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Runaway | Conman Coward | Quest

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on Sat Jan 14, 2017 6:50 am

Miyu Kazuyo
Miyu was jogging to her 'new' morning routine. The cold winter breeze made her jogging a bit complicated for the weather is cold, and her legs are starting to get tired. Her body started heating up, just the right thing she was waiting for. She ran another mile back to her house to change clothing. She was sweating, and by the weighing scale she lost two pounds. Miyu has always been aware of her weight and body structure, she didn't want to get fat. She also reads books about staying healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. All her efforts has been paid off pretty well.

She was in the marketplace in the streets, buying ingredients for lunch. They were usually fruits and vegetables, as Miyu liked staying healthy. She planned on making Caesar Salad later on, she rarely ate those although it was her favorite salad ever since she was young. Her basket is getting quite heavy, but it didn't matter since she was strong and can lift up heavy objects, but not as heavy as a giant rock. And there she heard a conversation about a customer who got scammed lately, it caught Miyu's attention.

"Oh, you're the girl who helped me last week!" Batra the Bartender greeted with a wave. "Oh, you're the pitiful bartender that my mercy forced me to help you that I met last night!" Miyu replied, giving off a really gloomy aura. Batra felt sorry for himself, but his happiness did not let that last. Miyu's small smile was crooked, letting out a feeling of being annoyed. Miyu doesn't like noisy people, worse of they are those 'happy-go-lucky' children, especially adults. Miyu didn't let that awkward conversation last long, she decided to act like a normal human and not some ignorant flower-looking person. "What about that scammer?" She asked, putting back her straight face. Batra put his hand in his face, "Ohh, that Con Man Artist. He recently scammed a customer of mine! He's on a runaway right now." He said with a sigh. "Hey, you are a mage, right? Please help us and catch that scammer!" He added.

Without hesitant, Miyu nodded and ran away to catch that scammer as fast as possible. The city of Crocus is too big to explore within an hour. Luckily, Miyu has been training a lot. She didn't get too exhausted of running. She is an inch close to giving up as she searched for the con man all around without finding him. She thought that the con man already left the city, but crocus is too big for him to walk away that quickly. Until Miyu found that man sitting on the bench, resting for a while. Running seemed so easy when it's not.

The man looked exactly as what Batra the Bartender and the customer had explained and re-imagined. Miyu took a deep breath before confronting the con man. As she was ready, she walked in front of the man with an angry look in the face. "Look, I'm tired. Give me back the money you scammed already." Miyu said, expressing gloom. The cocky con man grinned crookedly. "Take it." He said, and threw a small sack with jewels inside. This made Miyu seem quite suspicious over the con man for giving the money back instantly. Perhaps, he didn't need it? Or, wasn't too satisfied? She didn't know. She isn't one of those strong mages who can read someone else's minds.

The con man walked away calmly after giving back the scammed money. Miyu's legs were quite tired, she did not need to run again like what she did. She decided to walk back to Batra's place and give back the scammed money. Miyu was satisfied for what she did, and was quite happy indeed, but her emotions didn't show too well. After all this, she still kept a straight face. She decided to leave the place after drinking a cup of tea from Batra's Inn. Miyu payed, and was about to get her change back. Batra, who was short in change money, decided to use the money from the sack and give it back to the scammed customer once she comes back. Then they realized that the money was fake.

Miyu thought she was an idiot for being scammed as well. She could've beaten up that annoying con man for being such a jerk. She ran out to look for that con man, but with rage. Miyu cannot feel sympathy at all, she was annoyed, she was angry. She ran off quicklier than before. Not that far, she saw the con man in the streets alone, near the city exit. But now, carrying a baseball bat. Miyu wouldn't allow that man to just run off after everything he did, and after all Miyu's efforts. She ran towards the con man and jumped in the sky to kick him in the back. But the con man was fast and dodged her attack as he moved on his left.

The con man hit Miyu with his baseball bat. She was hurt, but her anger made the pain flow as if it just passed by. Miyu punched the con man in the face. But with that face of his, it's like he didn't get hurt at all. "Get thin. Fat stem." The con man shouted, trying to annoy Miyu. She wanted to hit him using magic, but that is illegal. Using magic to beat up others is just not right. She stayed being clever.

With the force she had, she jumped towards the con man again. The conman thought he was going to get it, so he moved at the left side. Miyu grinned, her plan was getting steady. She jumped behind the con man and kicked his back, making him fall. She was quite amused seeing the con man get hurt after all those efforts. The con man dropped his bat. Before he reached out, Miyu stepped on his hand and took the bat before he did. "No, please. Take the money! Take everything!" The con man shouted and threw out the 'real' money he scammed and threw the rest of the items he scammed on others as well. Miyu didn't let him run away. Before he could get back on his feet, Miyu hit his head with the bat of himself. There goes bye bye for that con man.

She went back to Batra's place, just in time for the waiting customer to claim her cash. Turns out, the customer was a cute little kid. She was happy to get her money back, and was happy to see Miyu's flower be alive. As much as Miyu hated 'too happpy' children, she patted the girl in the head, making her happier.

Word Count: 1169/1000

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