 pm

She would always continue to wonder what each day would bring her. Sorrow? Joy? Another friend or enemy? The world was full of possibilities that she had to seek. Although, her eyes were on one thing. Finding her mother. That has been her true purpose for years. Her father said to not put all of her eggs in one basket and so that brought her to think again. Should she focus on her wedding with her fiance? Seeking to climbing ranks in the Rune Knights? Or prove herself to her brother? Either way, there were may other things she was aiming for without even giving it a second thought. The approval from her older brother was definitely one of them. She lied back on the grass. The redhead heard Rowan reply to her offer. He made her wonder what was the real definition of honor? Truth? Self-worth? Friendship? Family? Her good eye looked at the sky thinking about Rowan's words. Humans themselves really couldn't wrap their heads around those words. Even Hans could not give a true answer and he was a nine-tailed kitsune.

Rowan sat up and paused as she she did as well. He said he would accept her offer. Her eye lighted up bringing a smile across her face. A lost feeling came into her heart, one that she had not felt in a long time towards someone. She had a hard time making friends. It was the feeling of happiness and excitement. True excitement. Sure she would get a little happy about something. The only really joy she had was her fiance. He commented on her nature of uncompromising personality as Zhu-li has as well. A small tear shown in her eye as she quickly wiped it away from the nice comments. Perhaps, her depression was getting to her and needed to be reminded of somethings such as a friend. One that is not family and outside of the Rune Knights. They were great, but it was nice to have a different change in pace. The small creature climbed her shoulder and given her a smile. LeeAnn smiled sweetly back at her. Rowan wanted to see her climb the ranks and make something of herself. The words spoken from Rowan's mouth and the reassurance from Zhu-li really did make her think. She sat down a rethought everything. Her life. Her family. Her motives. Perhaps, everything was in her head after all. Only time could tell. She grew a wide smile and hugged Rowan which was kinda out of character for her. "Thank you! Thank you, you two. I am glad you accepted my offer. The last six years of my life I have lost who I really am. Clammed up to the world. Thought only the world was full of evil and hurt. You really got me rethinking of what the most simple words truely mean to me, Rowan. You and your wonderful and strong Zhu-li really got to my heart today. I want to see you put me to a challgene and not only on the battlefield, but as a person. Outsmart me. You are a man to worth knowing as well as Zhu-li" she smiled. She scratched the little creature behind the ears with a small smile. A fact she knew most animals loved being scratched behind the ears after all she had a fiance that was a kitsune. He had his soft spots to be scratch as she did too such as under the chin. Animal behaviors were still install into them. "You are the first person I have opened up to willingly that is not family or in the Rune Knights. Guess your first impression on the battlefield really did catch my interest. We are both wandering the country trying to find who we really are. You are a strong man, Rowan. Loyal to your companion. She seems fond of you as your are to her. The way you treat her. We both seek kinship. A person we could just vent to. Sure I have my cousin Kostantin, my only favorite cousin, and my brother. Though, there are only certain things I can tell them. Either way it will get back to my brother, I need someone outside my Rune Knight family" she smiled. She would continue to pet Zhu-li and feed her a treat then look back up at Rowan. "You are a interesting person that gets me thinking about things I never would even consider giving a second thought. I need someone who can put me up to a challenge and not torture me with water. God...what is scary" she said, refering to Selena in the end.

#12LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Thu Feb 09, 2017 7:34 am

LeeAnn looked at her friend and smiled. The little creataure was so cute and did bring her much joy. Perhaps, they would cross paths soon. She had forgotten she had to meet with her cousin soon. He was being her therapist with her depression and anxiety. She as a train wreck. Her good eye look oer at Rowan. "I forgot I had to get to Orchidia. I guess since you are from there I suspect to see you there then. I have to meet up with a cousin for a few things" she smiled. She got up and patted Zhu-li then looked up at her friend "Thank you so much Rowan for hte help and making me realize what I need to do. Guess people are some strange miracle for motovation" she said. She waved good-bye and headed back to the hotel to meet up with her fiance.


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