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Hammer Time [Houren]

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on Sun Jan 15, 2017 1:58 am

Houren Vanadis
Today seemed to be a good day to take a short break, he had done enough work to ensure that at the very least, he would have a place to stay next month. Houren was never one for buying extravagant, unnecessary things either, so as long as he could eat and live within his means, he was content, and that is why he had intended to take a break today. He should have known by now though, that things, especially here in Fairy Tail, rarely, if ever, go as planned. After finishing his breakfast, he had walked past the guild bulletin board without intending in the slightest to take a job from it, but quickly found his eyes narrowing towards a request in particular. It was a job offered at the Black Anvil, one of Magnolia's many smiths, and who's blacksmith was supposedly so talented, he might as well have started calling himself Masamune or Wayland. In the end, after only a moment's hesitation, he decided to take the job; if he did, perhaps the blacksmith there would remember him and give him a discount next time he decided to head down to the store. After all, Houren much preferred fighting with a sword in his hand than with magic, it was just his style, so there was no harm in him befriending blacksmiths.

He hadn't even looked at the request before tearing it from the bulletin board, and Houren had only begun to read it when he was en route to the Black Anvil itself. Consulting the request paper did no good, as it turned out to be, as the blacksmith Barras wrote that he would inform the brave mage of his job when he arrived at the store itself. The ominous message might have been enough to unsettle someone else, but it only made Houren all the more excited. Many requests he undertook happened to be tedious and boring, but it seemed like this one was going to be interesting. There was nothing in the world better than getting paid for having fun, or at least that is how things were in Houren's eyes. With a restless mind, he headed over to the Black Anvil, opening the door and entering unannounced. The store was not all that big, and in order to promote familiarity, the blacksmith did all his work in an area where the customer could see; that is why, when Houren first entered the shop, he could already see Barras hammering away with an intense look of concentration in his eyes. It was a sight to admire, for sure.

Houren took out the request paper and began his approach.

The Fairy Tail mage did not want to distract the blacksmith from his work, and it did not seem like Barras had even noticed Houren had entered the room. As such, he kept a safe distance, admiring and observing the man's work, deciding that he would make himself known only after he had finished. A few minutes later, Barras lifted his masterpiece up for everyone to see, a sword that seemed to glimmer unnaturally despite the dim lighting in the store. It was an item that Houren would not be able to afford even if he did a dozen quests, at least that was assuming Houren would continue to take these kind of easy D-rank requests for the rest of his days. "Excuse me, friend," he greeted, unfolding the paper and showing it to the blacksmith. "I am here for this job," Houren's tone was serious, but not at all unfriendly. The blacksmith examined the piece of paper, smiled before sheathing the sword in a scabbard and placing it on a shelf.

"My assistant smith hurt himself the other day, so I need someone to do some of the starting hammering for me. It's an easy job, one that requires more strength than skill. Once the piece of metal is completely flat then I can work my magic, yeah?"

It was obvious to Houren that this man was confident in his abilities as a blacksmith, but then again, he had every right to be. He had heard somewhere that Barras was the main suppler to many knights and guards in the town of Magnolia. The smith's assistant, who Houren was able to identify due to a bandage on his arm, appeared and placed a piece of soft metal on the anvil. He then gestured for Houren to pick up the hammer and begin his job. The mage did not even bother looking at either as he grabbed the hammer and began to beat the metal until it was completely flat. It took him a lot longer than he expected, and he had already begun to sweat a little. Without expression, the smite took the flat metal away and placed another piece of soft metal on the anvil, before gesturing for Houren to continue the routine. Yes, for someone who did this for a living, hammer soft metal for hours and hours probably wasn't even that big of a challenge, but it did put quite a strain on someone like Houren who was unused to this kind of life. He began to hammer again, and once again, the assistant smith was kind enough to change soft metals for him. He was a big guy though, and it wasn't uncommon for other guild members to ask him to help them move things.

He decided to lose himself in this routine; and before he knew it, the sun had already began to wane in the sky. After flattening out his x sheet of metal for the day, Houren realized that the assistant did not change the soft metals. Barras returned, took a look at the work and gave a stern nod of approval. "You lack the finesse and technique I like in smiths, but that's probably because you're new. This will do nicely," he took a pouch from his pocket and threw it over to Houren who almost missed it when he began to feel the aftereffects of hammering soft metal for 8 hours. His arm was very numb.


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