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Granny-sitting Miharu Suzuki

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Miharu Suzuki
It was Miharu’s, and her companion Daidai’s, first time in Orchidia. All around them there was folks of all different types. Some had companions like her, others had abilities of magic and showed them off with no fears or concerns, and there were even people of different spies here.

She felt a flash of fire warmed up her cheek as a man demonstrated his abilities to a woman, Miharu stopped and watched. The woman laughed unimpressed and then in turn whipped out her hand and exhibited her own abilities with water magic far beyond Miharu’s capabilities. Onlookers clapped and grudgingly so did the man with the fire magic. Miharu and Daidai where speechless and found it hard to believe that the far away town where they both grow up had lived so long purged of magic.

Snow was sprinkled around the place like dust and an icy breeze tries to cut Miharu’s clothes and slither into her skin, she pulls her coat tighter.

With eyes still filled with wonder Miharu pilled herself away from the group. She could not get too distracted today she had a job to do. With that she drew out the awkwardly drown directions she was given by Mitya and tried with all her might to flow them. She had met Mitya at a bar, he was already severely drunk when Miharu got there and was snared and trapped into listening to his long stories. Eventually Mitya started talking about is mother Rynah and then before Miharu new it he was right directions and tell her that she would be looking after her for a day. He had then downed his drink got up and swayed and tumbled his out of the bar living Miharu with the direction to his apartment. Miharu didn’t mind though, the only one who did mind was Daidai she wanted to spend the day wondering around the town and wasn’t happy to find out that they were going to have to look after an old granny instead, but what done was done. Miharu smiled has she glances at the gruff Daidai; even though she had given her the option of exploring the town by herself she still came along with Miharu mumbling something along the lines of, ‘just to keep you safe.’

Finely she reached the apartment block which was marked on the map with a wonky star and the word home a top of it. There was then a number next to that. Miharu looked up and observed the rusty and moss covered building in front of her, it wasn’t the most attractive building around but then again it wasn’t the ugliest ether. Daidai cringed as Miharu entered the building and walked down the hallways, she then complained that the place smelled.  A door number that matched the one to the number on the map, flashed in the light ahead. She knocked softly once and then waited, after a few minutes of nothing happening she knocked again a little loud this time. A grown came inside and the thumping of someone walking towards the door.

The door swinged open and Mitya stood in the same clothes as last night minus his pants and there was now a yellowy-orange stain on his shirt. His hair was messy and disheveled and a musky smell of sweat and alcohol clung to him. Miharu blushed and looked away.

Groggily he said "who are you?" Miharu panicked she still wasn’t very good in talking to people.

"U-umm…" she swallowed and took a breath "I’m Miharu Suzuki and this is my companion Daidai, we meet in the bar last night…" Mitya rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed.

"And?" he sounded annoyed, Miharu panicked more. She rushed out "you wanted me to look after your mother for the day."

A look of relief crossed his face “Oh good, I thought I would have to call in work and take a day off.” He took a step back and let Daidai and me in. He instructed Miharu to remove her shoes and to slip on a pair of guest slippers; Daidai did not wear shoes so this didn’t apply to her.

He started walking down a short hallway which leaded to what she assume was the living-room. An elderly woman sat on an old comfy looking chair, knitting away at a scarf that was already two meters long.

“Mum it turns out that I did organised someone to look after you today.” She did not look up, she kept on knitting but Miharu saw the hint of a frown on her face.

“I thought we agreed that I didn’t need looking after.”

Mitya sighed as he started scrabbling around for things. “No, you agreed, I disagreed."

“Exactly we agreed.” She replied Mitya sighed again.

“Well anyway this is Miharu Suzuki and her companion dada.” Daidai glared but by a quick shake to the head by Miharu she was silenced and looked other places.

Mitya’s mother sighed and put down her knitting. “Hello dearie, I’m Rynah.” She smiled and stuck out her hand. Miharu grabbed it and gave it a light and quick shake left and right. This was the first time she had down a hand-shake and she hoped she had down it correctly. Rynah grinned and giggled softly.

“Mitya!” she called out, since Mitya had gone off to some were else of the house. “Shower before going to work, you smell awful!” Mitya gave a bitter replied of yes and soon the sound of the shower could be heard. Rynah told Miharu and Daidai to make them-selves comfortable on a chair and they did. A few minutes later Mitya was out of the shower and dressed looking much fresher than before. With a piece of toast in his mouth and his jacket and bag over is should he said his good byes and left.

Rynah had already gone back to her knitting so Miharu found herself awkwardly looking around unsure what to do. Daidai had already curled up into a pillow and fallen asleep. Miharu envied how easily she could relax around strangers. She realised that her hands were getting clammy and rubbed them on her pants. The winter snow outside glittered and danced around and she could see how busy and lively the town was even thou it was cold. She wonders if it was like this all year round. Rynah didn’t do much but some knitting and crosswords after a while Miharu relaxed and was even able to do some chatting with Rynah. Rynah came across as a very lively woman she joked often, she spoke loudly and Miharu believed that perhaps her hearing was not as good as they use to be. Rynah told her things she use to do in her past and all these adventures she had done with Mitya’s father who happen to be a very handsome and roguish man. She said that he used to love these special cookies that she made often and still made today.

“Oh! He loved then! There was no doubt about that. I used to have to make four tin loads every two weeks because he and Mitya would eat so many that I would fine none for myself!”

She put done her puzzle which she had been doing and leapt up straight to the kitchen.
“I’ll make you some now it will only take a jiffy” The thought of food made Miharu’s stomach grow but she remembered the Mitya had said that Rynah had nearly burnt down the house once while cooking. So she followed hurriedly.

She was going to say that she was fine without any but the gleam of happiness in Rynah’s eyes stopped her and she sat back done.  At the corner off her eye she saw Daidai smile; obviously she had been awake and heard it all.

The kitchen was visible from the living-room so Miharu could see what Rynah was doing. Miharu thought that it should be ok as long as she kept an eye on her.

Miharu watched as Rynah gathered ingredients and equipment. A loud banging noise made Miharu jump and stare wide eyed at Rynah. She could see Rynah with a rolling pin and slamming it down on something with force she didn’t know Rynah even had.

“Sorry dear, just crushing up my secret ingredient! It’s what makes the cookies resistible” Miharu nodded and tried to relax again.

She sprinkled something blue in colour into the dough and before she knew it was ready and was in the oven. Rynah then set herself to the dishes, Miharu heard the tape go on and the slosh of things going into the sink.

Miharu looked to Daidai who still was curled up asleep against a pillow she patted her head gently and a ghost of a smile glimmered on Daidai’s face. She looked up again to find Rynah picking up clothes around the house. She could still hear the tape running.

“Rynah? How long as that tape been running?”  Rynah turn around with an arm full of clothes.

“hmm? Tape? Oh! The tape!” she dropped all the clothes and in a rush ran to the kitchen. She heard the tape turn off.

“Oh thank god your here child! Otherwise I would have a mess to mop up!” Miharu sighed no wonder Mitya was nervous in leaving her alone. Throughout the time of the cookies being cooked Miharu was switching off switches tuning off tapes she even had to put out a small fire coursed by an unsuspected iron. It was only a miracle that she remembers to ask Rynah about the cookies themselves.

The smell of them was agonising because Miharu couldn’t have one until they had cooled. Eventually Rynah let up and allowed her to have one. She popped one in her mouth and as the cookies yummy tastes invade her taste-buds she felt a surge on energy go through her. She widen her eye in surprise, Rynah who was watching on smiled knowingly.

“The secret ingredient is crushed mana crystals, the original recipe had been pass down my family for generations but it was my mother who thought of putting Crystals in it.” She smiled again, “I guess I inherited her inquisitive side.”

Nothing much happen after that Rynah had gone back to her puzzle so Miharu didn’t have to rush about the house to make sure everything was off and okay. Daidai woke a couple of times but mostly slept quietly.  Soon Mitya came home tided and weary from his days work. He gave her a small bag saying it was her reward for looking after his mother. Miharu thank him and said her good byes to Rynah and Mitya and carried the sleeping Daidai out and back towards the inn where they were staying.

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