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Crossing off the Sights [Alice]

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#1Rowan Vincent 

on Sun Jan 22, 2017 3:39 pm

Rowan let out a long yawn as he stretched out his rather sore body. The martial arts tournament had already taken its toll on his body, and he was paying the price for getting out of bed that morning. Multiple bruises lined his body, hidden away only by his suit. A bandage was still plastered under his eyebrow from a nasty hit he had taken, but from when or where he could not quite recall. Tugging at his jacket cuffs, he almost felt as if he had made some sort of mistake in going out instead of relaxing in his hotel room for the duration of the day. Yet, seeing the various sights to behold around Baska made him at least a little bit less remorseful. The markets had been his favorite. He had never seen anything quite like it before. So many people coming and going with goods from all over the world being hauled in to be bought and sold over and over until they finally ended up on some kindly gentleman's mantelpiece far away from their origin.

His little walk had taken him to the center of town where he was allowing himself a moment's rest. He had retired to a small bench off the town square, and he sat watching the people as they passed by. It wasn't something he was particularly interested in, however, he much preferred to be a part of the action. But, in his condition he much desired to relax if even for a moment before continuing on.

#2Adelaide Sokolov 

on Mon Jan 23, 2017 4:19 am

Alice had thought that Baska was boring since the moment she had entered the place. Which was now around six days ago. It appeared that she had simply joined on the wrong day and was there at the wrong time. Sure she had had some adventures with ramen, snoby restaurants and picnics in the dark but it was not Crocus. There was not much to do. She came here with the idea to simply pickpocket all the people that were watching the tournament.. she hadn't visit yet and she wasn't even sure if it was possible to visit and see. Which was very interesting since she wasn't a mage for that long and it was probably always nice to learn to fight with your bare hands and feet.

She sighed as she continued to walk on in this morning. Which was a good morning but a bit cold. Her red hair was dancing in the bit of wind that was there and she shivered while continueing to walk in her black trenchcoat. It was at that exact moment that someone tried to take her purse and well mostly succeeded. "You got to be kidding me." she muttered to herself, there was absolutely nothing important in her purse, she wasn't that stupid but it was her job to steal and pickpocket. She was the cat thief.. but of course someone just stole her role. She rolled her eyes because of that and turned around. She was too lazy for this shit and she was actually not thinking about her purse at all, it was simply her own job. "Oh no that guy stole my purse!" she said in a facade of simply acting like a victim, a distressed one. She would pick pocket that guy as soon as someone knocked him down.

She gave herself a few seconds to a minute or two with shock before she started to hurry after the guy with her almost empty purse.

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#3Rowan Vincent 

on Mon Jan 23, 2017 2:04 pm

Blowing a puff of smoke from his recently lit cigarette, the gentleman allowed himself but a moment to close his eyes and simply reflect on the last few days. Things had been going rather well all things considered. His time in the tournament was proving to be rather advantageous to him as a whole, and he couldn't help but feel rather content with his current progress. Still, he couldn't help but feel like something was missing. The random excitement of the day for a mage of his caliber simply wasn't there, and he could tell.

Inside his jacket a small lump began to move, unfurling itself into a rather large lump until the culprit leaped from the inner folds of black silk. Standing before the gentleman was his ever faithful companion, Zhu-li. Her angry gaze told him that she was as bored as he was without the excitement of life abound. Rowan only offered a shrug, it wasn't as if he could simply create the excitement they both craved. Then again, someone else might. When they both heard the cry of theft sound in the street they sprung into action. Leaping from the shadows they looked to the source to see a beautiful, orange haired woman decrying a man now making his getaway just a few steps ahead. Rowan picked up Zhu-li in one arm, and as she returned his nod he flung her towards their quarry. With a cry of pain the man fell as Zhu-li delivered a fierce kick to the back of his head sending him to the ground. Rowan caught up with his partner, and their quarry, and sought to give the man a once over to see just what he had stolen.

#4Adelaide Sokolov 

on Mon Jan 23, 2017 2:21 pm

Even though and it was likely possible no one would stop the guy that stole her purse, it was difficult catching up with him on her black high heels. She should stop wearing high heels.. however she never would, that was clear to her. Thank god she wasn't wearing a dress or a skirt but simple black leather jeans. Which made her realize during her run that she wore too much black today. At least her shirt was a dark green colour.

She was trying to make sure not to fall, catching her breath and struggled on. Maybe she shouldn't have given the culprit the few seconds extra because damn this was ridiculous. However someone else seemed to get the idea to help her. Finally! She stopped running as soon as the thief was on the ground and she could simply try to walk to the person and.. his.. what was it? Beast.. that saved her day. "Oh wow. Thanks. That was a very impressive thing to see." she said with a smile that showed gratitude. He seemed like a nice man, rather handsome. She grabbed her purse and checked if everything was in there. It was rather obvious but everything that supposed to be in there was.

She was about to ask him how to thank him when she looked at the thief.. "Uhm.. I was going to ask you, how to thank you and your.. friend?" okay how did you call a pet that looked way smarter than just a simple pet! "But what do I do with this guy?"

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#5Rowan Vincent 

on Tue Jan 24, 2017 3:24 pm

The faint, orange light of the cigarette burned brightly for an instant as Rowan took a breath. He had hoped for more of a challenge from this petty thief, and yet he had been disappointed by the day yet again. A swift strike from Zhu-li had been all that was necessary to take down the criminal. No brawl in the streets, no chase through the town, just a simple toss and it was all over. He never liked it when things went so smoothly. There was no heart or soul in the experience, and he felt quite dissatisfied by the whole thing. That is until he laid eyes upon the young woman whose purse had been stolen.

She was truly a beauty to behold. Her orange hair had caught her eye before, but her charming expression and words of gratitude held his attention far longer. Something about her also seemed somewhat familiar, as if he had known her from somewhere else, but he brushed it off as a passing fancy and never felt the need to think on the matter. "It was our pleasure, my lady. If you wish to express your thanks, though none are necessary, then you might call me Rowan Vincent, and this is my partner, Zhu-li." He would offer a courteous, and quite gentlemanly bow while Zhu-li would perform one of similar design for her height. "As for the criminal," He said as he raised himself back to his full height, "You are free to do as you see fit. I am of no position to decide how you, the offended party, should feel."

#6Adelaide Sokolov 

on Wed Jan 25, 2017 6:24 am

Alice looked at the culprit of her stolen bag before she turned her hazelbrown eyes back on Rowan and brushed her long orange hair away from her face and behind her ear. She couldn't help but smiling again, which felt stupid if she thought about it. She normally always had a neutral look on her face, which sometimes let people think she was angry but it was just her way of forming her.. why was she coming up with excuses in her mind, he saved her purse.

She couldn't help but blush when he called her my lady. She bit her lip when he introduced himself and Zhu-li. It was really a pleasure to meet a gentleman like him. Her smile turned a little broader and her cheeks were still red. "I was thinking about offering you a drink as a thank you. And my name is Alice Baskerville and it's a pleasure to meet you and Zhu-li." she turned to the little companion before looking back at Rowan and trying to think of a solution for the criminal. Thank god for her the Knights showed up, she wasn't a big fan, only Selena was fine but it was a good timing this time around. With a quick chat they took the thief away and she turned back to Rowan, in case he was still standing there. "So what do you say?" she said hinting to the drink she had offered shortly before.

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#7Rowan Vincent 

on Sat Jan 28, 2017 8:48 am

Rowan exhaled another cloud of smoke away from his new company as he listened to her kindly offer of sharing a drink with her would be saviors. In a way he felt quite obligated to follow this woman who called herself Alice, not out of a need to receive some kind of reward but more as a courtesy and out of a desire to learn more about her. Something was so very different about her, and the gentleman couldn't help but be curious as to just what it was. "We would be delighted to join you for a drink, Lady Alice. Isn't that right, Zhu-li?" His companion would not with a sly grin on her muzzle. She did enjoy drinking despite not being human, or was it because she wasn't human that she enjoyed it so much? "We'll follow your lead, madame."

#8Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sun Jan 29, 2017 4:16 am

Alice wasn't used to being called madame or lady Alice. Although there was a slight tingling feeling of recognition. Lady Alice? Nah she wasn't rich or so, she explicitally stole from people to get what she wanted. Maybe it was a hint though, she could ask Selena one day, maybe look up in the Library for families. However she had never wanted to find her family, until Selena showed up that is.

The blush on her cheeks was now sustained, maybe it was already a little bit less red. Which was really nice with her hair and all. "Uh.. right.. so.. let's find a place." she was a little flustered and you could obviously hear or see that in her manner of talking. "I am not familiar in Baska, but," she pointed to some sort of cafe that looked fine. Nothing here in Baska seemed to be big places which was better than in Crocus. She needed to remind herself to look around on the market later today. "that looks alright." She took a glimpse of Rowan to see if he was okay with that before she made her move to the bar.

The bar was called Dot and they used colour lamps to get some sort of cozy atmosphere and the chairs were all mix and matches, most of them seemed rather comfortable. The tables were made out of crates with some wooden plate on top to keep it all together. It was weird in one way but the cozy feeling made it so that the weird part was soon forgotten because it seemed fun in Alice her opinion. She simply picked a table with a lounge chair that she dropped herself on. "Does this happen to you a lot? Being the hero and all?" She wondered out loud, while regarding Rowan again and shortly Zhu-li.

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#9Rowan Vincent 

on Mon Jan 30, 2017 3:41 pm

Rowan followed alongside his new company with a gentle smile upon his face. He had always possessed a good judgement when it came to picking his friends, and he felt that Alice might yet be another name to add to his list. He had spent many years travelling the vast country of Fiore, and he had made many friends along the way, but if she were to become one of them he would be rather humbled that a beauty like herself would consider a lowly farmhand such as him worthy of such kindness. Zhu-li followed just behind making sure to keep up so as to not show weakness. In her species weakness was a heavy shame to bear, and so even to Rowan she would never show an inkling. The blonde quite appreciated that, but at times he wished the young creature would not push herself too hard.

Alice led them to a locale Rowan had not had the pleasure of dining in before. It was called Dot, and in some ways it was more like a cozy pub than an average bar one might find on any street. He could certainly go along with the vibe the place was putting on. As Alice found a seat and promptly took it, Rowan took his own across from her. Zhu-li hopped up into a seat shortly after. Their orange haired host asked about the nature of their heroics, and Rowan felt a bit surprised by the question. "Not at all, madame. We're not heroes, though I can understand why you might think so. We," He gestured to himself and then to Zhu-li, "Are simply adventurers. We do not think of the good we do when we act most of the time, though it can be a good motivator. Mostly we wander in search of the true adventure that the world has to offer. We find it in every cave and dungeon we explore, and discover it within ourselves when we train our bodies to become stronger. As capable as this life has made us, it has not prepared us to be called heroes. We are but humble workers of our guild at best."

#10Adelaide Sokolov 

on Tue Jan 31, 2017 12:43 pm

Alice looked with interest to Zhu-li, it was probably not appropriate to call her cute. And cute didn't really put in words what Alice felt. She suddenly wished she had a companion, not really even caring if it was an animal or someone to simply hang out with. She had been alone all her life, so why did she suddenly cared? Maybe it was the way Rowan and Zhu-li seemed to have handled the thief together and well it was impressive. She smiled and turned to look at Rowan for an answer on her question.

She was shortly wondering why he was still calling her madame. Maybe it was something he always did. She looked at him while he was talking, she liked his company, surprising. She also liked to listen to him, "Hmm." she said with a surprise in her voice, "Adventures sound great. My life now feels a little boring." she added a small laugh because she couldn't help it. "I can now see that you are more an adventurer than an hero. But you two are heroes to me today. I can't imagine what would happen if I didn't get my purse back today." She took the menu and looked at it shortly and turning a page before looking back at Rowan, "You mentioned a guild. Is that how you became an adventurer?" it took a few seconds before she realized that she was asking a lot of questions, "Oops, I ask quite a lot. You have sparked my interested. I'm sorry."

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#11Rowan Vincent 

on Wed Feb 01, 2017 1:02 pm

Rowan inclined his head as a manner of thanks. He had not been called a hero many times in his life, but of all people to say it he was glad it was coming from a woman as beautiful as Alice. He found himself enjoying her company, and he felt like there was a level of mystery to this orange haired beauty. Of course, to Zhu-li she was just another human who happened to be treating her better than most. Seeing her fidgety nature, Rowan gave Zhu-li a little scratch behind the ears to calm her nerves. It worked like a charm, and once more she relaxed before she snapped like a rubber band. Rowan found that his companion often got a bit too fiery even in the most basic of situations.

"I'm sure I speak for the both of us when I say we appreciate the compliment. It is not every day that we are treated to such grace. As to your question, we actually came into our guild because of our profession. I find that being among like minded individuals who constantly seek out the dangers and thrills of life in return for rewards untold is a rather comforting experience. Not to mention, it is rather nice to be able to call upon friends should one ever require assistance." He paused to wave down the nearest waiter in hopes of getting some service before his thirst went away. "What of you, Lady Alice? Are you in a guild, perhaps? I only ask because you seem to be of a rather interesting caliber yourself, if you don't mind my bluntness."

#12Adelaide Sokolov 

on Thu Feb 02, 2017 10:33 am

Alice leaned a bit back in her chair and listen to Rowan explain why he came to join the guild. Which made her think, she had joined Phantom Lord to not be alone but she actually always had been alone so it wasn't that bad.. but she still hadn't met one of the members. She nodded slowly and frowned a little because she was thinking about it.

She followed Rowan's look for a waiter and looked once more into the menu. She turned to look back at Rowan however when he asked her, calling her again lady, which she still wasn't used to and thus the blush re-entered her cheeks, "Oh me.. And don't worry, it's not blunt. But uhm.. No I didn't join a guild. I never understood the idea about it, but now I slowly start to see the lovely idea behind it. However I must admit I haven't been a mage since the beginning of my life. I think I got my power about a year ago or so. Maybe a little bit longer, two years at the most."

When she had just told him that, the waiter showed up. She had finally an idea what to drink so she ordered an ice tea and waited for Rowan to order too. She would pay, obviously because she had invited him, but she was wondering if he would let her, "Want anything to eat? We could share with the three of us." she explained, there were these dishes for two people, like nachos but also things like bread and butter. Was it weird to ask that to someone you barely knew? Not that she minded to get to know him better. Although it already felt bad for lying but by Selena her reaction she had noticed that Phantom Lord wasn't a good thing to mention.

Maybe she should leave, she would pay for the drinks and apologize to Rowan that she had to go but maybe, maybe at some point she could meet again.


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