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Potion Delivery [Quest]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Default on Sun Jan 22, 2017 1:17 pm

Bianca knocked on the large wooden gate outside the Phantasmís castle. This was not the first time she had been here. In fact, it was the second. She didnít like coming here too often, since they were a noble family, and she had been a part of one, too, before. She didnít want to be rumored as being associated to another one. Also, both of the times she was coming here was to do a job for Sirius. This time, she was only supposed to deliver a parcel that held inside it, a potion. She didnít bother to find out what the potion was for, or why Sirius needed a potion delivered by a wizard instead of one of his butlers or bodyguards. Maybe the potion didnít like being delivered by people other than wizards? That was a weird way to think about it. She surprised herself by coming up with the most hilarious reason for the matter. She allowed a quiet giggle to escape through her lips as a guard appeared before her, giving her a questioning look. ďOh, hello there. Sorry I didnít see you,Ē she began, a bit embarrassed. ďIím here to deliver a parcel to Sirius Phantasm.Ē The guard raised both his eyebrows and gave the parcel in her hands a suspicious look. Bianca would have rolled her eyes if she felt like being given more questioning looks by the guard. But thank god, he let her pass through a small side gate made for humans.

And now she was back in the Phantasm castle that she had been to once to work as a fake stone mason, just to find out about a snitch, but she had lied to Sirius instead. An ordinary person in her place would have felt guilty and probably not want to come here again, but Bianca was Bianca and she was fine with lying now and again. Bianca looked around, standing still right in the middle of the walkway that led towards the entrance of the daunting mass of bricks that stood quite tall compared to the other buildings around it. She knew this life, she had it years ago, but she didnít necessarily liked it. It was, to describe clearly, suffocating. A life she would never dream of having again, because she knew what it was like. She continued to walk along the path and met another wooden door, which she yet again knocked, but before her hand came into contact with the hard wooden surface, the door was opened, and a female in a maid outfit exited the castle in tears. She wondered what had happened to that girl, probably fired for dropping a strand of hair on the floor. Now she was jobless. She would have helped her, if she didnít care more about her job. Shrugging mentally, Bianca entered the main castle building, looking around in search for the dark haired man she wasnít unfamiliar with. Clearing her throat as if that helped, she wandered around.

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#2Bianca Fleur 

Default on Sun Jan 22, 2017 4:36 pm

Wandering around did take her to some places she had never been to in the castle. It was funny how no one was actually coming to question her purpose here, since she was the odd one of. Everyone was either wearing formal attire or really shaggy clothes (the cleaners) while she was wearing what they would imagine only fantastical creatures wore. Not like this is new information, but Bianca did look like she was a fantastical creature. She had ears too pointy for a human, hair too bright and pink as well, and not to forget the way she dressed. Her reason for dressing this way was because of how she was brought up, always wearing designer clothes and Ďhigh-fashioní attire. It eventually became a habit, and she couldnít see herself in anything else. The only times she would choose to wear something more comfy than sophisticated dresses, were when she was in the guildhall or somewhere that felt homey to her. The Phantasm castle was filled with different noises such as inaudible murmuring and sometimes even metal hitting metal. Was there a band or something practising their songs? Speaking of songs, she could hear a faint tune playing from speakers in the corners of the walls. It seemed the Phantasms did enjoy something normal - music. Who would have thought, right? That this family would like something that wasnít associated to the dark business they were executing. Who would have thought they had time to enjoy music? Bianca truly didnít.

ďExcuse me, I am looking for Sirius Phantasm to deliver something to him. Could you please direct me to where he is?Ē she asked a maid who walked past her. The maid blushed so deeply, she felt like she had done something wrong. A moment later, she responded by pointing in a certain direction and scurrying away like mice from a cat. With a slight frown, the dark sorceress turned in the direction she had pointed and continued walking, studying anything and everything she walked past that she found interesting. For example, she found herself staring at a shiny sculpture of a man in a very strange position. She knew she had seen it before, but she didnít exactly remember where. Bianca made a mental note to find out, remembering carefully the odd position he was in. As she kept walking, Sirius Phantasm emerged through a pair of tall double doors, striding towards her as though he was in a hurry. She was confused for a bit, wondering why he was in such a hurry, but didnít forget her purpose here. Clearing her throat, she said, ďSirius, Iíve brought you the potion,Ē in a loud voice to grab his attention. Sirius turned towards her immediately, halting in his tracks and grabbed the parcel in her hands rather roughly. He told her thanks and rewarded her hurriedly, then returned to whatever he was doing. Bianca shrugged and left the castle quite quickly. She had some research to do about the position.

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