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Cupcake Courier [Houren]

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#1Houren Vanadis 

Default on Mon Jan 16, 2017 3:12 pm

It was definitely a change of pace from the routine Houren was normally used to. He lived his life with the intention of being a living fortress for Fairy Tail, an individual who could protect his guildmates regardless of the circumstances; never once did he fancy himself to be a delivery boy, but life rarely did turn out the way you envisioned it to, right? Olly's cake shop was not particularly large, and was divided into two rooms, that is to say, the place with the counter where you could order cupcakes, and the kitchen which was out back. Upon entering the establishment, the only person visible was the receptionist who somehow managed to recognize Houren as a Fairy Tail mage on sight (how, he could not say considering the fact that his guild tattoo was on his back). In any case, the receptionist was kind enough to allow Houren into the back room, the kitchen, where the establishment's owner, Olly was icing some cakes with an unusual fervor. People found passions in the strangest of areas, Houren had always believed thus and this only reinforced that belief. Unlike Barras the Blacksmith who was often so engrossed in his work that he was unable to see people who approached him, Olly noticed Houren immediately, possibly because his job required so much care that even the opening and closing of a door was capable of proving to be a distraction.

"Ten places, all within the same residential area of Magnolia. This should not prove too difficult, yes?" Olly carefully put the finishing touches on whatever cake he was working on before taking a sheet of paper out from his pocket and handing it over to Houren. The Fairy Tail mage took the paper and examined its contents, noticing immediately that it was a list of addresses with their orders. Giving a knowing nod, he headed to take the cupcakes to their new homes. The first house was a fairly normal place, and the customers were the epitome of average; a middle aged man in a white polo tee and who's wife seemed to be setting the table for lunch in the background. Houren gave him the cupcakes and was swiftly on his way to the next house, which was not too far away at all. The owners there were a little bit more eccentric, as the man who answered the door looked groggy and was still in his underwear. His lethargic face lit up immediately after seeing the cupcake box though, suggesting that the rumors were true: Olly's cupcakes really were the best cure for hangovers.

The third house was occupied by kids, literally, two young boys with the oldest being no more than twelve and a girl who looked to be around four answered the door, and paid Houren the money. He assumed the parents were out, or maybe away for a while, but did not bother to ask; the eldest of the three looked exceptionally capable and mature for his age. The fourth house was a younger lady, likely around Houren's age who actually invited him inside after she had made the payment. If he was not in a rush to get all his cupcakes delivered before the end of the day, then he might even have gone inside. The fifth house was another average, 'just married' couple, but the only difference from the first house was that it was the wife who answered the door this time, and not the husband. After the fifth delivery, Houren went back to Olly's cupcake shop to get the rest. Unfortunately, he did not have a vehicle with him, so the most he could gather at one time is five, and he had to be careful not to drop anything either, lest he ruin the reputation of Olly's cupcake store.

After taking the rest of the cupcakes, Houren headed to the sixth house where he was actually greeted at the front lawn by a man in his early 30s who told him that he was ashamed of the interior of his house, which is why he wanted to collect the delivery outside of his home. The mage saw nothing wrong with this and gave him the cupcakes. The seventh house was a bit slower, as the door only opened three minutes after Houren's initial knock. As it turned out, the customers was an elderly woman, so he decided to forgive the fact that he had been kept waiting in the heat for so long. The eighth house was unusual to say the least, as the lady who ordered the cupcakes did not seem to have any intention in eating them. She was remarkably beautiful and spoke in a thick accent, and seemed to be dressed in a witch's vesture. A small, black cat curled itself between her legs, and in the background, a bubbling cauldron could be seen. She shot Houren daggers when she caught him peaking though, so he decided to make the transaction as fast as possible. The ninth house was another average one, albeit in a different sense. The door was opened by a young boy, who aptly called for his father who was the one to make the payment. As the door closed, Houren could vaguely hear the man reprimanding the son for opening the door so casually, without even having checked to see who it was. The tenth customer ordered the most amount of cupcakes, and now Houren could understand why. Even the driveway was decorated to the nines, and it was obvious to anyone that this place wash hosting a party of some sort. The amount of money that the party host gave Houren in exchange for the cupcakes was extraordinary, and the mage even considered giving up his magic trade in exchange for a baker's hat. After finishing the final delivery, Houren headed back to Olly's cupcake store but was denied entry into the kitchen.

"Olly's in one of his states," the receptionist flashed him a grin. "He's busy icing a cake, but don't worry. He told me to pay you," she placed a bag of jewels on the counter, which Houren aptly took.


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