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Orchidia town to Era town [Foot-travel]

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#1Konstantin Sokolov 

Default on Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:21 pm

With deep set bags underneath Kon’s eyes, He gave out a loud yawn. He had been travelling the roads from Orchidia town to Era town for the past couple of days making a stop only ever so frequently to let his companion sleep. His rush to get to the Magic Council capital stemmed from the still glowing what he determined was an emblem of sorts in his pocket, normally he would have dropped it in case it was something dangerous however he felt it was far more important. Of course he would have like to catch up with a number of siblings and friends but he had some feeling that he wouldn’t have time. “Why wouldn’t I have time?” He thought to himself as worry spread across his body. Just as before with going to Crocus his health had rapidly worsened, a light shade of a beard had formed around his face and his hair had become oily from not washing it recently. Ignoring his poor hygiene he managed to reach Crocus without too many problems there he would rest for a bit get a bath and then go immediately back to travelling to Era town.

He felt that Era town would be the better place to stop and look for information regarding the stone rather than Crocus as he would have greater access to material about anything magic related purely because of his status as a Rune Knight but not one of a high enough ranking to warrant the access of sections off limited to those in the Rune Knights there. Once inside the borders of the town, Kon once more retired to a rented home preferring them to the Rune Knight barracks and cleaned himself off before looking for information regarding the object. After spending several hours in the libraries full of documentation he came across a piece of paper that mentioned something similar to it suggesting it was a part of a greater objective knowing it would come into play later he decided to keep it and remain in Era town for the timebeing.

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